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Slipcover Fancy

two-piece white slip covers with bows in back for dining room chairs

Whether looking for a pattern or making your own, these are chair-cover styles to savor.

Slipcovers protect upholstery and are a great alternative to reupholstering chairs since they can be removed for cleaning. They also can completely transform the look of chairs to accompany a change in décor or season.

Lately, it seems, slipcovers are wonderfully embellished with elegant decorative details such as buttons, ties and tabs so they have original looks of their own, quite different from permanent upholstery.

One of the prettiest, from Urban Grace [top] are 2-piece white linen covers for curved back chairs with spindle ears. The tailored seats are plain but covers for the back wrap around, letting the spindles peek through, and are secured by loops that slip over covered buttons.… Continue Reading