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Honeycomb Tile Kitchen

Ann Sacks Nottingham honeycomb tile backsplash in a neutral kitchen by Beth Webb - via Atticmag

As a backsplash to set the tone for a neutral kitchen there’s nothing like dimensional honeycomb tile.

When an internet mogul built a vacation home in Costa Rica, Atlanta designer Beth Webb was hired to create the décor. Channeling the dark, rustic Latin look of homes in Central America, and mixing it up with the needs of second home for upscale clients, the result was classic, elegant and yet slightly exotic blend of whites, creams and taupes. In the kitchen [top] that meant a neutral scheme, one of subtle richness based on Ann Sacks’ dimensional Nottingham honeycomb tile in Veil. A honeycomb pattern is small scale, easy on the eyes and yet visually distinctive.… Continue Reading


French Bistro Shelves

French bistro shelves - freestanding bistro shelves with metal feet in the Tillinghast Estate kitchen - Yawn Design via Atticmag

French Bistro shelves are making cameo appearances on kitchen islands and counters.

Like most shelving in the kitchen, these traditional French bistro shelves have a specific character which can make them a great accessory. Long used in restaurants  for displaying food, wines or collectibles they also were partial screens to block certain lines of sight while at the same time revving up appetites.

In home kitchens — particularly on an island — bistro shelves may be focal points if not conversation pieces. The glass shelving is transparent, so what goes on the shelves is showcased by the metal support posts. The bottoms can be separate metal disks like the lightly scaled set in a Florida estate kitchen decorated by Yawn Design [top].… Continue Reading


Diva de Provence Range Kitchen

Diva de Provence custom gas commercial range in a Connecticut kitchen - Elle Décor via Atticmag

It’s rare to see a kitchen where the focal point is a custom Diva de Provence gas range with traditional old-world style.

Diva de Provence ranges are a rarity because the Diva brand is no longer available in the U.S. and Canada except through commercial kitchen suppliers. Previously known for pioneering induction ranges, the Diva withdrew from the U.S. and Canadian markets about five years ago. However, Diva evidently will still make a custom commercial style gas range. These don’t come with conventional warranties or service so special arrangements through a restaurant supplier, are required.

To that end, Connecticut designer Emma Jane Pilkington turned to Maverick Cuisine, a New Jersey based restaurant design company to supply the Diva for her own home.… Continue Reading


Geometric Tile Kitchen Backsplash

geometric tile - Snowbank patterned cement tile from Mosaic House - via atticmag

Nothing creates a more lively kitchen backsplash than geometric tile!

Geometric tile patterns are great repeaters of colors and shape — that’s their beauty and their cool look. That effect can be accomplished with a variety of tile types from cement to encaustic because colored patterns are integral. But what’s trending these days are large-scale geometric patterns that add modern notes to kitchens, even those which are rustic or cottage style.

Moroccan tiles have signature geometrics like Snowbank [top], an aqua, gold and white pattern from Mosaic House, a NY tile retailer favored by designers such as Steven Gambrel in the Black and White Illusion Kitchen.… Continue Reading


Open Kitchen Shelves

open kitchen shelves - dishware storage on white cantilevered shelves mounted on white subway tile - house beautiful via atticmag

Kitchens are more interesting as rooms when they are move away from fortress cabinets to open kitchen shelves.

Think of it this way: no other room in the house has furniture lining every inch of every wall, floor to ceiling, so why should the kitchen? I think it’s time to let go of the “gotta hide it” urge and allow serveware, cookware and other accessories to be displayed as well as stored on open kitchen shelves.

These ten kitchens offer a variety of ways to approach open storage. And while many of the accessories displayed in these kitchens look carefully arranged (because they are styled for photography) a more casual approach is equally valid and practical.… Continue Reading


Salvage Kitchen Cabinets


Reworking materials is never easy, especially when it comes to salvage kitchen cabinets.

Often the materials or surfaces are old and in need of restoration and repair. Sometimes vintage pieces will fit and other times they must be altered. With salvage kitchen cabinets, I would expect build arounds — as I learned when we repurposed a dozen divided light interior doors and salvage mantel for my house. The other element of salvage materials is the quirkiness they add to décor. Not everyone wants eccentricities in their kitchen even though that kind of originality may be unique and unforgettable.

Two great examples of salvage kitchen cabinets were designed and built by the California architectural firm of Studio Carver and the former Carver + Schickentanz.… Continue Reading