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Kitchens with any green color schemes as well as green colored kitchen cabinets, tile, wall color or major features.

Bottle Green Kitchens

bottle green kitchens - transitional bottle green kitchen with cream and natural wood accents - Kohler home ideas via atticmag

The world of color may be focused on Marsala but lately I’m seeing sophisticated wine bottle green kitchens.

There’s a green kitchens renaissance going on but not the recycling kind.  A few years back, kitchen cabinet greens were bright and sharp with a clear appetite for food colors like lime, apple and pistachio. Then emerald green became the decorator’s darling and the greens turned blacker and bluer. But kitchens tend to lag behind decorating color trends or miss them entirely. Kitchen color most often goes to neutrals such as white, gray and wood tones as many home owners shy away from color commitments.… Continue Reading


Blue-Green Kitchens

blue green kitchens - classic kitchen with blue-green cabinets - BH&G via Atticmag

Chameleon color for a trio of kitchen styles.

Blue-green is such a soothing color family it rolls on, underrated, as a choice for kitchens. Despite the trendy showing of all-white, black-and-white and most recently gray schemes over the last 15 years, blue green kitchens have their own consistent fan base. But because there are so many variations in any hybrid hue, an inspiration photo can be difficult to pin down. These three kitchens fall directly into this category. So I decided to do a little color matching using Benjamin Moore palettes. While that can be tricky considering the variation in computer monitors, it provides a starting point.… Continue Reading


Apple Green Galley Kitchen

apple green galley kitchen by Greeson and Fast Design - via atticmag

Space challenges are met head on in a brightly colored urban apartment galley kitchen .

A small galley kitchen is usually not a favorite, due to sparse counter space, storage shortages and cramped quarters. But this Manhattan apartment is sure to alter that preconceived notion since its design helps to make the most of limited space. Two unbroken runs of base cabinets provide ample storage below the counter and good  prepping surface on the marble. At the end of the run, adjacent to a door,  the curved end cabinet is left open at the bottom. That helps the compact aisle feel wider upon entering, saves hips from bruises, and provides a spot for a trash can near the apartment’s back service door.… Continue Reading


Inky Green Kitchen Chic

dark green kitchens - kitchen with inky green cabinets and red interiors - AD via Atticmga

From sage, to leaf, and now to blackened, dark green kitchens are primed to trend.

Warmer than gray, more interesting than white, and equipped with a quiet kind of glamor, dark green kitchens manage to look urbane yet organic.  I was immediately taken by the original way this British racing green was used  by Houston designer J. Randall Powers did in his own home [top]. Glossy inky green cabinets (a color you get by adding black) paired with a dark wood floor,plus an active white marble counters and backsplash, manages to evoke the traditional comfort of an English library. Moon yellow leather-upholstered Knoll Brno chairs and matching window covering adds a discreet accent color.… Continue Reading


Bold Green Kitchens

green kitchens - shamrock green and white patterned tile from Mosaic House in a white kitchen - Katie Ridder via Atticmag

Shamrock, pine and mint are leaf green hues that can add intensity to our cooking spaces.

Intense green – the color of envy – appears to be gaining on the more acidic yellow-greens shades we’ve been seeing. Perhaps that’s a sign of new confidence about color or just a vagary of shifting tastes. But for me, green kitchens have tremendous personality. And with a vibrant green on all the walls — used much like paint —  an otherwise white kitchen [top] is converted. But this kitchen has one of those transitional designs with one foot on a very traditional Oriental rug on the floor, a slightly retro backsplash that evokes the 1940s, and an ultra-modern Logico ceiling light.… Continue Reading


Bright Lime Kitchen

lime kitchen cabinets - Actor Anthony Edwards' transitional kitchen painted Bright Lime by Benjamin Moore with white and gray accents - Elle Decor via Atticmag

Lime kitchen cabinets are a confident choice based on a paint-store color.

When I’m attracted to something strong in the kitchen it’s usually coffee, horseradish or the color green, particularly an acid – or sharp, yellow-green – hue like the one that gives these lime kitchen cabinets such amazing verve. It’s also great to be able to get specific about the color which, in this case, is Benjamin Moore’s Bright Lime. And there’s a juicy back story here, too, since the kitchen belongs to actor Anthony Edwards (formerly of E.R.)  and his wife, Stila make up founder Jeanine Lobell, for whom color is serious business.… Continue Reading