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Home Painting Made Easier

home painting tips video - thisoldhouse via atticmag

Home painting tips from a pro for DIY paint projects.

The weather this past winter had its way with the frame of my house numbers sign. Things became so bad the interior section literally peeled apart and had to be rebuilt. The frame section that’s mounted in the ground hadn’t been painted in three years so it’s time for some scraping, sanding and at least two, if not three, new coats of white paint. Then I’ll need to replace the stencil and redo the house numbers in black. That project will take a lot of time and preparation. Usually, I can get our friend and painter Terry to help me out on the finishing but right now, he’s too busy with bigger jobs.… Continue Reading


Paint Color Basics

paint color basics - paint swatches - via atticmag

A quick and easy guide to paint color basics can be used to create a whole house color scheme or find the right new hue for a room.

It’s prime painting – or repainting – season. Each year, as I look forward to updating the house, I find it useful to take a quick refresher course on paint color. This one, from Dunn and Edwards (with which we have no affiliation) is well organized and hits all the important points. The video talks about color psychology and mood. It shows the differences in cool and warm colors and the moods they create.… Continue Reading


Android Oven Debuts

Dacor android oven - atticmag

Here’s the first android oven with a built-in tablet. It sends you a text when the roast is done.

Imagine my surprise at finding Dacor’s new android oven causing a sensation among the hard-nosed tech set. Every January, manufacturers launch cutting edge phones, gizmos and other tech inventions at the behemoth Consumer Electronics show. While tech is not my wheelhouse, I’ve been lurking on the Android Central forums because I upgraded my cell phone last week.

What makes Dacor’s Discovery Wall Oven notable is the 7-inch built in tablet that allows you to check email, download recipes from Google Play and surf the web – all while your rack of lamb is roasting. … Continue Reading


Hot Off the Runway Kitchen Cabinets

Aster Cucine kitchen cabinets by enrico coveri - via Atticmag

Will these crazy-quilt Aster Cucine kitchen cabinets sell? Whatever. They offer 3 minutes of fun.

There’s always something to be said for a new idea. That’s what keeps the market vibrant, after all. But there’s a difference between new-usable and new-theoretical. The latter aptly describes these just-off-the-runway kitchen cabinets which literally take fabric designs from Enrico Coveri’s runway show, slap them onto Aster Cucine doors and call it a Collection. Aster hopes to make a splash with Coveri’s 1960s Pucci-esque prints which were shown in April at the influential Euro Cucine show in Milan. They certainly have intensity and high voltage graphics going for them.… Continue Reading


Color Trends at Home

purple candle - coolchickstyle via Atticmag

Pantone is the world-wide color matching authority and trend forecaster for the design world.

Allison found this Pantone video that groups and explains color trends and because they work 18 months ahead, this video contains some ideas and hues that we may already be seeing in home design.

Still, it provides a rich and valuable background for understanding how colors become popular and why we might have certain chroma  cravings now and in the coming months.

(Please be patient for a few moments it might take for the video to load after you click on the white arrow)… Continue Reading

Roseville Pottery

Collecting Roseville ceramics - Atticmag

Untitled from Atticmag on Vimeo.

Art pottery was made throughout the U.S. but the state of Ohio is known for ceramics

Magazine editor Sue Millar Perry shows us her collection of Roseville pottery, ceramics made in Ohio beginning around the turn of the 20th century. This pottery was utilitarian and collectible and celebrated floral and woodland motifs. Sue has collected Roseville over the years and has many charming pieces.

This History of Roseville has more information plus a guide to the various patterns.

(Please be patient for a few moments it might take for the video to load after you click on the white arrow)… Continue Reading