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Arranging Sofas on Rugs

living room with furniture arranged slightly on rug by Dennis Design Group

Basic guidelines apply when placing furniture on rugs

Selecting an area rug for a room with a sofa or sectional is not as straightforward as finding the right size rug for under a dining room table or bed.  There are more variables involved in deciding on the carpet size that works best for your seating area.  Some very basic guidelines apply, but even those can vary with the layout and scale of your room.  I don’t subscribe to the rule that the legs of your furniture must either be all on, or all off, the rug.  In fact, it’s almost impossible to do except in very specific settings.… Continue Reading


Informal Picture Wall

how to arrange a picture wall over a sofa

How I created a random looking, 14-piece group for my daughter’s new living room.

Our youngest daughter (DD2) bought a house over a year ago.  Built in the mid-90’s, it hasn’t been updated.   Needless to say, there has been a lot to do to bring it up-to-date while filling the wants and needs of a young adult.  Entering the house, the foyer opens into the dining room (to the right) and living room (straight ahead).  A wall of large windows allows a view of the backyard from this entire area.  Luckily, our three children inherited my decorating gene.  DD2 knows what she wants but relies on Mom to help her carry it out. … Continue Reading


One Rug, Two Room Views

modern rug under glass top dining room table

The right colors and accessories bring out the best in a rug

Choosing a rug is a lot like selecting clothing.  Years ago I went to a color specialist who draped me in various colors to determine which hue looked best with my complexion and hair color.  It’s one of those demonstrations you have to see to believe, but it was amazing how deep, strong colors made my skin radiate whereas pastel colors had me looking washed out and lethargic.  It was a real eye-opener to discover how something as simple as choosing the right color intensity could affect my appearance.… Continue Reading


Vintage Carpets, Comfy Chaises

vintage oriental rug with chaise lounge and screen from Frank Faulkner

Aged colors in antique Persian rugs are a calming influence

There’s something special about lounging on a chaise.  It’s “just-for-one” seating that practically commands you to cater in a few moments of self-indulgent relaxation.  In the conservatory of this home, a wide expanse of windows and a sunny corner provide a welcoming location for a wicker chaise.  The scale, style and colors make this rug an ideal choice for such a large, high ceiling room. The rug has a series of narrow borders along the edges which add visual weight to the all-over curvilinear pattern and large center medallions set against a blue field.… Continue Reading


Cotton Summer Rugs

red striped cotton bedroom rug from Meg Braff

Lightweight and brightly colored rugs are a summer alternative to heavy Oriental carpets

Take a look at beach house decor and you’ll likely find a variety of striped cotton rugs.  Unfussy and cool on bare feet, they’re often the first rug of choice for cottages and seaside homes.  This beach-theme Nantucket bedroom by designer John Willey sports a typical summer palette of butter yellow and ocean blue accented with seashells, sunburst mirror and fish artwork.  But it’s the boldly colored and striped flat-woven rug that bumps this room up to sea lover category.

Cotton rugs are not limited to coastal cottages. … Continue Reading


Canadian Stone Mansion

tour of Canada's historic Maus Park

Tour Maus Park, a mid-19th century mansion and home to an antiques dealer

A rustic kitchen led me to Maus Park, a mid-19th century historic home near Toronto.  One of my favorite kitchens here on Atticmag, when I originally posted it we all swooned over the combination of luxury, natural stone and the European approach of having an oil painting hung next to the La Cornue range.

Then I discovered the entire house – a stately and luxuriously furnished stone mansion. Fluff up your fainting couches! Set in a 12-1/2 acre park — it has a 7,000 square foot main residence and a 14,000 square foot renovated barn/showroom, the property of Canadian antiques dealer Douglas Stocks.… Continue Reading