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Serouk dining room rug from Bridget Beari Designs

How to Choose a Dining Room Rug

Selecting the correct rug is a function of size and a few critical visual details. The most important consideration when selecting a rug for a dining room is having one large enough so that  chairs can be pulled away from the table without hitting or extending beyond the edge of the carpet.  A general rule […]

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oriental rug in bathroom by freestanding tub from Burnham Design

Oriental Rugs in Bathrooms

Handmade carpets add a luxurious finishing touch Atticmag’s bathrooms are packed with inspiration. While the sinks, fixtures, tubs and taps may catch most people’s attention, we rug-obsessed folks naturally zero in on the floors. If you haven’t ventured past the standard fare bath mat then take a gander at these rooms to see how a […]

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persian rug used as hallway runner from Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Hallway Rugs

Take function and layout into consideration when selecting runners. When it comes to choosing a rug for hallways, the dilemma is: one long runner or two?  The usual concern is that one rug will create a bowling alley effect; two or three rugs will look choppy.  The answer lies in the style and decor of […]

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bedroom rug placement

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug

Working out the right size is easier than you think Subdued or flamboyant, thick and cushy, or flat woven, a rug can be the crowning touch to your bedroom decor.  In the diagram, there is one of the most common placements for rugs in the bedroom: two runners on the floor alongside the bed and […]

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window pane rug in home office from Todd Romano

Rugs in Work Spaces

Create a distinctive workspace with the addition of a rug A French 18th Century desk and antique needlepoint chair sit in the home library of Clover Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Chesie Breen.  Imagine this space without the Oriental rug.  Acting as a frame, the rug defines and separates the desk space from the adjacent seating area. Its […]

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