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Union Jack Home Decor

Union Jack decor - Lion and Unicorn rampant with Union Jack motif in a pillow - Jan Constantine via Atticmag

Decorative items featuring Britain’s Union Jack flag motif are all the rage around the globe.

Earlier this week Canvas Color Kitchen featured a counter top to ceiling Union Jack flag motif, but not in the usual color scheme.  The original is red, white and blue, as shown inside the heart of this striking British memorabilia cushion from Jan Constantine. The cream linen pillow was designed for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and features hand embroidered appliqué wool work.

Softer colors and floral fabrics are used in this limited edition Prairie pillow by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. I love the raw edges  and hope to snap one up when the perfect colors for my home come along.… Continue Reading


Fun Holiday Gift Ideas

holiday gift ideas - animal shaped balloon bookends from Daytrip Society via Atticmag

For the “I can’t believe I’ve waited so late!” people, a few last small minute holiday gift ideas.

Only ten more shopping days until Christmas!  Children, teenagers and (most) adults love balloon animals, so unleash a few balloon dogs under the tree.  Sold as bookends, they would be a whimsical touch anywhere at home. ($37 each)

Earworm alert!  “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like.” Whether or not you’re a fan of Queen, every biker needs a cool bicycle bell on the handlebars.… Continue Reading


Decorative Designer Pillows

designer pillows - decorative linen pillows with velvet wave design from Pillows by Dezign via Atticmag

Designer pillows add color and a finishing touch to a decorating project.

I’ve featured numerous husband and wife teams, but this is the first mother-son duo. Marian LaFrance-Silverman convinced son Brian to join her at Pillows by Dezign. Their goal is to offer affordable designer fabric pillows with an average price of $59. This is a buy if you count the  included down/feather blend insert.  The pillows above were made from a Robert Allen linen fabric that has a velvet-like wave design.  Either color scheme leans to the fall season, with the lime being a bit more hip.

The website’s online shop features a small collection of lumbar bed pillows. … Continue Reading


Citrus Color Twists

citrus color - lime green home decorating accessories pillows and rugs from piecesinc.com via Atticmag

Breathe life into an old space with the punch of citrus color accessories.

Decorating inspiration can come from a variety of sources; a favorite painting, a souvenir purchased on vacation or a well-worn quilt. But I never expected to find inspiration for a design post in a bag of M&Ms. Yet that’s just what happened.

The complementary candy colors of saturated orange and lime green which are staples of M&Ms and many other candies are sure to raise energy levels. Plus, they look so clean and youthful even though they are being reprised from the 1960s. Yes, they are bold but don’t be afraid of vibrant colors.  … Continue Reading


Artistic Handmade Pillows

handmade embroidered Mexican pillows from The Loaded Trunk

Vintage garments are repurposed into colorful pillows.

A global network of artisans and designers work together to create unique pillows, coverlets, throws and more for The Loaded Trunk.  The pillow above, featuring cross-stitching and indigo block printing, was recycled from vintage garments once worn by Hmong women in Vietnam.

Deconstructed vintage sarongs are remade into exquisite batik pillows. The fabric is extremely soft, and the dyes have aged to perfection.

Hand-embroidered pillows by Otomi Indians feature traditional Mexican floral and animal motifs.  Designs are sewn using naturally dyed threads onto cotton background.  Both front and back are decorated.  All of these one-of-a-kind pillows include a feather down insert. … Continue Reading


My Search For Os De Mouton Chairs

honey linen fabric and nailhead trim spacing detail on French os de mouton chairs

Perseverance has its rewards, even in decorating.

Over a year ago, I entered a local antique store I don’t go to very often.  Oh, they have lovely things but not so lovely prices.  Why torture myself.  I had been longing for a pair of French os de mouton chairs to use by the great room fireplace.  Chairs in decent shape were out of my league, and those within budget needed major repairs — no savings there.  But the shopping goddesses were smiling on me that day.  On his last buying trip, the owner had purchased four chairs in excellent condition and reasonably priced. … Continue Reading