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rustic barn kitchen with modern yellow island - ad via atticmag

Aspects of Yellow Kitchens

Did you know that yellow is the most visible of all colors? That’s why it’s used for traffic signs, pavement markings and for low-vision computer keyboards. I knew it was the lightest hue but never connected that with being so easy to see. It’s also the color of the sun as well as many foods, […]

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stainless steel kitchen cabinets with colorful cement tile flooring

Cement Tile Yellow Kitchen

Color and pattern combine to create a sophisticated look. An early 20th century house in Barcelona retains its original floor covering in many areas, including the kitchen.  Hydraulic tiles, also known as cement tiles, are traditionally cast in a mould using a mixture of tinted cement and powdered marble.  The bold coloring goes throughout the […]

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kitchen with lemon yellow cabinets and yellow and white pattern tile backsplash

Lemon Yellow Kitchen

It takes conviction to go bold with kitchen color but wow, does it pay off. Shining with personality from top to bottom this vibrant and unforgettable kitchen ranks as one of the greats. There’s nothing safe about the choice of lemon yellow for the cabinets and backsplash yet the pairing has perfect pitch because of […]

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Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

Deco Vintage Yellow Kitchen

Vintage kitchens top of my list of difficult-to-do-over. The reason is one of degree. With one of these kitchens the question is always how much to modernize versus how much vintage-ness to keep. Do you restore, replicate or simply evoke? These are not easy decisions and, because houses are living structures that are changed by […]

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yellow farmhouse kitchen with green-tiled range niche

New Hampshire Farmhouse Kitchen

For our first “Kitchen Week,”* sunny colors and a dramatic tiled range niche offer a timeless look. Stop for a moment and study the color of the green tile in the niche just above the range in this country-style kitchen.  Then re-imagine neutral-color tile. Blah! I’d never have given it a second look! That’s because […]

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