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Built In Refrigerator Intelligence

built in refrigerator - 36-inch bottom mount Miele KF1911 - atticmag

Today, the most critical measurement for any built in refrigerator is the fridge cabinet depth.

Anyone looking to invest in a built in refrigerator needs answers to a few simple questions: Which refrigerator is best? How long will it last? What’s the warranty? Can I get service in my area? Is the service reliable and prompt? And perhaps most important: how can I get the best deal? The last question is key today when a built in refrigerator is likely to eat up $5000 to $12,000 of the kitchen appliance budget. And since the size and design of a cabinet for the fridge is specific to the brand and preferred installation style, complexities and costs multiply.… Continue Reading


Conservatory Kitchens

galley conservatory kitchen opening onto backyard - reneefinberg via atticmag

Conservatory kitchens can range from traditional to ultra modern — with or without glass roofs.

More popular in Europe than in the U.S., conservatories are glass walled and ceilinged structures added onto a house as a garden or sun room.  They are synonymous with greenhouse rooms or sun porches. These days, with formality on the way out, the concept of a conservatory is easily applied to the kitchen and with spectacular results. This kitchen style is a BOGO — designed like a greenhouse by the way the ceiling and windows are configured. One lovely example is the English-inspired Gothic Revival Kitchen which has a conservatory-dining space and kitchen in an open-plan room.… Continue Reading


Contemporary Kitchen Banquettes

Wood grain contemporary kitchen banquette - rylandpeters via Atticmag

In some kitchens, a seating area can be restricted by structural elements such as windows, doors or pillars.

Two summers ago I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing top kitchen designer Mick DeGiulio when he created a Kitchen of the Year for House Beautiful magazine. One of the main points stressed during his introduction was not about the work triangle, appliance quality, or even about cabinets which are usually the most expensive fixture. Topic A was how kitchens had morphed into living spaces that made seating a key element.  So built-in booths or banquettes, which can be fitted into awkward spaces have become a well-loved solution.… Continue Reading


4 Unusual Kitchen Ideas

4 unusual kitchen ideas - Recessed range ventilation in Fritz Hansen Copenhagen showroom kitchen – desiretoinspire via Atticmag

Modern? Yes. Functional? Yes. Different? That too.

I’m always on the looking for kitchen ideas that feel new or innovative, ones that set this room apart and keep it looking current. That’s not always easy because kitchens – traditional, modern, rustic and even cottage styles — have settled into a certain visual language over the past ten years and aren’t budging much. These days, really new kitchen ideas and features are found on the contemporary or modernist side, as we saw in the hidden cabinets of the Curved Oak Kitchen, or the Under Counter Refrigeration in a kitchen of that same name.… Continue Reading


Under Counter Refrigeration Kitchen

kitchen with undercounter refrigeration drawers - Elle Decor via Atticmag

How does a kitchen look with Andy Warhol’s neon cow but no full-size refrigerator? The answer is: just great!

Under-counter fridge/freezer drawers can replace a conventional refrigerator in certain kitchen situations. A large fridge might not be needed, or there may not be enough space on an unbroken wall. In the case in this kitchen (formerly a rental apartment) it is likely both.  The owners, a high-end furniture restorer and his companion, have no family meals to prepare. Space and light at a premium on the ground floor of their 1864 French Empire house in New York City, which has a side yard.… Continue Reading


Lighting Up Modern Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet lighting - Illuminated pot and pan drawers in Leicht kitchen cabinets - leicht contracts via Atticmag

Kitchen cabinet lighting functions like the fridge in some modern cabinets.

Many European kitchen cabinet line combine tempered glass and LED technology to produce extremely bright light inside drawers and cupboards. Open a drawer and the lights go on, making everything inside more accessible. The LED (light emitting diode) illumination remains cool because the technology produces light rather than heat. It also uses very little electricity.  Back in 2010, I featured the kitchen cabinet lighting in the Valcucine line on display at a home show. The “future feature” of 2010 is here and that extends to the bathroom, where Robern’s lighted bathroom vanity drawers are an excellent, similar, option.… Continue Reading