Embellished Farm Sinks

embellished farm sinks - custom gray stone farm sink with phrase engraved on the front - buckminster green via atticmag

I’m taking a break from holiday themes to look at four really beautiful embellished farm sinks.

Kitchen geek that I am, I collect farm sink photos especially those with unique features. In high end kitchens this year, I saw embellished farm sinks expanding in size and importance. And four different approaches to the fronts the sinks help make them more elaborate and even personalized.

Engraving [top] – Custom stone sinks can be fabricated in many different ways. This dark beauty, in a modern kitchen with what appear to be sustainable bamboo cabinets, has a flat front that sits flush with the sink base cabinet.… Continue Reading


Modern Museum Gifts

modern museum gifts - Charles Eames wire base table - museum of modern art via atticmag

Modern museum gifts from the Museum of Modern Art store blend great design and utility with home decor.

It’s become a tradition for me to shop museum gift stores around the country to find great Christmas gift ideas. This is my third year and, because Christmas is fast approaching, I’ve kept the selection concise and from a single source: the Museum of Modern Art in New York. My very first job after graduating from college was at MOMA typing photograph labels in a basement office. But what a joy as I was privileged to know this great museum intimately in its off hours.… Continue Reading


Coordinating Oriental Carpet Colors

Oriental carpet colors are kept consistent in the study of a historic house - ElleDecor via Atticmag

One way to maximize the impact of Oriental carpet colors is to keep them consistent from room to room.

That’s easy to say but creating a successful carpet colors scheme is not so easily done.  First, it’s necessary to be knowledgable about Oriental rugs which come from a variety of countries and regions, each with special characteristics. Those vary with age, quality, condition and price. Then it’s necessary to determine the sizes of carpets needed for various rooms. That can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle which takes a long time to solve. So when I see rooms with carpet colors and sizes that are perfectly assembled, it’s worth taking a closer look.… Continue Reading


Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

color of the year 2015 Marsala - Pantone via Atticmag

When a fortified wine becomes color of the year 2015, both in name and hue, it shows how prestige gets packaged.

Of course, that’s the job of an outfit like Pantone, which just launched its color of the year 2015. It’s a forecast of a hue that will be appearing on clothes racks, furniture upholstery, paint palettes and all manner of consumer goods in the upcoming 12 months.

The color of the year 2015 — Marsala —  is a very familiar red-brown that we’ve been seeing on nail polish and lipstick for at least ten years and in industrial-style interiors for perhaps longer than that.… Continue Reading


Informal Christmas Flowers

Christmas flowers - two red cyclamen plants in an oval tin container - waitrose direct via atticmag

Natural and unstudied is the way to keep informal Christmas flowers festive.

Along with everything else that goes into decorating the house for Christmas, it’s nice to have some new ideas for informal Christmas flowers. What always interests me are flowers that are available, will hold for a while and don’t look very formal. I like to place them on the counter in the kitchen sometimes, on the console table in the front hall, or on the game table in our living room. These are spots where they can be seen and enjoyed throughout the day.

Red cyclamen [top] are an offbeat choice for Christmas but the color carries them.… Continue Reading


Frosty Holiday Accessories

frosty holiday accessories include silver bowls and white vases filled with white flowers - Veranda via Atticmag

Silver and white holiday accessories are classic, seasonal and make for elegant tables and vignettes.

Several color schemes are associated with the Christmas holidays, chief among them red and green. But I almost prefer glamorous frosty holidays with white and silver accessories —   colors associated with sterling and snow.

On a glass top buffet table [top], the look is simple but festive. The tall, melon-form white vase is stuffed with white spider orchids and two smaller vases also contain small scale flowers. The rule of threes is used for staging here. Three white vases of different heights and three silver bowls of different sizes.… Continue Reading