Minimalist Gallery Style Displays

minimalist gallery style displays of tin birds in a guest room - Architectural Digest via Atticmag

If you’ve ever walked into a Calvin Klein boutique you’ve seen gallery style displays — white walls, floating shelves, and merchandise that repeats but without a hint of clutter.

That minimalist aesthetic is intended to showcase the objects by presenting them without any distractions from the background. That’s why walls are inevitably white, edges are crisp and objects carefully arranged — ideas associated with art galleries.

When gallery style displays are applied to a home it can be seen as clean — or spare. It’s a matter of perception. What’s indisputable is that few want to live in homes as intentionally staged as art galleries and even fewer can maintain that level of neatness and organization for very long.… Continue Reading


Red Backsplash Kitchen

red backsplash in glass mosaic tiles with white grout in a Swedish kitchen - via Atticmag

This red backsplash uses glass mosaic tile  between cabinets like paint — from counters to ceiling.

It’s rare to find the color red is used in a bold way to create a visual theme for a contemporary kitchen with no red cabinets. But the red backsplash in this Swedish apartment kitchen shows us how to do it impeccably. Essentially, this is a contemporary white L-shape kitchen, with white walls and white minimalist cabinets. So it’s logical to have red glass mosaic tile fill all the space between cabinets on both walls — like paint. I call this of counter-to-ceiling tile treatment a “eurosplash” because it’s the way European kitchens are usually tiled.… Continue Reading


Kitchen Sink Bathroom

kitchen sink bathroom with a Kohler Whitehaven enameled cast iron sink in the vanity - Met Home via Atticmag

If someone told you they were doing a kitchen sink bathroom what would you think?

I might think that bath would have “everything,” as the cliché goes. But in a New York apartment it’s literally a kitchen sink bathroom where a cast iron enamel farm sink is installed in the custom wood vanity. It’s rare to find a designer bath with a kitchen sink. But leave it to the Irish-born Clodagh, an interior and accessories designer based in New York. Clodagh also is a tile designer for Ann Sacks. “I like simple massive surfaces that people can put things down on,” was her comment about this bath [top].… Continue Reading


Fresh Green Accents

green accents in the interior of a painted Swedish secretary - Tone on Tone via Atticmag

Green accents — the color of leaves, fresh herbs and new grass — keeps any room from ever looking gloomy.

We’re on the brink of Winter here in the Northern hemisphere, with our first snows due any day. Perhaps that’s why spring green accents used in these rooms feels so appealing. Swedish painted furniture often has a surprise color inside. This wonderful greig-y Neoclassical secretary with apple green on the interior drawers and desk top is so unexpected. It was pictured in the home of furniture dealer Loi Thai of Tone on Tone antiques in Washington, D.C. I’ve long been an admirer of his taste.… Continue Reading


Interior Textured Barn Doors

textured barn doors - pierced metal with bubble lace pattern on a bathroom entry - Dwell via Atticmag

Today’s post —  on interior textured barn doors — makes the eighth variation we’ve noted on this ever growing trend.

Four years ago this month we began to write about interior sliding barn-style doors and I won’t stop anytime soon.  One reason I believe barn-style doors are being seen so frequently in homes these days is their flexibility and individuality. They can be new or old. They make a statement in large or small passageways. They come in a variety of shapes and widths and work in a range of materials. Usually larger than standard passage doors, barn doors slide on special hardware which allows them to open up or close off spaces flexibly.… Continue Reading


Bathroom Window Wall

bathroom window wall in a New Caanan, Ct home by Specht Harpman - AD via Atticmag

Some of the most appealing bathrooms I’ve seen are those open to the outdoors via a bathroom window wall.

A modern or minimalist concept for a house is usually what produces a bathroom window wall. Then, of course, there’s the view. So architects favor neutral color schemes and natural materials such as stone and stone tile. That way, bath fixture tend to be less important than the transparency and the views. However, that doesn’t mean these baths dial back on luxury.

To some extent, the ability to use glass walls in a bath is a function of climate. But the stunning bath in a New Canaan, Connecticut house by Specht Harpman [top] plays off the fame of Phillip Johnson’s glass house, now a museum, in the same town.… Continue Reading