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Kitchens of every style with a range of yellow color schemes or yellow kitchen cabinets, tile, wall treatments or major features.

Aspects of Yellow Kitchens

yellow kitchen features - white kitchen with taxi yellow backsplash - barry dixon via atticmag

Did you know that yellow is the most visible of all colors? That’s why yellow kitchen features show so well.

That’s also why yellow used for traffic signs, pavement markings and for low-vision computer keyboards. I knew it was the lightest hue but never connected that with it being so easy to see. It’s also the color of the sun as well as many foods, and known to be mentally stimulating and cheerful. So while it might not be the most popular kitchen color (though I chose it for mine) yellow kitchen features are a logical choice to draw attention to some aspect of the room.… Continue Reading


Cement Tile Yellow Kitchen

yellow kitchen cabinets and colorful geometric cement floor tiles - Casa Vogue Brazil via Atticmag

Vivid yellow kitchen cabinets are complemented by a multi-color yellow, green and white geometric cement tile floor.

An early 20th century house in Barcelona has yellow kitchen cabinets and retains its original floor covering in many areas, including the kitchen. Hydraulic tiles, also known as cement tiles, are traditionally cast in a mold using a mixture of tinted cement and powdered marble.  The bold coloring goes throughout the thick tiles, so it’s no surprise that the multi-color pattern still looks marvelous a century later. Such bursts of colors are found in every room, and the kitchen is no exception.  Moroccan stucco walls are a soft backdrop for the yellow kitchen cabinets. … Continue Reading


Lemon Yellow Kitchen

kitchen with lemon yellow cabinets and yellow and white pattern tile backsplash

It takes conviction to go bold with kitchen color but wow, does it pay off.

Shining with personality from top to bottom this vibrant and unforgettable kitchen ranks as one of the greats. There’s nothing safe about the choice of lemon yellow for the cabinets and backsplash yet the pairing has perfect pitch because of the way color is used.  But let’s get real. It takes guts to go with yellow base cabinets and black counters without thinking ‘taxi!’

The combination works in this kitchen for several reasons. First, the color occupies horizontal zones. Because the counters are darkest, they create a continuous line that holds the brightness of the base cabinets and island in check.… Continue Reading


Deco Vintage Yellow Kitchen

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

Vintage kitchens top of my list of difficult-to-do-over.

The reason is one of degree. With one of these kitchens the question is always how much to modernize versus how much vintage-ness to keep. Do you restore, replicate or simply evoke? These are not easy decisions and, because houses are living structures that are changed by the owner’s viewpoint and needs, there is never a “right” solution.

For this saffron and green Deco beauty in a Depression-era Tudor home, the owner wisely chose restoration. Some would have hated the period color scheme and simply ripped it all out. I feel that when you choose a home with a kitchen as distinctive as this, there’s definitely a responsibility attached.… Continue Reading


New Hampshire Farmhouse Kitchen

yellow farmhouse kitchen with green-tiled range niche

For our first “Kitchen Week,”* sunny colors and a dramatic tiled range niche offer a timeless look.

Stop for a moment and study the color of the green tile in the niche just above the range in this country-style kitchen.  Then re-imagine neutral-color tile. Blah! I’d never have given it a second look! That’s because tile can be the most powerful factor in a kitchen, with more impact than paint.  Wherever it’s used, tile adds the proverbial triple play – color, texture and pattern.

Predominately, this is a Tuscan yellow kitchen – cabinets and walls are sunflower and the floor blends in.… Continue Reading


Mustard Yellow Kitchen

mustard yellow kitchen cabinets

Taking a chance on an unusual color combination creates a dream country kitchen.

Canadian House & Home designed a five-star space in their 2011 Princess Margaret Showhome.  To-the-ceiling cabinets are painted No 7 Octagon yellow from Farrow & Ball.  The color is a nice contrast to the honed CeasarStone counters and matte black CornuFe range.  A stainless steel farmhouse sink is paired with a Franke bridge faucet.  Soft cream tiles are also taken to the ceiling to balance the upper cabinetry.  An open island provides space for prepping while the table gives guests a place to gather.  Simple pendants are a reproduction of enamel fixtures that are more often found in barns. … Continue Reading