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Master Bath Picture Wall

bathroom picture wall - collection of European etchings in the master bath via Atticmag

A collection of European etchings, on an bathroom picture wall, creates a relaxing atmosphere.

I have this thing for vintage etchings, but not just any etching.  It must have one or more of the following:  a lake, stream or pond is a given. A bridge — arched stone bridges are favorites — and a structure with architectural interest.  A few years ago, Jane gave a tour of our Alabama Stone Cottage which showed a vintage plate collection hanging over my vanity in the master bath [bottom].  The fruit and hand painted floral pieces were displayed in the dining room of our last house. … Continue Reading


Architectural Salvage

architectural salvage - vintage double marble sink with legs and backsplash - Nor'East Architectural Antiques via Atticmag

Find missing renovation pieces you need at this online architectural salvage source.

When restoring or building “old” new houses, local sources may be lacking. Online storefronts can fill this void and Nor’East architectural salvage is a fascinating find. The double marble sink with skirt and legs [top] is typical of their inventory — bet it won’t last long.  The website is a breeze to navigate and includes marble, soapstone and porcelain sinks, ironwork, lighting, reclaimed materials and so much more.

The fireplace section is full of mantels in many styles.  Some are stripped and ready to go, like this Peabody and Sterns carved oak mantel, with bow front shelf.  … Continue Reading


Second Hand Chic

second hand home décor - items from Second Shout Out via Atticmag

A new online storefront for second hand home décor has an intriguing mix of furniture, accessories and tableware.

There’s a marketplace of vintage goods that’s sure to become a favorite online source of mine. It’s called Second Shout Out.  The website is easy to navigate with shopping by category or style.  It would be nice to have a “view all” feature, as “next” takes too long to load for this gal.  But once you are on the next page, it scrolls up to the top automatically, which is always nice.

I had a funny-ha-ha moment when I clicked on Homes for Sale. … Continue Reading


Antique Attraction

vintage wooden rocking horse and wheeled horse riding toy

Like family, antiques are welcomed into our homes.

It’s not often that I run across an online shop where everything feels like a long lost relative.  In the case of Alhambra (Antiques), it’s like having an affluent grandmother.  They use the parenthesis because for the Granda family it’s not just about antiques but style, art and design. Browsing the site, I see distant cousins to pieces I already own and many I want to invite for an extended visit.  Throughout this post, Alhambra’s “children” are on the left, and mine are on the right.  Above, a circa 1880 French antique bronze chandelier with amethyst crystal drops is the Cinderella to my Versailles with Swarovski crystals.… Continue Reading


Informal Picture Wall

how to arrange a picture wall over a sofa

How I created a random looking, 14-piece group for my daughter’s new living room.

Our youngest daughter (DD2) bought a house over a year ago.  Built in the mid-90’s, it hasn’t been updated.   Needless to say, there has been a lot to do to bring it up-to-date while filling the wants and needs of a young adult.  Entering the house, the foyer opens into the dining room (to the right) and living room (straight ahead).  A wall of large windows allows a view of the backyard from this entire area.  Luckily, our three children inherited my decorating gene.  DD2 knows what she wants but relies on Mom to help her carry it out. … Continue Reading


Staging Vintage Collections

vintage beach sand pails displayed on a ladder

Looking for a unique way to display your vintage finds?

Grouped together, vintage objects can be transformed from interesting to attention-grabbing.  Whether your collections are quirky, sentimental, textural or simply color-driven, here’s a few display (and mounting) ideas that are easy to replicate in a home workshop.

Vintage 1940’s childrens wooden blocks are mounted on a custom steel base making them viewable from all sides.

These pairs of antique croquet posts are cleverly mounted in maple blocks painted blue.  Clustered together, they’re a super display idea for a game room. This textural and nostalgic arrangement is a great conversation starter.

Three shelves of doorknobs is a lot more than I have to show off at the moment but I have saved some of the original circa 1925 door hardware from my rug shop and this picture has given me inspiration on how to group them together for maximum visual appeal.… Continue Reading