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Virtual tours of historic homes throughout the world.

Long Barn Gardens

long barn gardens - Historic house in Sevenoaks Weald, Kent - period living via atticmag

In England, a historic home distinguished by its 20th century garden designers, has been taken on by a new generation.

From 1915 to 1930, British diplomat Harold Nicolson and his wife, the poet and writer Vita Sackville-West, lived on an eight acre property in Sevenoaks Weald, Kent, known as Long Barn. Sackville-West, who may be the most famous and revered gardener of the 20th century, also wrote an influential weekly gardening column for The Observer newspaper at the time.

But when it came to creating gardens, the couple worked as a team. And while they are best known for the monumental garden at Sissinghurst Castle, it was at Long Barn gardens where their distinctive style was developed.… Continue Reading


Canadian Stone Mansion

tour of Canada's historic Maus Park

Tour Maus Park, a mid-19th century mansion and home to an antiques dealer

A rustic kitchen led me to Maus Park, a mid-19th century historic home near Toronto.  One of my favorite kitchens here on Atticmag, when I originally posted it we all swooned over the combination of luxury, natural stone and the European approach of having an oil painting hung next to the La Cornue range.

Then I discovered the entire house – a stately and luxuriously furnished stone mansion. Fluff up your fainting couches! Set in a 12-1/2 acre park — it has a 7,000 square foot main residence and a 14,000 square foot renovated barn/showroom, the property of Canadian antiques dealer Douglas Stocks.… Continue Reading


Winchester Mystery House

historic winchester house

Tour the historic California landmark of Sarah Winchester

The Winchester House may be more odd than mysterious.  Ghosts, spirits and haunted mansions are what mysteries are made of, and the Winchester house is all that and more — much more.  If legend is accurate, the house is a testament to one woman’s heart-wrenching grief and her never-ending quest to remain alive.

Welcome to the former home of Sarah Winchester [left], heiress to the Winchester Rifle empire.  Legend has it that following the tragic deaths of her infant daughter in 1866, and husband William in 1881, she sought solace from a psychic who told of a curse on the family. … Continue Reading


Pres. F.D.Roosevelt’s Home

home of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park NY

Tour the home and grounds of a great American president

One of the pleasures of living in the Hudson Valley is the sense of history preserved by numerous historic houses. One favorite is Springwood, the vast farm and birthplace of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in Hyde Park, N.Y.

The house was built by the President’s parents, James and Sara Delano Roosevelt as a Victorian cottage. Later, it house was remodeled in the style of regional Dutch stone houses with Neoclassical flourishes, and enlarged by the President’s mother.

Mint green shutters are a unique color at Springwood.

Sara Roosevelt decorated the house in her taste, the dark style of the early 20th century.… Continue Reading



olana - historic home in Rhinebeck, NY - atticmag

Tour an exotic historic Hudson River stone house.

Olana is the Eastern-style mansion constructed by artist Frederic Edwin Church from 1872 to 1891 on a hilltop overlooking the Hudson River, near Hudson New York. Church was a leading painter of the Hudson River School, the first art movement devoted American landscape paintings. Church and his wife Isabel were avid Orientalists and collectors of Middle Eastern furniture, carpets, metalwork and ceramics as well as old master paintings, and Mexican art works.

The front door of the house is flanked by two tile-lined niches lined with vividly colored Middle Eastern-inspired tile, which looks as fresh today as it did more than 100 years ago.… Continue Reading


10 Great Historic Homes

historic homes - Gamble House interior - via atticmag

Take our tour of ten historic homes and see what makes these architectural treasures great.

1. Gamble House – Pasadena, California

The iconic American teak and mahogany, 8200-square foot, Arts & Crafts home was designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1907 for David Berry Gamble, heir to the Proctor & Gamble fortune. It is the only house designed by the Greenes to contain the original furniture and open to the public. The official website for the house has color photographs and panorama visual tours.

2.  Fallingwater – Bear Run, Pennsylvania

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces, Fallingwater has original furnishings and artwork intact.… Continue Reading