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reclamined stone flooring

Interior Stone Flooring

Nothing adds instant character and age to a new home than natural stone flooring – after all, Mother Earth worked on it for centuries. These examples also happen to be reclaimed Jerusalem limestone, so thousands of footsteps helped add patina.  Time worn materials laid in a formal pattern don’t come off as fussy.  Adding to […]

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bold red Shaker style cabinet mountain kitchen by John Oetgen and Sally Ann Sullivan

Modern Mountain Kitchen

A strong design statement brings a warm contemporary feel to a normally rustic space. To brighten the darkest room in this home, designer John Oetgen and kitchen designer Sally Ann Sullivan put a modern twist on mountain aesthetics. Jewel tones were pulled from the living area of the open plan, setting the foundation for the […]

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rustic white oak kitchen by Melanie Pounds House Beautiful

White Oak Cottage Kitchen

The starting point of this design was one of sentiment. The desire to keep it simple led interior designer Melanie Pounds and husband toward the purchase of a small 1920′s cottage.  Pounds designed its kitchen around their first joint purchase – an antique worktable.  The room is full of visually heavy pieces, yet they don’t […]

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decorative interior barn doors Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Decorative Interior Barn Doors

Simple wooden doors become a masterpiece with artwork and trim. Interior barn doors are a currently trendy (they are everywhere), but what first caught my eye wasn’t the hardware or vivid color, but the theatrical horse with Siamese cat at his back leg.  This track mounted folk art painting was actually once part of a […]

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detail of hand painted tile in rustic kitchen from House Beautiful

Hand Painted Tiles

What do a French kitchen, Mexican restaurant and Malibu home have in common? Don’t get me wrong, I love the heart of our home, but whenever I see an elaborately tiled kitchen I find myself thinking “next house.”  I’ve had this scanned copy of a European kitchen for the longest.  After I had decided on […]

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