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Kitchen and utility room sinks with special functions, configurations, materials and features.

Fancy Stainless Drop-In Sinks

drop in sink - Vault stainless drop in sink with minimalist style - kohler via atticmag

The minimalist Vault drop in sink has replaced two highly styled stainless predecessors.

A drop in sink is out of favor for high-end kitchens because the borders sit on the counter rather than under it. And resistance to the price of two stylish drop in sinks have led Kohler to discontinue them. Those “fancy” drop ins — – Kohler’s Verve and Verity — were the original subject of this post because they were good, if expensive, options for wood and laminate counters.

The newest look in the drop in category is Kohler’s ultra minimalist Vault [top]. It’s zero-radius to be exact — meaning square edges and a square bowl.… Continue Reading


Utility Room Tub Sink

pet washing sink - utility room tub floor sink with antique relief tiles and marble curb - Smith & Vansant via Atticmag

Crossing a sink and a small tub creates the perfect pet washing sink in the utility room.

Pet lovers (Moms with active little ones and gardeners) might have fantasized about a practical washing up spot in the utility room — a dedicated pet washing sink. That’s ideal when Fido needs a quick dunk or a major clean up.  The low deep basin also might be perfect for soaking out tablecloth stains or pre-laundering a king size comforter. But the elegant custom floor sink in this Vermont laundry room is designed for the family pooch. And what a design it is. Created by an architect for a client who collects antique tile, it qualifies as one very swanky pet washing sink, complete with a marble curb and polished nickel pot filler style faucet faucet plus hand spray.… Continue Reading


Kitchen Sink of the Future

Meet the electronic sink with automatic settings.

I’m always fascinated by what’s new particularly in the kitchen. And lately companies have been using videos to launch new concepts. The innovative German kitchen faucet manufacturer Dornbracht, and their design partner Michael Sieger, have been rethinking things in the kitchen via a pilot study centered on kitchen sink functions. Adjusting water temperature, using dish washing liquid and opening and closing the drain are some of the tasks streamlined by an e-tool control panel and a well-placed light beam. Set it just right and the sink of the future will never overflow.

(Please be patient for a few moments it might take for the video to load after you click on the white arrow)

(Source: You Tube)… Continue Reading

Prep Sink with Runnels

D shape prep sink with runnels in a marble counter and bridge faucet

Drainboards can be created on one or both sides.

Prep sinks come in various shapes and sizes. This D configuration is a good choice and often overlooked. What makes sense to me is that it’s wider in front — where the action tends to be when you’re peeling, cutting and cleaning.

Runnels, or channels in countertop,  are not often seen around a prep sink. This one, photographed in a Clive Christian kitchen, is large enough to warrant them and to anchor a Samuel Heath bridge faucet as well. In this case, the D sink is undermounted with a neutral (or no) reveal — which means that the counter and the inside edge are flush.… Continue Reading


Trough Prep Sinks

integrated trough sink adjacent to a cooktop in a stainless steel counter

We find sliver sinks to be practical and stylish.

A little-noticed addition to the “smart kitchen” is a novel range of narrow, sluice-like sinks. Most merely 8-inches  wide, they are shaped like troughs — hence the name — and come in a variety of lengths ranging from 5-feet to just under the standard 24-inch counter depth.  After seeing the extensive range made by Kohler in their Undertone line, I’m beginning to feel this shape is more practical and space-efficient than than round, square or even rectangular prep sinks seen  in most kitchens.

These sinks are meant to be under-mounted and their length basically determines whether they are installed horizontally or vertically in a cabinet.… Continue Reading


Zero-Radius Double Sink

Franke zero radius stainless steel sink with integral drainboard

The idea of “zero radius” means square edges and no curves on the sides or corners

This hard edge style — a top choice for contemporary kitchens — was displayed in the black Poggenpohl sink cabinet pictured here. The stainless steel sink and companion drain board are by Franke.… Continue Reading