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Suzani Tsunami

Bedroom with suzani bed cover and Bridgette Singh Poppy on Cream fabric in bedroom by Sara Gilbane

Embroidered Central Asian textiles offer enduring charm, color and value.

Textile collectors have long been acquainted with suzanis. These vividly colored and patterned floral and abstract silk-embroidery on tea-stained cotton or silk originated in Uzebekistan and Kazakhstan as wedding treasures, such as pieced bed covers and wall hangings.

Long appreciated in Turkey, where Architectural Digest photographed embroidered pillow covers on outdoor furniture, they were discovered by the west about five years ago when their great design and craftsmanship could be obtained at modest prices. Soon the blogs were featuring suzanis and well-respected textile dealers like Marla Mallett collected and resells some of the choicest antiques.… Continue Reading