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Master Bath Picture Wall

bathroom picture wall - collection of European etchings in the master bath via Atticmag

A collection of European etchings, on an bathroom picture wall, creates a relaxing atmosphere.

I have this thing for vintage etchings, but not just any etching.  It must have one or more of the following:  a lake, stream or pond is a given. A bridge — arched stone bridges are favorites — and a structure with architectural interest.  A few years ago, Jane gave a tour of our Alabama Stone Cottage which showed a vintage plate collection hanging over my vanity in the master bath [bottom].  The fruit and hand painted floral pieces were displayed in the dining room of our last house. … Continue Reading


3-D Picture Walls

picture walls - 3D picture wall with vertical molding strips between rows of framed pictures - paul raeside via Atticmag

A specialized approach adds moldings to picture walls with dramatic results.

Picture walls are always a challenge. Getting the arrangement and spacing just right always takes careful calculation. In the past we’ve shown general Ways to Hang Picture WallsI also walked through my planning for the Antique Print Picture Wall in our apartment after I purchased a set of six fruit lithographs at auction. When we moved, I rearranged the same set of lithos on a Kitchen Picture Wall.

One approach I had never considered is a 3D wall made by combing pictures with moldings or shallow shelves.… Continue Reading


Informal Picture Wall

how to arrange a picture wall over a sofa

How I created a random looking, 14-piece group for my daughter’s new living room.

Our youngest daughter (DD2) bought a house over a year ago.  Built in the mid-90’s, it hasn’t been updated.   Needless to say, there has been a lot to do to bring it up-to-date while filling the wants and needs of a young adult.  Entering the house, the foyer opens into the dining room (to the right) and living room (straight ahead).  A wall of large windows allows a view of the backyard from this entire area.  Luckily, our three children inherited my decorating gene.  DD2 knows what she wants but relies on Mom to help her carry it out. … Continue Reading


Picture Wall Sets

wall of fashion prints over a sofa

Sets make an impact when there are multiple rows and frames are the same size

After hanging the set of six Alexandre Bivort antique prints in my dining room (the ones purchased at auction last January), I began exploring what to do on the adjacent wall. I still haven’t decided but a glimpse of a dining room picture wall in a favorite TV show, The Good Wife, made me think of acquiring an even larger series. I couldn’t find a photo of that wall  (if anyone has it as a screen grab, please share) but I did find four which are equally attractive and show different options.… Continue Reading


Ways to Hang Picture Walls

pictures hung on adjoining walls in two rows

Odd vs. Even? What about hybrid  odd and and even numbers of rows?

Creating a successful wall often comes down to calculations based on how many pieces are  available to hang in a single area, the size of each, and their scale (relative size) compared to the total wall area. In addition it’s important to consider  furnishings, light fixtures and any other wall features to determine  the  height and width that works best for the arrangement.

An advertising copywriter framed 15 Gourmet magazine covers [above] and hung them on her vibrant orange dining room wall – helping to balance a china cupboard at one end.… Continue Reading


India Hicks Picture Walls


A mini-tour of the house with a specific focus: picture walls

Anyone who watched Top Design would remember host India Hicks, daughter of British design icon David Hicks who was known for mixing bold colors and combining antiques with modern furniture.  Ms. Hicks has been involved in many style projects and lives in the Bahamas at a home called Hibiscus Hill.

Here’s a mini-tour of the house, but one with a specific focus: picture walls. I’m always interested in the way people organize art in various rooms because the eye is drawn immediately to pictures and because the huge variety in home architecture can demand a seemingly limitless number of arrangements and solutions.… Continue Reading