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Banquette Sofas Return

banquette sofas - red velvet banquette sofa with cording and tassels - Antonia Hutt via Atticmag

Ancient magazine pix and a thrift-store-find inspired my affection for banquette sofas.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen banquette sofas – one without side arms – used in rooms. Lately, I’ve come across three. The red-velvet and passementerie pair L.A. designer Antonia Hutt used to express Mediterranean-Moroccan theme [top], samples the 1980s when, at a minimum, banquettes were done in velvet and trimmed with bouillon fringe around the base. Cording and tassels also were common – Hutt nailed it and embellished by adding the neck-roll-pillow arm rests.

Here’s a bona fide early ‘80s New York apartment owned by an English press lord.… Continue Reading