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Vintage Gumwood Cabinet Kitchen

custom gumwood radiator cover

A couple remodeled their 1927 kitchen by reusing and repurposing along the way.

In a beautiful upstate New York Tudor Revival sat a tired, cramped and dark kitchen. The room had “good bones” with strong grain-pattern gumwood cabinets and leaded glass casement windows, but the original layout had inadequate storage and tight work spaces. Gumwood was commonly used in the early 20th century for cabinets and trim but over the years much of it had been painted or removed during remodeling. Luckily, this grand dame has been lovingly cared for by only two families, with the current caretakers being Deborah and Don.… Continue Reading


Blue Rooster Kitchen

French provincial kitchen with yellow stucco walls and pale blue rooster motif cabinets

Yellow and blue is a classic French country décor combo

Designer Mark Wilkinson evokes the spirit of Provence by combining sunny yellow stucco walls with pale, sky blue-washed cabinets under an antique beamed ceiling. Cabinet doors are pierced by rooster cutouts which crow “country” despite the thoroughly urban Miele dishwasher with an integrated wood panel. Drawers have wide, turned basket-pull handles above pull out basket drawers. There’s  a brick floor and, in addition, a rooster-motif door made as an exact match to the cabinets.

(Source mwf.com, via Angela Lin) Originally published: November 19, 2008… Continue Reading

Condo Kitchen in Disguise

maple veneer freestanding enclosure for circular staircase

The new kitchen occupies the original footprint but is partially hidden behind the arched opening.

When the owners purchased this condominium in an 1830′s Greek Revival building they immediately embarked on a kitchen remodel.  The single-family home was carved into apartments in 1965, and then converted to condos two decades later.  The kitchen had most likely been a dressing room or bed alcove in its first life and the owners designed an ingenious way to pay homage to its past.

The pass-through with bi-fold shutters was replaced with an arched doorway featuring custom paneled pocket doors.  When fully extended, the pocket doors do not cover the kitchen completely; they merely screen it [top photo]. … Continue Reading


7 Upgrades that Transformed My Kitchen

new laundry closet with Bosch Axxis front loader and condenser dryer

Key things we changed and the difference each one made.

In the summer of 2009 we upgraded the small kitchen (14’ x 8’) in our 1924 apartment building.  Nothing had been changed since 1986 when my husband moved in and installed new appliances. The previous tenant had combined the kitchen and dining room, which opens onto the entry as well as a hallway to the bedrooms and is visible from the front door.

I wrote about the old kitchen at various stages before, during and immediately after construction. But now that it’s 99% finished – my new rug is down but window shades are still temporary – there are before and after photos to illustrate the 7 key areas we improved and the difference each one made.… Continue Reading


French Checkerboard Kitchen

black and white checkerboard kitchen by Alberto Pinto

Black-and-white checkerboard tile, worked two ways, creates a visual buzz

Top European designer Alberto Pinto pushed the black and white checkerboard theme to the max in a Parisian penthouse kitchen. Large-scale black and white tile, worked into a staggered backsplash, wraps the space and ties into the black countertops. On the floor, the same tile is set diagonally — like the checks on a clown costume — to create visual buzz and help to widen the room. Note the retro diner chairs, industrial style stainless steel pendant lamps, and mirrored doors (right) that deftly support the concept. An adjacent butler’s pantry, with the same scheme, has a Miele dishwasher.… Continue Reading


Corner Farm Sink Kitchen

natural wood kitchen with farm sink in a corner

Dishware and vases are displayed across these windows like greenhouse plants.

The most interesting feature in this charming country kitchen centers on the  white farm sink installed in the corner.  It’s an unusual position but one that gives the user maximum light and views since the corner is all windows. The old pine farm table in the center adds country flavor in a genuinely open space. There are no upper cabinets.

Three tiers of open shelves built across the windows allows objects to act like a visual screen. The bottom shelf rests on the counters and provides push-back space for small bowls and other objects used every day — both behind the sink and on either side.… Continue Reading