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Vibrant Blue Kitchens

vibrant blue kitchen - Frank Roop's country kitchen with a Provence blue Cornue Fé range with a blue-green backsplash - AD via Atticmag

One of the easiest — and one of the most difficult — colors to imagine in a kitchen is vibrant blue.

By that I mean saturated blue and blue-green which are cool colors that read hot. That’s because  they are intense rather than muted. Vibrant blue and blue-greens are the anti-neutrals. We don’t see vibrant blue kitchens very often but when we do, it’s color-lover’s heaven.

Celestial is one way to describe the range and range wall [top] in the upstate New York kitchen of Boston designer Frank Roop. The designer’s wife, Sharon, loves blue and chose the Provence Blue Cornue Fé range.… Continue Reading


Celebrity Kitchens Are Just Like Ours

celebrity kitchens - Tommy Mottola and Thalia’s white and stainless steel kitchen with pro ovens - AD via Atticmag

Are celebrity kitchens just like ours? The answer is yes, and why is something of a surprise.

When I saw these four celebrity kitchens in Architectural Digest I thought to myself: they re not especially formal, they have a variety of styles, and they were created according to the needs and wishes of the owners. That’s what makes them just like ours.

Take the all-white kitchen, with stainless steel accents, [top] in the Greenwich, Connecticut home of Mexican pop star Thalia and her Casablanca Records exec husband Tommy Mottola (Mariah Carey’s ex). With two small children and a love of entertaining, the expansive kitchen fits Thalia’s definition of informal luxury — “we cook, we eat, we have music,” the singer said. … Continue Reading


Blue-Green Kitchens

blue green kitchens - classic kitchen with blue-green cabinets - BH&G via Atticmag

Chameleon color for a trio of kitchen styles.

Blue-green is such a soothing color family it rolls on, underrated, as a choice for kitchens. Despite the trendy showing of all-white, black-and-white and most recently gray schemes over the last 15 years, blue green kitchens have their own consistent fan base. But because there are so many variations in any hybrid hue, an inspiration photo can be difficult to pin down. These three kitchens fall directly into this category. So I decided to do a little color matching using Benjamin Moore palettes. While that can be tricky considering the variation in computer monitors, it provides a starting point.… Continue Reading


Aspects of Yellow Kitchens

yellow kitchen features - white kitchen with taxi yellow backsplash - barry dixon via atticmag

Did you know that yellow is the most visible of all colors? That’s why yellow kitchen features show so well.

That’s also why yellow used for traffic signs, pavement markings and for low-vision computer keyboards. I knew it was the lightest hue but never connected that with it being so easy to see. It’s also the color of the sun as well as many foods, and known to be mentally stimulating and cheerful. So while it might not be the most popular kitchen color (though I chose it for mine) yellow kitchen features are a logical choice to draw attention to some aspect of the room.… Continue Reading


Barcelona Modern Kitchen

modern white Deulonder kitchen dining room combination with banquette - el meuble via Atticmag

This highly styled kitchen dining room combination gives the dining area a big hug.

Wrapping a kitchen around a dining area is an idea we discussed in our post on Big Kitchen Banquettes. We haven’t seen this before and we feel it’s significant because it also suggests a modern way to redefine two key spaces in the house. Usually, a kitchen dining room combination occupies one end of a huge room where they coexist — a second approach in the Big Kitchen Banquettes post. Allison’s slideshow post on Dine in Kitchens showed big tables in the center of kitchens. In either case, the kitchen dominates.… Continue Reading


Eclectic Spanish Kitchen

Spanish kitchen - spanish style kitchen with mosaic floor - oldhouseonline via Atticmag

Built to reflect a passion for the Mediterranean, a Spanish kitchen reigns as a timeless beauty.

The desire for an intimate “old” home led a Southern California couple to downsize. Yet they still needed room for their large family to gather. Merle and Ron Mardigian partnered with Liza Kerrigan to design a Spanish kitchen addition for their new Spanish-style house.  The room was enlarged and the roof raised to create a dramatic groin-vaulted ceiling.  Cherry base cabinets were made a few inches taller and deeper, and toe-kick drawers were included to make up for the lack of upper cabinetry.

A custom stainless steel hood designed by Merle resembles draped linen.… Continue Reading