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Stairway Landing Storage

stairway landing storage - bank of storage closets at stairway landing by Culligan Abraham Architecture via Atticmag

A clever idea — stairway landing storage — maximizes underutilized attic space.

In two- or three-story homes there often are awkward spaces under the eaves or on a landing. In this upstairs hallway, the wall on the left would normally have been covered in sheet rock, painted and left bare. The passage is too narrow for artwork since there’s no way to step back. So a clever   architect took dead space and created a bank of shallow storage closets to provide stairway landing storage.  Perfect for linens, supplies, toys or other seldom used items the doors are short and while access might be a trifle awkward, it’s great to have the option.… Continue Reading


Pantry Pride

Alabama stone cottage pantry with double french doors

Kitchen features come and go. The pantry is no different.

Although they have been around for centuries, in the 1950’s pantries became less common in American homes.  Walk-in pantries began making a comeback in the late 1990’s and are now one of the most requested kitchen features. But many of today’s homeowners expect more from their pantries than just “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” space.  Everything from dry foods and canned goods, to cookbooks and dishes and even small appliances are finding their way into these carefully planned storage rooms. Painted or stained fixed shelves wrap the room, making the most of the space.… Continue Reading


Mirrored Lattice Walls

Lattice styles by Accents of France

Trellis is most-often seen outdoors and in sunrooms

Admirers of French-style decorating probably know about trellis – a decorative wall treatment fashioned from intricately worked wood strips that are applied as panels, traditionally to formalize walled gardens. While diamonds and squares are the lattice shapes created by the criss-crossed strips, arches, circles and even more complex shapes are used.

Trellis is most-often seen outdoors and in sunrooms. So when I came across two wonderful examples in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and on cabinet panels, it seemed time to note its possibilities as an alternative (though a far more costly one) to bead board.… Continue Reading


Hamptons Game Room

bradley stephens billard room Hamptons showhouse

The latest from Bradley Stephens: a super-sophisticated game room

I met designer Bradley Stephens last year, when I toured a NYC showhouse where he created a sensational bedroom inspired by Annie Lennox. I was making a video of his room when my camera battery died (every blogger’s nightmare). Bradley graciously let me return to and complete my post and I’ve been following his work ever since, including the informal table at the DIFFA/NY benefit last spring.

In the summer, New York decamps to the Hamptons for the hot social scene there. The Hamptons Designer Showhouse opened in Sag Harbor recently and it’s no surprise to find Bradley there, creating a game room and connoisseur’s bar packed with great ideas.… Continue Reading


Inspired Design Showhouse

6 burner CornueFe stainless steel range

Tour a NYC luxury apartment dedicated to some extraordinary women

Move over Kip’s Bay. A group of 15 premier New York interior designers combined talents in a unique showhouse event to launch a new condominium building on West End Avenue, a street that hasn’t changed so much in 30 years or perhaps longer.

As it happens it’s in my neighborhood, Manhattan’s Upper West side, best known for family-size apartments – set ups like the rambling, well-worn, book-filled flat many may remember from the Woody Allen film “Hannah and Her Sisters.”  Now, Extell development has erected a marble-floored, white-glove building at 535 West End and in New York City.… Continue Reading


Bookcase Hallway Rugs

bookcase lined hallway from Coburn Architecture and Interiors

A hallway needn’t be a boring connector between rooms

Shelving and bookcases — whether built-in or added — make a hall pathway both functional and inviting.  Embellishing the space with a properly scaled rug may only seem like a decorative feature but, in truth, it also helps balance the weight of the cabinetry.

The long hallway in this beach house is all about symmetry.  Four identical bookcases, evenly spaced between window seats,  are minimally stocked and free of clutter.  Hanging globe lights are strategically placed in front of each window.  The rug stripes continue the symmetrical theme, while the gentle splash of color plays off the pale blue window seat cushions. … Continue Reading