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Various Degrees of Green Kitchens

green mosaic tile backsplash kitchen

Five owners share the love of green, but vary doses.

Mr Shops walked behind me as I was starting to write this post – “Oh, I’m not sure I could take that kitchen for very long.”  My thoughts exactly.  While chic, the pea-green gingham canvas ceiling treatment is too energetic for most.  It immediately reminded me of the Celery Striped Classic Bedroom featured last year.  While the bedroom palette is soothing, the kitchen pattern – along with the color matched island – adds visual excitement, stimulating more than appetites.

Green is used as a backdrop in this kitchen with to-the-ceiling subway tile. … Continue Reading


Black Lacquer Console Sink

antique marble sink on black lacquer console table by Melanie Pounds

The desire to create an illusion of more space should never override function.

I was enamored with interior designer Melanie Pounds’ home when it was featured in a local Birmingham, Alabama magazine – especially her White Oak Cottage Kitchen.  Despite having two children and two pets, the couple purchased a small cottage and relied on her design skills to make each room feel larger.  While Pounds did not sacrifice aesthetics, it seems she did sometimes sacrifice the ease of day-to-day living, as shown in the master bathroom.  The unique scalloped marble sink, a flea market find, sits atop a custom black lacquer console. … Continue Reading


Wood Plank Master Bath

modern bathroom with horizontal wooden plank walls and double sink vanity

Small spaces grow when nurtured with inventive ideas

In a beach house, it makes sense to rely on tropical wood planking that stands up well to water. In this Mr.-and-Mrs. bath, the planks take on the added role of a motif worked in several ways — fencing to create a semi-open shower, horizontal paneling on walls, to slats on the shower floor and sink deck. There’s also a touch of Asian bathhouse aesthetic around the frosted window behind the tub.

A series of aluminum trusses act as slender silver beams supporting the wood partitions. One cleverly doubles as a shower curtain rod.… Continue Reading


Bold Kelly-Green Bathroom

robins egg blue matte ceramic mosaic floor tile by trikoni tileworks












The vivid vanity color creates a very special spa for children

Bright colors in small doses can make a big impact.  Only the front of this modern Shaker bathroom vanity is painted a carefree green,  but the color is repeated on the medicine cabinet frame.  Vanity sides are faced with the same marble found on top.  A polished wall mount faucet reaches over a sweeping drop-in basin that  brings an organic shape into the room.

The horizontal lines of mosaic tile form a clean look over the tub.  Made from beautiful stained glass, the slender tiles create a narrow border that continues around the room. … Continue Reading


Powder Room Think

vessel sink on furniture made into vanity, mirror and pair of sconces

Currently, traditional powder rooms focus on a trio of key decorative elements

Guest bath design is becoming as easy as one, two, three.

1. Convert a piece of furniture — preferably vintage or antique into a vanity. 2. Add a decorative mirror and a pair of sconces over it. 3. Plan a tile or wall treatment to add surface interest.

Even top pros like Washington, D.C. designer José Solis Betancourt and Southern design guru Phoebe Howard are profiting from these three steps to create pretty guest baths. But the work looked so similar, when we mixed it up here it  became challenging to unravel who did what.… Continue Reading


Unusual Bathroom Sinks

two Kohler Gilford sinks in a master bathroom spa in Richard Neutra house

Spa-style baths center on the unexpected

In this ultra-modern “wet room” master bath, the sink is flat! Essentially it has no basin – water flowing from the Danze Parma wall-mounted faucet hits the Kohler Purist “wet surface” and runs off into the channel-drain around it.

Because the sink is mounted against a stainless-steel-clad wall and onto a stainless console, spashing doesn’t count. Floors and baseboard consist of equally water-resistent Daltile glass-pebble mosaic in Gleamy Blue.  The look is elegant but the gamble with such an unconventional fixture is the love-it-or-hate-it factor that ultimately can be judged only with use.

A renovated master bath within a Richard Neutra house, the tile mosaic preserves a retro feeling while the pair of Kohler Gilford “scrub-up” sinks as a focal point do a little updating.… Continue Reading