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Kitchens with gray or neutral color scheme or gray kitchen cabinets.

Subway Tile Eurosplash Kitchen

subway tile eurosplash - gray kitchen with white subway tiles and black grout used counter to ceiling behind the black Lacanche range - domino via atticmag

What’s a subway tile eurosplash? Tile from counter to ceiling that gives this handsome gray kitchen its unique look.

When it come to kitchen tile my motto is “more.” That’s why the design for my kitchen began with  tile. And it’s likely why a New York restaurateur chose a subway tile eurosplash look for her stunning gray, black and white Greenwich Village kitchen. With five kids in the house, the white subways set with black grout are practical, too.

The subways run counter to ceiling all along the range wall [top]. It’s important to have a heatproof material behind a powerful range like this black Lacanche and tiling behind and all around the matching range hood keeps the look consistent.… Continue Reading


Dove Gray Shaker Kitchen II

dark gray Shaker cabinets - shaker style kitchen with dove-gray painted island and multiple hutches - David T Smith via Atticmag

Dark gray shaker cabinets are one aspect of an  unfitted kitchen with an exquisite historic “furniture look.” Join me for a tour.

For many years I’ve had the pleasure of showing this highly unique unfitted kitchen, one tastefully based on historic American Shaker furniture adapted for a modern home [top]. Now I discovered additional photos so I’m reposting this traditional beauty so it can be viewed as fully as it deserves. A kitchen like this is rarely found in the U.S., where cabinets generally are built-in around the perimeter. And while hutches are popular as stand-alone pieces it’s rare to find a cooking space with four furniture-quality dressers and armoires — each with a distinct personality.… Continue Reading


Antique Gray Hutch Kitchen

antique French gray hutch set into wall of kitchen cabinets - House Beautiful via atticmag

The French gray hutch in a wall of new cabinets is one trick of the trade used in this soft palette kitchen.

Many from the kitchen obsessed crowd would start buying for their dream kitchen with a French range. But the first purchase for designer Samantha Lyman and her client was the pair of vintage Dutch ship lights for her kitchen.  The large scale vintage pieces are copper with an enamel coating — an amazing find — and flawless over the island.

The lighting beautifully complements the charming gray hutch, also antique. Lyman inset the 19th-century French bibliothèque into the wall of modern cabinets painted C2’s Architectural White. … Continue Reading


Aspects of Gray Kitchens

gray kitchens - island in Martha Stewart's Bedford gray painted kitchen - Martha Stewart via Atticmag

Gray kitchens began trending after photos of  Martha Stewart’s Bedford house kitchen were published.

Now, half a decade later, gray has overtaken the all-white or black-and-white “Something’s Gotta Give” movie kitchen that caused such a sensation in 2003. One thing that continues to push gray forward after all this time is the wide range of tones — from light to dark. What’s more, stainless steel – the default appliance finish  — fits right in. Also highly compatible are zinc and nickel hardware finishes, poured concrete, and color veins in popular marbles like Carrara and Calacatta, so highly prized for countertops.… Continue Reading


Color of Toast Kitchen

kitchen with white cabinets and dark neutral taupe walls with stone backsplash

Dark neutral color makes a kitchen appear less kitchen-y.

Walls the color of well-done toast may not sound like a recipe for a style trend in the coming decade. But a quick study of this sleek-but-not-slick, chic-but-not-impractical kitchen by Swedish-born designer Patrik Lönn shows how adapting a color scheme usually associated with living rooms, bedrooms and libraries can make a kitchen appear less kitchen-y and push it ahead of the curve.

Over the past decade we’ve seen the kitchen open up to embrace eating areas at tables and bars, as well as sitting spaces with upholstered furniture and media. But removing walls and extending its reach into other rooms actually changes its nature over time — creating greater need for it to blend in with the rest of the house.… Continue Reading


Gray & Yellow Kitchens

dark gray and white kitchen with yellow range guard and chair

Will fog and sunshine repeat its half-century popularity cycle as a color scheme?

Gray and yellow was a popular color combination in the 1950s and before that in the ‘20s. Now, fifty years later it looks fresh again, particularly in slightly contemporary kitchens with sleek lines and flat surfaces.

As a kitchen color, gray has gone from pallid to popular in the past few years. This week, our friends at Farrow and Ball released nine new paint colors – seven in the gray family by my count. White-kitchen-fatigue may be an explanation for the shift taking place but another is an increasing sophistication and appreciation for the subtlety of neutrals.… Continue Reading