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Eco-Friendly Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops - white kitchen with black Elements by Durcon eco-friendly counters - Durcon via Atticmag

It’s easy being green when quartz countertops are as attractive as Elements by Durcon.

Pure quartz and post-consumer glass are fused together through a unique manufacturing process to make quartz countertops in the Elements collection by Durcon. The result is a product suitable for use in the kitchen, laundry and bath. Unlike natural stones, this surface is non-porous so it resists staining, such as food, juice or wine. Moisture and bacteria are out of luck too — it’s NSF certified for safe food contact. Quartz is increasingly gaining on stone as a material for counters due to its durability. And as styles become more sophisticated, the chunky, sparkly bits in the material have been set aside for a more neutral surface look.… Continue Reading


Stylish Dog Beds

dog beds - custom reversible microsuede dog bed from Zoomies via Atticmag

Fetching dog beds for our four legged friends.

An often repeated question on decorating forums is where to find dog beds.  We want our homes to reflect who we are and look their best, but that’s hard to achieve when Fido’s lair is tattered.  This microsuede bed is reversible, so even the pups can enjoy a change now and then.  The removable tufted seat can be used for their comfort when traveling.  This custom bed is available in four sizes and three color combos with a three to four week delivery time from Zoomiesnyc.

If you have a sprawler, the Metro Classic Pillow bed is contemporary and stylish in an orange and brown geometric print. … Continue Reading


Hip Eco-Friendly Rockers

eco-friendly modern pant rocking chair by Shiner International via Atticmag

Modern eco-friendly design blends functionality with the comfort and beauty of rocking chairs.

It’s long been proven that a rocking motion brings health benefits — your breathing slows, blood pressure falls and a pleasure center in the brain is stimulated. That’s why everyone adores rocking chairs like the Pant Rocker (above) whether they are designed for grown ups or the kid in everyone. Originally rocking chairs were crafted from chairs with legs that had curved wooden bands attached to the bottom.

Now, factor in eco-friendly materials and the old-fashioned image of rocking chairs can be quickly updated. Craftsman Joe Manus, for Shiner International, and his team of artisans begin these designs by upcycling materials destined for the landfill or incinerator — making them sustainable. … Continue Reading


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools

Twist European eco-friendly sponge cloth paper towel substitute

Twist has succeeded in combining design and environmental responsibility into cleaning alternatives.

Earlier this week I posted imaginative solutions to the common kitchen dilemma – where the $%## do I put the paper towels?!  For those who want to lessen their dependency on paper products or have been looking for alternative to the lovely, colorful sponges offered at the local grocery, Twist has the answers.  The Dish Dumpling is a scrub made from the succulent Agave.  The tough, twine-like pad is an excellent abrasive – it even removes baked on food – but it won’t damage your cookware or sink.… Continue Reading


Eco-Friendly Round Place Mats

handmade felted wool round place mats

Replace the ordinarily used rectangular mats with simple round ones for a fresh summer look.

The first step in creating an understated yet elegant table is place mat selection.  The natural materials of the hand dyed cotton [above] and hand felted [below] round mats bring interesting textures, soft shapes and subtle colors. Crafted by fair trade artisans from sustainable materials, they are beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly.

(Source: Canvas)… Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Geometric Rugs

eco-friendly plastic Gunnel blue rug from Brita Sweden

Floor coverings with contemporary patterns and vibrant colors for active households.

If you are in the market for a sturdy (but attractive) rug or runner, today is your lucky day! Plastic foil and polyester are woven into organic floor coverings by Brita Sweden. They are perfect for high traffic areas, food spaces, wet places and anyplace children roam. Built to last and virtually maintenance free, spills wipe up easily. They are even machine washable – a parent’s or pet owner’s dream.

(Source: Scandinavian Design Center)… Continue Reading