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More Repurposing Ideas

repurposing ideas - vintage painted shutter coat rack from homedit via Atticmag

Alternative uses for some every day objects.

Repurposing objects is a quick and easy way to showcase our unique personalities. So I wanted to show you these repurposing ideas for some collectible items. It’s also a way to clean out those drawers and storage rooms. A vintage painted shutter is outfitted with a series of hooks, creating an instant coat rack.  It could also be used in the bath to hang towels, or inside the garage for dog leashes and rain gear.

This coastal cottage window treatment is double the fun. A Union Jack flag acts as a curtain –hanging from a wooden oar turned curtain rod.… Continue Reading


Master Bath Picture Wall

bathroom picture wall - collection of European etchings in the master bath via Atticmag

A collection of European etchings, on an bathroom picture wall, creates a relaxing atmosphere.

I have this thing for vintage etchings, but not just any etching.  It must have one or more of the following:  a lake, stream or pond is a given. A bridge — arched stone bridges are favorites — and a structure with architectural interest.  A few years ago, Jane gave a tour of our Alabama Stone Cottage which showed a vintage plate collection hanging over my vanity in the master bath [bottom].  The fruit and hand painted floral pieces were displayed in the dining room of our last house. … Continue Reading


Repurposed Piano Bookshelves

vintage repurposed piano becomes wall mounted bookshelves tgm design via atticmag

Mahogany piano cases are remade into charming bookcases.

As a little girl, I spent many hours tickling the ivories of our baby grand, but later I picked up a flute and never looked back.  When my parents built a new home it was a hard decision for Mom to sell the piano as it had been in our family for three generations.  While I’m happy it was restored, and is making beautiful music again, had I seen a repurposed piano first, it might come to live with us instead.  The interior of this piano case was removed and shelves were installed for books and accessories. … Continue Reading


Gurney Console Tables

vintage medical gurney table repurposed into hallway console table - harpers bazaar via atticmag

Vintage medical apparatuses are très chic as gurney tables.

Metal medical cabinets used for bathroom storage have been in vogue for awhile. But how many vintage gurney tables have you seen used as when visiting friends?  These are made by repurposing old medical equipment and they work as part of the larger industrial furniture trend. This salvage style as a hall console has a sculptural feel with its large wheels and glass top that exposes the frame. [top]  A set of architectural drawings on the wall are a nice play on the table’s lines.

This gurney has straight industrial charm.  Its original top is covered with burlap and the lower fixed tray holds collectibles. … Continue Reading


Architectural Salvage

architectural salvage - vintage double marble sink with legs and backsplash - Nor'East Architectural Antiques via Atticmag

Find missing renovation pieces you need at this online architectural salvage source.

When restoring or building “old” new houses, local sources may be lacking. Online storefronts can fill this void and Nor’East architectural salvage is a fascinating find. The double marble sink with skirt and legs [top] is typical of their inventory — bet it won’t last long.  The website is a breeze to navigate and includes marble, soapstone and porcelain sinks, ironwork, lighting, reclaimed materials and so much more.

The fireplace section is full of mantels in many styles.  Some are stripped and ready to go, like this Peabody and Sterns carved oak mantel, with bow front shelf.  … Continue Reading


Vintage Windmill Wheel as Decor

vintage windmill wheel hanging on wall - Absolutely Beautiful Things via Atticmag

An icon of Americana, the windmill wheel is being repurposed as wall art.

I lost a picture of a windmill wheel used as a wall hanging when my previous laptop stopped working but I’ve never lost my desire to own one.  They are becoming a rare site when driving across the country, so if they pull at your heartstrings too, better snap one up if you run across it for sale.  This sculptural beauty was placed over a hallway table, out of harm’s way for children.

In all my years of browsing antique and consignment shops I’ve never seen a wheel for sale. … Continue Reading