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How to Choose a Bedroom Rug

how to choose a bedroom rug computer diagram - atticmag

Working out the right size is easier than you think

Subdued or flamboyant, thick and cushy, or flat woven, a rug can be the crowning touch to your bedroom decor.  How to choose a bedroom rug is illustrated in the various diagrams. The diagram above shows, one of the most common placements for rugs in the bedroom: two runners on the floor alongside the bed and one at the foot. This option works especially well with Oriental rugs.

While there is no set rule to placing a rug underneath a bed, this diagram demonstrates how to position a carpet to 1) allow wood floor to show all around and 2) utilize a small-sized carpet within the room by placing it partially underneath a bed.… Continue Reading


Multi-Purpose Kilim Rugs

Colorful Kilim in bedroom designer Bunny Williams

Kilim rugs can be used in many decorative ways

The most versatile rug in terms of decor adaptability has to be the kilim.  This flat-woven textile is reversible, making it a great floor covering and pliable enough to use as upholstery.  A fairly lightweight rug, especially in smaller sizes, kilims are tribal (geometric) in design and have a nubby texture.  The color palettes run the gamut, allowing them to integrate smoothly into both traditional and modern settings.

Proof of its yielding construction is evident in the kilim draped over the head rail of a bed, creating a quasi headboard.  It hangs evenly and the rich colors are a superb backdrop for white linens.… Continue Reading


Cotton Summer Rugs

red striped cotton bedroom rug from Meg Braff

Lightweight and brightly colored rugs are a summer alternative to heavy Oriental carpets

Take a look at beach house decor and you’ll likely find a variety of striped cotton rugs.  Unfussy and cool on bare feet, they’re often the first rug of choice for cottages and seaside homes.  This beach-theme Nantucket bedroom by designer John Willey sports a typical summer palette of butter yellow and ocean blue accented with seashells, sunburst mirror and fish artwork.  But it’s the boldly colored and striped flat-woven rug that bumps this room up to sea lover category.

Cotton rugs are not limited to coastal cottages. … Continue Reading


Newlywed Ikea Penthouse

NYC Village Green condominium IKEA penthouse showhouse

Tour this $3.545 million “green” penthouse furnished completely from Ikea

High wedding season is reason enough for a show house dubbed “Newlywed Nest,” sponsored by Bride’s magazine and designed by top New York residential designer, Inson Dubois Wood, using furniture and lighting from Ikea.

These days, New York real estate developers use social events to market living spaces, like this $3.545 million three-story penthouse in Manhattan’s trendy East Village. The condo, PH2A at 311 East 11th St., is open for public tours on weekends between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. until May 22, 2010.

Even better, we are pleased to give you a 24/7 armchair tour of the 2,000-square-foot interior space — plus a peek at the view from the terrace of the  “eco-luxury” building.… Continue Reading


Natural Moroccan Rugs

Mexican villa living room from Kara Mann

An organic textile alternative to retro shag carpets

Morocco may be known for its vivid, flat-weave rugs but another style is so completely different you may not have realized it too, hails from Morocco.  Vintage Beni Ouarain (the name of the tribe) rugs were woven by Berber women of Morocco’s Mid-Atlas mountains in the 1940′s to 1960′s using natural-color sheep’s wool in varying shades of white and brown.  The result is an almost oatmeal-hued background often decorated with abstract line drawings and patterns.

I’ve seen dozens of these rugs and the natural colorings make each one unique.  The wool is soft, fluffy and similar to the retro 1960′s shag carpet that has again become so popular. … Continue Reading


Toddler-to-Kids’ Bedroom

material details of white, pink and green little girls bedroom by Robyn Karp Interiors

A few simple changes creates an age appropriate room.

Designer Robyn Karp turns the tot’s room into a big-girl’s room by swapping the toddler bed for a twin. Everything else remains unchanged.   A solid three-color palette of cotton-candy pink, apple green, and bright white afford the luxury of using a vibrant multi-colored floor covering like the one here from Stark.

The quilted polka-dot upholstered headboard and bed skirt are the only pattern in the room except for a subtle repeat of polka-dots on the framed mirror above the dresser and a toss pillow. We see a glimpse of a crystal chandy — so popular in girly-girl rooms and, of course, Ms.… Continue Reading