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Modern Designer Rugs

modern designer rugs - Sentinel chicken wire pattern rug by Giles Deacon for The Rug Company via Atticmag

Oversized graphic pattern in modern designer rugs is guaranteed to enliven any space.

British fashion designer Giles Deacon is known for his witty, yet glamorous, runway wearables.  Equally playful are his modern designer rugs for The Rug Company.  Deacon’s theme is offbeat but this U.K. retailer is known for unusual and highly creative rug collections. Deacon chose metal for the theme of his rug designs which is quite a contrast to the luxurious wool and silk threads used to make them. Deacon was inspired by common materials such as chain links and chicken fence wire. Using these motifs for serious, high end rugs like the Sentinel [top] is a twist that makes them interesting, edgy floor coverings. … Continue Reading


Citrus Color Twists

citrus color - lime green home decorating accessories pillows and rugs from piecesinc.com via Atticmag

Breathe life into an old space with the punch of citrus color accessories.

Decorating inspiration can come from a variety of sources; a favorite painting, a souvenir purchased on vacation or a well-worn quilt. But I never expected to find inspiration for a design post in a bag of M&Ms. Yet that’s just what happened.

The complementary candy colors of saturated orange and lime green which are staples of M&Ms and many other candies are sure to raise energy levels. Plus, they look so clean and youthful even though they are being reprised from the 1960s. Yes, they are bold but don’t be afraid of vibrant colors.  … Continue Reading


Bird Motif Decor

custom toss pillows with Aviary pattern by Thomas Paul

This pattern is referred to as Robin, Hummingbird and Aviary – no matter, this contemporary motif is a hit.

Native NYC designer Thomas Paul is well on his way to meeting his ultimate goal – having products that cover every aspect of the home grace his patterns.  One of his popular designs adorn the objects featured here, and more.  How fun it would be to sit around a table in the chairs above, each upholstered in a  different color.

Velocity Art and Design carries a variety of thomaspaul items bearing the much loved birds.  The powder and cream Robin rug is hand tufted 100% New Zealand wool. … Continue Reading


Eco-Friendly Geometric Rugs

eco-friendly plastic Gunnel blue rug from Brita Sweden

Floor coverings with contemporary patterns and vibrant colors for active households.

If you are in the market for a sturdy (but attractive) rug or runner, today is your lucky day! Plastic foil and polyester are woven into organic floor coverings by Brita Sweden. They are perfect for high traffic areas, food spaces, wet places and anyplace children roam. Built to last and virtually maintenance free, spills wipe up easily. They are even machine washable – a parent’s or pet owner’s dream.

(Source: Scandinavian Design Center)… Continue Reading

Contemporary Handwoven Rugs

contemporary handwoven rugs and runners by Claudia MIlls Studio

Traditional weaving techniques are interpreted in modern style floor coverings.

I was first introduced to handwoven rugs three decades ago when my parents were living near the Pennsylvania Amish country.  Mr Shops and I purchased several rag rugs for our first home.  Three children and numerous pets later, they were still going strong.  With our first grandchild on the way, I was delighted to run across veteran weaver Claudia Mills’ floor coverings online.

Working from her Powelton Village (Philadelphia) studio, Claudia has taken the traditional craft of rag rug weaving and added her own contemporary aesthetic.  Custom rugs and runners are made from cotton or leather on wooden looms. … Continue Reading


Arranging Sofas on Rugs

living room with furniture arranged slightly on rug by Dennis Design Group

Basic guidelines apply when placing furniture on rugs

Selecting an area rug for a room with a sofa or sectional is not as straightforward as finding the right size rug for under a dining room table or bed.  There are more variables involved in deciding on the carpet size that works best for your seating area.  Some very basic guidelines apply, but even those can vary with the layout and scale of your room.  I don’t subscribe to the rule that the legs of your furniture must either be all on, or all off, the rug.  In fact, it’s almost impossible to do except in very specific settings.… Continue Reading