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Chocolate Bath

chocolate brown bath - Annie Brahler chocolate wall paint with white tile from House Beautiful via Atticmag

Now that I have your undivided attention – no melted chocolate, just chocolate brown paint in this master bath!

The master bath in this Illinois Victorian is contrast of brilliant white and chocolate brown. Not widely used since the 1970s, brown is returning to home décor and in a big way.  In this master bath, he upper walls, and the ceiling, are painted a dramatic dark chocolate brown — a bold move that visually lowers the high ceiling and creates intimacy. The paneled lower walls and crown moulding are painted bright white. The high contrast combination is very dramatic. A vintage clawfoot slipper tub is fitted with a freestanding British telephone faucet.… Continue Reading


Sideboard Turned Vanity

sideboard vanity - antique Jacobean sideboard made into a bathroom vanity with bowl shaped vessel sink - 305sealanelajolla.com via atticmag

Repurposing a sideboard vanity shows how to create a one-of-a-kind antique piece for the bath.

My daughter’s master bathroom remodeling project has been put on hold while we play the waiting game — the vanity is on backorder for a month. Meanwhile, I keep revisiting the option of repurposing a vintage piece, even though I don’t think it’s the right choice for her house.  While it’s is important to do what you love in your home, resale comes to mind. In my daughter’s case, going vintage might scare away many potential buyers in her neighborhood.  That said, this Jacobean oak sideboard [top] would be perfect with its dark stain and low shelf for fabric lined baskets — important for a room lacking storage. … Continue Reading


Black Lacquer Console Sink

antique marble sink on black lacquer console table by Melanie Pounds - House Beautiful via Atticmag

How an interior designer created a unique sink bathroom vanity using a custom black lacquer console table.

A unique scalloped marble sink — a flea market find — sits atop a custom black lacquer console table in interior designer Melanie Pounds’ master bathroom. I was enamored by Pounds’ home when it was featured in a local Birmingham, Alabama magazine — especially her White Oak Cottage Kitchen.  Despite having two children and two pets, the couple purchased a small cottage and relied on her design skills to make each room feel larger. While Pounds did not sacrifice aesthetics, it seems she did sometimes sacrifice the ease of day-to-day living, as shown in the master bathroom.  … Continue Reading


Chicken Wire Chic

chicken wire inserts in a khaki-green lake house guest bath cabinet by designer Barbara Westbrook - House Beautiful via Atticmag

Finding its way from the barnyard into the main house, chicken wire has some homeowners crowing.

When we were building our cottage I mentioned using chicken wire on the doors of two hutches in our kitchen. I was met with a blank stare from the cabinet maker. Would it have sounded better in French or Italian?  Probably not with my southern accent. Whether it’s fabric backed or as-is, chicken wire is being used for cabinet door panels in room with many different styles.  The khaki-green lake house guest bath [top] is by designer Barbara Westbrook.  She created a casual sink cabinet with visible towel storage, nothing especially countrified. … Continue Reading


Red White and Blue Bath

blue double soaker tub and oriental rug bathroom by Mary Watkins Woods

Use an unexpected color scheme and furnishings to add personality to a space.

This Fourth of July baby usually shies away from red, white and blue interiors, but this master bath soaker has me searching for my Mr Bubble.  The deep blue double slipper tub is an unanticipated color choice by designer Mary Watkins Woods.  Furnishings chosen for comfort take the space from typical bath to relaxing sanctuary.  A well-worn antique rug has seen worse than the occasional damp feet.  The wood frame chair is upholstered in a Scalamandré fabric that plays off the pair of lacquered red coat stands – a surprise replacement for boring towel bars. … Continue Reading


Modern Acrylic Furniture

Plexi-Craft custom white acrylic bathroom vanity on wheels by Robyn Karp Interiors

Contemporary acrylic pieces are a clear winner in design.

German chemist Otto Rohm was in the process of developing safety glass for use in automobiles and airplanes when he inadvertently cast the first acrylic plastic sheet.  It became commercially available under the trademark Plexiglas in 1936, and instantly became a design sensation.  Its physical properties allow the material to be heat formed, machined and bonded with nearly invisible joints.  But shear beauty is what has kept it a favorite in the design world.

A leading source of designers, architects and design-conscious consumers is New York based Plexi-Craft.  While acrylic pieces are thought of as modern, their Contemporary George II chairs have a slight traditional feel when paired with a pedestal dining table, proving flexibility goes beyond material characteristics. … Continue Reading