Vibrant Blue Kitchens

vibrant blue kitchen - Frank Roop's country kitchen with a Provence blue Cornue Fé range with a blue-green backsplash - AD via Atticmag

One of the easiest — and one of the most difficult — colors to imagine in a kitchen is vibrant blue.

By that I mean saturated blue and blue-green which are cool colors that read hot. That’s because  they are intense rather than muted. Vibrant blue and blue-greens are the anti-neutrals. We don’t see vibrant blue kitchens very often but when we do, it’s color-lover’s heaven.

Celestial is one way to describe the range and range wall [top] in the upstate New York kitchen of Boston designer Frank Roop. The designer’s wife, Sharon, loves blue and chose the Provence Blue Cornue Fé range.… Continue Reading


Monogrammed Chair Backs

monogrammed chair backs - contrast monogram on oval back arm chairs - vtinteriors via atticmag

Monogrammed chair backs are an upholstery detail and embellishment that personalize furniture and a room.

Monogramming is not the usual way to enhance a set of chairs — that would be nail heads. It’s not the most elaborate — fringe gets my vote on that score. But it’s one of the prettiest and most personal. Today, most monograms used for upholstery are machine made and romantically rendered. But if I ever have time I would consider learning to do elaborate monograms by hand. That’s something of a lost art mainly seen on vintage French linens. But real needlework is always a challenging project and would be beautiful do on the backs of my dining room chair slipcovers which resemble those in the photo below.… Continue Reading


Nate Berkus’ Greenhouse Kitchen

greenhouse kitchen - “after” Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s renovated NYC black and white penthouse kitchen - AD via Atticmag

Nate’s glamorous black and white greenhouse kitchen in his NYC penthouse is also family-friendly.

Celebrity designer Nate Berkus and his husband designer Jeremiah Brent have a stunning black and white greenhouse kitchen [top] in their newly renovated penthouse on Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The showstopper feature is the 17-foot long curved glass greenhouse style roof that floods the kitchen with light and views in three directions.  Black lacquer cabinets are right on trend, as are the prominent brass accents on the island and on the sink wall. I’m focusing on the kitchen here but the entire 3-bedroom duplex is featured on the next cover of Architectural Digest.… Continue Reading


Attic Skylight Bedrooms

attic skylight bedroom - cottage style bedroom with working shaded skylight windows - tumblr via atticmag

Using architectural features as decorative elements, attic skylight bedrooms have windows in the ceiling.

With their pitched ceilings and low eaves, attic bedrooms show great character.  But as we see so often, upstairs spaces can be very quirky. Sometimes they lack windows, or windows may be limited in number. With low walls lighting can be an issue. Attic skylights are a good solution, especially for bedrooms. These are simply windows in the roof. They can be fixed, meaning they don’t open, or operational. Like any skylight or solar tube they increase the amount of natural light coming in, but from overhead.… Continue Reading


Bathroom Barn Doors

barn door bathrooms - industrial style galvanized steel bathroom barn door in a loft space - mell lawrence architects via atticmag

The sliding door trend is in full swing with bathroom barn doors showing up in style.

Sometime in the next year I’m planning to expand our powder room into the garage to create a full bath on our first floor. That would entail adding about 6 inches to the existing doorway.  A sliding door makes sense. So bathroom barn doors have been on my radar.  Three examples I found show that they really can work well for baths, providing there’s enough adjacent space to slide away. And owing to their popularity there’s a wide variety of hardware available to make almost any door work.… Continue Reading


Movie Maker’s Minimalist Mansion

minimalist mansion - The third floor master bedroom of film maker Michael Bay’s modern house in LA. has panoramic city views - Architectural Digest via Atticmag

Film director Michael Bay’s minimalist mansion offers panoramic views and palatial, sparely furnished rooms.

When someone builds a three-story, 30,000 square foot house (yes, 30K) on an eight acre lot overlooking Los Angeles, the result is designed for maximum effect. That’s the kind of space usually found in castles and châteaux though the exclusive Bel Air neighborhood is famed for its expansive private estates. The owner of the house, film director Michael Bay, is a hit movie maker whose credits include Armageddon and the Transformers. So it’s not unreasonable to expect a big budget house with a unique design, panoramic views, and 100% Hollywood features like a screening room and luxury prop museum/garage.… Continue Reading