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Kitchens with red and orange color schemes as well as red or orange kitchen cabinets, tile, wall color or major features.

Red Backsplash Kitchen

red backsplash in glass mosaic tiles with white grout in a Swedish kitchen - via Atticmag

This red backsplash uses glass mosaic tile  between cabinets like paint — from counters to ceiling.

It’s rare to find the color red is used in a bold way to create a visual theme for a contemporary kitchen with no red cabinets. But the red backsplash in this Swedish apartment kitchen shows us how to do it impeccably. Essentially, this is a contemporary white L-shape kitchen, with white walls and white minimalist cabinets. So it’s logical to have red glass mosaic tile fill all the space between cabinets on both walls — like paint. I call this of counter-to-ceiling tile treatment a “eurosplash” because it’s the way European kitchens are usually tiled.… Continue Reading


Red Country Kitchens

red country kitchens - red kitchen cabinets with black soapstone sink - bh&g via atticmag

Red country kitchens are sometimes casual but always bold.

There’s something about red kitchens that makes them a little difficult. People who love red tend use it as an accent color since a little can go a long way. We saw that with the refrigerator cabinet in the Ikea Heartthrob Kitchen, one of my original Atticmag posts, and also on the red workbench island in the recent Updating White Kitchens piece. But my view is that a commitment to big color on the cabinets is usually the best option for red kitchens, which is what made the lacquered Chanticleer Red Kitchen so stunning and memorable.… Continue Reading


Salsa Dancing Kitchen

orange kitchen cabinets - Paprika color kitchen by Melanie Coddington – House Beautiful via Atticmag

Orange kitchen cabinets are muy caliente thanks to a great paint color.

Questions about paint color can dominate any discussion – color is that powerful. In the case of this bold and original kitchen, color is topic number one. The beautiful inset orange kitchen cabinets with concealed hinges are painted in Benjamin Moore Aura Salsa Dancing. The walls are painted in BM Oatmeal. As designer Melanie Coddington told an interviewer for House Beautiful magazine (where the kitchen first appeared) she was a bit nervous about the color at first, though the client was “fearless.” What a joy!

Another aspect of this highly refined kitchen was especially interesting to me: the idea for the cabinet color started with Walker Zanger’s Contessa Pagoda tile  in paprika and black on a cream ground.… Continue Reading


Red Gingham Ceiling Kitchen

red gingham - 1940s red theme kitchen with a red gingham ceiling -- Diamond Baratta via Atticmag

Vibrant & one-of-a-kind a retro theme kitchen showcases a red gingham ceiling and the  owner’s collections.

When the dynamic hand of New York’s Diamond Baratta (now Anthony Baratta as William Diamond has retired) goes to work in a house expect knockout color, exceptional pattern and amazing attention to detail. All those elements are present in this nostalgic Connecticut kitchen with a red gingham ceiling. This kitchen plays off 1940s and early 50s red and the typical fruit motifs such as watermelons, cherries and strawberries. Bunnies and roosters are mixed in. It’s sweet and so much fun it makes formal white kitchens feel pretentious.… Continue Reading


Modern Mountain Kitchen

red base cabinets - bold red Shaker style cabinet mountain kitchen by John Oetgen and Sally Ann Sullivan via Atticmag

Red base cabinets made a strong design statement in a a kitchen space with complex aesthetics.

Designer John Oetgen and kitchen designer Sally Ann Sullivan put a modern twist on a mountain aesthetics by using vibrant red base cabinets in the kitchen of a contemporary but rustic home. As it happens, the kitchen was the darkest room in the house. To brighten things, the lipstick red hue was pulled from the living area of the open plan, setting the foundation for the bold look on the island and perimeter cabinets — which happen to match the knobs on the Wolf range.… Continue Reading


Christmas Color Kitchens

Christmas kitchens - contemporary red open kitchen with modern red high gloss lacquer cabinets - houzz via Atticmag

Christmas kitchens feature red cabinets that make a bold design statement during any season of the year.

Bright, festive and high octane, Christmas kitchens are red — one of my favorite colors for kitchens and appliances. I seriously considered red cabinets when we built our house. I know why. In the corner of my childhood home, my Dad had installed a bright red leather booth. I adored sitting there with my Mom while we ate lunch so happy associations with the color stuck.

Sleek European-style red lacquered metal cabinets [top] are so effective for any kitchen. While this one leans towards the deeper shade of Christmas holly berries, the red cabinet walls are crisp, modern and very snappy with the anthracite and stainless backsplash.… Continue Reading