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Black and White Illusion Kitchen

black and white New York illusion floor kitchen - S.R.Gambrel via Atticmag

I’ve long admired this handsome black and white kitchen by design great Steven Gambrel.

What’s interesting to me is how it skillfully employs the ultra-popular black-and-white theme though not in the usual way. Rather than focusing on white cabinets with black counters, the designer has taken it very boldly to the floor and walls through the use of tile. Glossy black bricks tiles behind the range and on the remaining backsplash essentially create black walls articulated by high contrast light grout. Equally dramatic and even more muscular in terms of effect is the 3-D illusion floor created by a black, white and gray small-scale pattern on cement tiles.… Continue Reading


Aspects of Yellow Kitchens

rustic barn kitchen with modern yellow island - ad via atticmag

Did you know that yellow is the most visible of all colors?

That’s why it’s used for traffic signs, pavement markings and for low-vision computer keyboards. I knew it was the lightest hue but never connected that with being so easy to see. It’s also the color of the sun as well as many foods, and known to be mentally stimulating and cheerful. So while it might not be the most popular kitchen color (though I chose it for mine) it is a logical choice to draw attention to some aspect of the room. For a suburban style kitchen-great room [top], Virginia designer Barry Dixon used taxi yellow backsplash to brighten the business side of a huge space with abundant natural light.… Continue Reading


Contemporary Fireplace Kitchen

Contemporary Downsview cabinet kitchen with working fireplace and SubZero/Wolf appliances

One stunning way to take the idea of a “warm” kitchen literally.

A sleek gas fireplace – installed into a wall of cabinets – is a unique feature of a brick-walled post-industrial-style Vancouver kitchen. Sometimes referred to as a “hole in the wall” fireplace, this one floats in the wall spreading the warmth of its flickering flames at eye level. True, the fire box occupies prime real estate on this focal wall but it’s such a unique idea the space is well used. There’s ample storage in drawers along the built-in wall, open shelving on for wine and drinks either side of the fireplace and, far to the right near the doorway, a large SubZero wine refrigerator.… Continue Reading


Red Gingham Ceiling Kitchen

red theme Diamond Baratta kitchen

Our final “Kitchen Week” offering is super-vibrant & one-of-a-kind, based on an owner’s collections.

When the dynamic hand of New York’s Diamond Baratta (now Anthony Baratta as William Diamond has retired) goes to work in a house expect knockout color, exceptional pattern and amazing attention to detail. All those elements are present in this nostalgic Connecticut kitchen, which nails the 1940s and early 50s red fruit motifs such as watermelons, cherries and strawberries and mixes in bunnies and roosters. It’s sweet and so much fun it makes most of those serious white kitchens feel pretty pretentious.

I love the idea of a high-end kitchen that makes you chuckle without being the least bit of a joke.… Continue Reading


Modern Mountain Kitchen

bold red Shaker style cabinet mountain kitchen by John Oetgen and Sally Ann Sullivan

A strong design statement brings a warm contemporary feel to a normally rustic space.

To brighten the darkest room in this home, designer John Oetgen and kitchen designer Sally Ann Sullivan put a modern twist on mountain aesthetics. Jewel tones were pulled from the living area of the open plan, setting the foundation for the kitchen’s bold look.  The Shaker style base cabinets and island are painted a vibrant red, while rich wood dominates the uppers and paneled fridge. Sullivan says using a recessive door style allows the color and finish to carry the clean, uncluttered look. Green marble was used on the counters and backsplash to bring in the colors of the natural surroundings.… Continue Reading


Stainless Steel Range Niche

range niche kitchen cabinets sheathed in stainless steel by Ken Linsteadt

An overabundance of stainless steel is successful due to the balance of details.

Sometimes less is more. On the other hand, sometimes more is better. Such is the case with this stainless steel range wall. It’s not unusual to see a sheet of stainless used for the cooking area backsplash – something architect Ken Linsteadt often does, as shown earlier this week in Modern Farmhouse Kitchen.  Custom inset cabinetry was sheathed in the material and paired with Mockett cylindrical knobs and rod pulls. The stainless steel flows from the counters up the side walls and onto the ceiling area of the niche. … Continue Reading