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Tone–on-Tone Kitchen

light wood kitchens by John Saladino - Veranda via Atticmag

Light wood kitchens seem to be edging out dark and shiny cabinet looks.

In a vacation house on the Maine coast, designer John Saladino created a kitchen for a couple of internet entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Overall, the owners wanted a African safari lodge look and so wide-plank paneling was used in many of the rooms. In the kitchen, that theme likely presented a challenge for Saladino who is known for restrained interiors. The result is an elegant tone-on-tone approach to materials, with wide-plank oak for the island and other surfaces in one of the most attractive light wood kitchens I’ve seen recently.… Continue Reading


Oak Gets a Modern Makeover

limed oak kitchen cabinets - kitchen by Jeffrey Alan Marks via atticmag

Limed oak kitchen cabinets recall a mid-20th C oak furniture finish that’s finding a new audience.

Oak cabinets are inching their way back into kitchen fashion after having being painted or ripped out and sent to recycling for most of the last decade. But they’re not the same shiny-orange builder’s-grade boxes found in tract homes. Limed oak kitchen cabinets are the newest look which is light and subtle — though it can be ebonized – with a matte or satin finish. Limed oak reads as natural though the oak grain is highlighted or washed with white pigment.

L.A. celebrity designer Jeffrey Alan Marks created an elegant transitional French oak kitchen [top], showcasing the blond oak on the cabinets.… Continue Reading


Barn Wood Kitchens

barnwood kitchens by the barnwood cabinet company via atticmag

Can you feel the breeze of the style pendulum swinging from formal white to rustic barn wood kitchens?

Recaptured, reclaimed or just reminiscent, barn wood kitchens have been slowly gaining momentum as a favored look. Once confined to the pages of magazines centered on “country” styles, barn wood is working its way into the mainstream as a favorite of greenies and the preservationists for its warmth, sustainability and unique character. Be it pine, oak or any other species, the beauty of these reclaimed boards  — for cabinets, backsplashes or islands – lies in the unique age of their color, grain and surface quality.… Continue Reading


Glass Ceiling Kitchen

glass ceiling kitchen - kitchen with glass ceiling, La Cornue range and 3 cabinet styles - tradhome via Atticmag

A designer’s culinary work space, a glass ceiling kitchen is built to satisfy artistic aspirations as well.

In this home in suburban Connecticut, a personal vision based on travels to France combined with a love for European furniture inspired a blockbuster glass ceiling kitchen. With its own language of ideas and surfaces and a budget sufficient to transform the dream into reality, this kitchen is truly unique. Chief among the many striking features is a complex steel and glass ceiling that resembles a greenhouse. There’s an imposing black La Cornue range with hood to match. An island cabinet, styled like antique English furniture, also houses a stainless steel prep sink and features a teak-wood top.… Continue Reading


Black Window Kitchen

Pratt & Lambert Obsidian black window in industrial look kitchen with reclaimed wood, marble farm sink and concrete floors - Metropolitan Home via Atticmag

When the top floor of a 1915 hotel was converted to a loft, a black window in the kitchen helped preserve an industrial vibe.

An elegant industrial-style kitchen is distinguished by a simple color scheme, Depression era light fixtures and the warmth of recycled and salvaged wood.  But the kitchen takes its theme from the original, double-hung black window trim — painted nearly black using Pratt and Lambert Obsidian.  Contrasting walls done in Ralph Lauren’s Flour Sack white set the stage for the room which, having no real color, depends on the play of light and dark in concert with textures of the various surfaces such as the concrete floor.… Continue Reading


White Oak Cottage Kitchen

rustic white oak cottage kitchen by Melanie Pounds - House Beautiful via Atticmag

The starting point of this elegant cottage kitchen was the idea of living simply.

The desire to keep it simple led interior designer Melanie Pounds and her husband to purchase a small 1920’s cottage. Then Pounds designed the kitchen around their first joint purchase — an antique worktable the couple planned to use as an island.  The room is full of visually heavy pieces, yet they don’t weigh it down.  To my untrained eye, the trick is the use of only two colors — off white and black in addition to wood tones. That helps keep each element visually equal.

It’s hard to take my eyes off the warm wood of the worktable, but the dramatic soapstone range wall (above)  does the trick. … Continue Reading