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How to Choose a Dining Room Rug

Serouk dining room rug from Bridget Beari Designs

Selecting the correct rug is a function of size and a few critical visual details.

The most important consideration when selecting a rug for a dining room is having one large enough so that  chairs can be pulled away from the table without hitting or extending beyond the edge of the carpet.  A general rule is to allow 18-24 inches from the back of a chair to the carpet’s edge.  This will eliminate the chair legs from getting caught on the rug when scooting the chair in towards the table.  If possible, leaving 2 feet of floor space visible between the edge of the carpet and the wall will provide a more balanced appearance as seen in the diagram.… Continue Reading


Oriental Rugs in Bathrooms

oriental rug in bathroom by freestanding tub from Burnham Design

Handmade carpets add a luxurious finishing touch

Atticmag’s bathrooms are packed with inspiration. While the sinks, fixtures, tubs and taps may catch most people’s attention, we rug-obsessed folks naturally zero in on the floors. If you haven’t ventured past the standard fare bath mat then take a gander at these rooms to see how a handmade carpet adds that posh finishing touch to the loo.

This black and gold Oriental rug is a spot-on match for the Asian inspired vanity and gold basins.

The no fuss look of a gent’s retreat is an ideal setting for a tribal Balouch in earthy shades of brown and charcoal.… Continue Reading


Hallway Rugs

persian rug used as hallway runner from Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Take function and layout into consideration when selecting runners.

When it comes to choosing a rug for hallways, the dilemma is: one long runner or two?  The usual concern is that one rug will create a bowling alley effect; two or three rugs will look choppy.  The answer lies in the style and decor of your home and the function and layout of your hallway.  The photo is from a modern home.  Furnishings are minimal; walls are painted white and color is used sparingly yet dramatically.  The horizontal bands of color in this rug add depth to the long space and do so without competition from wall or art color thus maintaining the style.… Continue Reading


How to Choose a Bedroom Rug

how to choose a bedroom rug computer diagram - atticmag

Working out the right size is easier than you think

Subdued or flamboyant, thick and cushy, or flat woven, a rug can be the crowning touch to your bedroom decor.  How to choose a bedroom rug is illustrated in the various diagrams. The diagram above shows, one of the most common placements for rugs in the bedroom: two runners on the floor alongside the bed and one at the foot. This option works especially well with Oriental rugs.

While there is no set rule to placing a rug underneath a bed, this diagram demonstrates how to position a carpet to 1) allow wood floor to show all around and 2) utilize a small-sized carpet within the room by placing it partially underneath a bed.… Continue Reading


Rugs in Work Spaces

window pane rug in home office from Todd Romano

Create a distinctive workspace with the addition of a rug

A French 18th Century desk and antique needlepoint chair sit in the home library of Clover Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Chesie Breen.  Imagine this space without the Oriental rug.  Acting as a frame, the rug defines and separates the desk space from the adjacent seating area. Its size, design and wonderful turquoise color work in sync with the surrounding furnishings.

Do you like black and white but aren’t a fan of zebra-style rugs?  This wide stripe design is straightforward and commanding. To me it says let’s get down to business!

When I was searching for an antique desk I was hoping to find a drop-lid style since it offers a quick “hide the clutter” solution. … Continue Reading


Vintage Carpets, Comfy Chaises

vintage oriental rug with chaise lounge and screen from Frank Faulkner

Aged colors in antique Persian rugs are a calming influence

There’s something special about lounging on a chaise.  It’s “just-for-one” seating that practically commands you to cater in a few moments of self-indulgent relaxation.  In the conservatory of this home, a wide expanse of windows and a sunny corner provide a welcoming location for a wicker chaise.  The scale, style and colors make this rug an ideal choice for such a large, high ceiling room. The rug has a series of narrow borders along the edges which add visual weight to the all-over curvilinear pattern and large center medallions set against a blue field.… Continue Reading