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Gift Ideas 3

home décor gift ideas - Kilim coaster from Rug & Relic via atticmag

Even more home décor gift ideas  for the holidays.

I’ve only made a small dent in my list, how about you?  If you’re still looking for home décor gift ideas, consider these one-of-a-kind kilim coaster sets. Created from handwoven rug remnants, the wool absorbs liquid while the leather backing protects furniture.

This Scandinavian Folk Stripe tray is a kaleidoscope of color.  Each hand-crafted beauty is made from a single sheet of birch wood, and dishwasher safe.  It makes me want to hunt down my Spirograph drawing toy from the 70’s.

Last, but not least, our furry family will enjoying dining from this Kenya red dog bowl. … Continue Reading


Gift Ideas 2

interior decorator gift ideas - set of three lined tin storage baskets by Creative Co-op via Atticmag

Useful interior decorator gift ideas for the holidays.

My quest to get a head start on holiday shopping began last week with my post on Sustainable Gift Ideas.  Like many interior decorator gift ideas, I’m on the look out year round for items I think my family and friends will enjoy receiving.  My youngest daughter recently purchased the larger two of these lined metal baskets to use for her child’s toy storage.  Her older sister immediately snapped a picture to send to a friend who was looking for something to hold dog toys.  Baskets are generously sized and are perfect to keep toys, kindling, firewood, throws and more close by. … Continue Reading


Sustainable Gift Ideas

handmade blue and white glaze dinnerware from Canvas Home Store

A collection of sustainable material gifts offer a quick start to the season of giving.

One of my goals over the next few weeks is to inspire those who wait until the last minute (you know who you are!) to start shopping early this year.  Why not be finished before Thanksgiving?!  Okay, so maybe that’s pushing it but at least make a dent in the list before the rush. And I’d like to focus on sustainable material gifts.  Soapstone has been a popular surface material in the kitchen for awhile, and these natural soapstone picture frames are just as elegant. Each piece is hand carved by an Indian artisan cooperative using traditional hand tools.… Continue Reading


Scandinavian Home Decor

Scandinavian home décor - ceramic vases bowls and woven rag rugs from Scandinavian Made via Atticmag

Original woven and ceramics are Scandinavian home décor treasures.

When we were about to be married, Mr. Shops and I visited my parents who were living near the Pennsylvania Amish country. Never one to pass up a good shop-while-traveling opportunity, our purchases included hand sewn quilts, delicious hard pretzels and colorful rag rugs.  Mother-daughter duo designer Susan Serra and Kelly Serra Donovan travel much farther — to Scandinavian countries — seeking Scandinavia home décor including beautiful and original works of art for others to enjoy in their homes.  Among the select artisanal wares are handwoven rugs and distinctive ceramics.  These heavy duty rugs are made by tightly weaving strips of cloth recycled from clothes, bedding, curtains and whatever else is no longer in good original shape, but too good to trash. … Continue Reading


Zulu Wire Art Decor

zulu wire art - Zulu telephone wire lamp finials from Hillary Thomas Design via Atticmag

Handcrafted Zulu wire art accessories add color and tribal pattern to home décor.

Colorful, plastic-coated copper telephone wire becomes Zulu wire art when hand-woven by South African Zulu artists into beautiful lamp shade finials and baskets.  The typical intricate swirling patterns have been adapted from traditional tribal grass weaving techniques to create designs with bold and unusual patterns.

Originally sold here in an L.A. boutique which has now closed, the baskets and other objects have gained wider prominence in an effort to sustain the wire artisans in South Africa and to help them support themselves and their families. A video talk by South African product designer Marisa Fick-Jordan to a TED audience explains how and why the designs have been modernized.  … Continue Reading


Blown Glass Holders

colorful handblown glass holders for votives and flowers by glassybaby via Atticmag

Perfect for any holiday blown glass holders for candles are gifts that give back.

While our oldest daughter and I don’t agree on many subjects, decorating has always been the exception. She sent me a text saying the stack of bowls in my last shopping post, Handcrafted Kitchen Necessities, reminded her of glassybaby and that I should look them up.  She was right! Available in literally hundreds of colors, each unique piece of glass art can be used as a votive candle holder or as a vase. It takes four glassblowers from a team of seventy Seattle artisans to create just one glassybaby. … Continue Reading