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Kitchens with blue color schemes or blue kitchen cabinets.

Vibrant Blue Kitchens

vibrant blue kitchen - Frank Roop's country kitchen with a Provence blue Cornue Fé range with a blue-green backsplash - AD via Atticmag

One of the easiest — and one of the most difficult — colors to imagine in a kitchen is vibrant blue.

By that I mean saturated blue and blue-green which are cool colors that read hot. That’s because  they are intense rather than muted. Vibrant blue and blue-greens are the anti-neutrals. We don’t see vibrant blue kitchens very often but when we do, it’s color-lover’s heaven.

Celestial is one way to describe the range and range wall [top] in the upstate New York kitchen of Boston designer Frank Roop. The designer’s wife, Sharon, loves blue and chose the Provence Blue Cornue Fé range.… Continue Reading


Heavenly Blue Kitchen

light blue kitchen cabinets - blue gray transitional kitchen by Angela Free Design via Atticmag

Light blue cabinets create a celestial atmosphere in a San Francisco kitchen.

Designer Angela Free created a transitional San Francisco pied-à-terre kitchen using soft colors, restraint in details and oversized accents.  The custom-color light blue kitchen cabinets seemingly float on quarter-sawn oak floors bleached to a light creamy finish.  Calacatta marble and seagrass limestone mosaic tiles highlight the backsplash whereas cream-color counters fade away.  A pair of large Hicks pendants by Thomas O’Brien feature bronze with antique brass accents and white glass shades.  While grand decorative fixtures (especially lanterns) are overused jewels, these have such an elegant theatrical appearance it’s easy to forgive this trendy detail.… Continue Reading


Electric Blue Kitchen

blue kitchen cabinets - contemporary blue and white kitchen with electric blue cabinets and mid-century modern style accessories - Domino via Atticmag

Will blue-and-white fans love the deep hue of these blue kitchen cabinets and a modern take on the classic theme?

Every time I look at these deep blue kitchen cabinets they make me feel that someone was inspired by an ancient piece of blue and white china. That’s silly, of course, since European-style contemporary cabinets come in many blues as saturated as this one. What makes the blue cabinets look so cool, I think, is the super-sharp contrast with the white walls, counters and pale beige floor. In keeping with the modern look there are stainless steel appliances. A Wolf pro-style range and hood, slips in neutrally and are hardly noticed.… Continue Reading


Blue and White Mural Kitchen

blue and white tile wall behind range in kitchen by Erin Martin Design

An artist’s touch is the pièce de résistance in this opulent guesthouse.

We all have favorite rooms that stay in our minds, the ones we’re always happy to run across again.  I was reminded of a favorite kitchen while reading Jane’s recent post Delft Tile Kitchen Style.  Her article’s first picture [below, here] prodded me to find my file on this amazing Napa Valley guesthouse kitchen.  What lucky guests!  San Francisco artist Michael Dute based his design for the barrel vault ceiling mural on classic Swedish rococo interiors.  The homeowner was so pleased, she asked him to continue his work down the wall, creating a dramatic and airy space.… Continue Reading


Blue Rooster Kitchen

French provincial kitchen with yellow stucco walls and pale blue rooster motif cabinets

Yellow and blue is a classic French country décor combo

Designer Mark Wilkinson evokes the spirit of Provence by combining sunny yellow stucco walls with pale, sky blue-washed cabinets under an antique beamed ceiling. Cabinet doors are pierced by rooster cutouts which crow “country” despite the thoroughly urban Miele dishwasher with an integrated wood panel. Drawers have wide, turned basket-pull handles above pull out basket drawers. There’s  a brick floor and, in addition, a rooster-motif door made as an exact match to the cabinets.

(Source, via Angela Lin) Originally published: November 19, 2008… Continue Reading

Indigo Cabinet Kitchen

Texas kitchen with indigo blue cabinets designed by Bunny Williams

A kitchen designed as a decorative showpiece and for entertaining

Elegant  cabinets and a beefy range hood in the color of distressed indigo blue jeans give this beautifully designed kitchen a real Wow! factor. It takes a huge space to carry off this highly original color combination and the loft ceiling with exposed wood beams contributes to the old-world atmosphere of a Texas ranch.

The kitchen– designed by Bunny Williams —  has an all-glass arched door, screened by natural-wood plantation shutters, that opens to the outside and provides excellent natural light that’s needed with such dark cabinets.

On the striking range wall,  an imposing chimney hood draws your attention to the cooking center with its Viking pro-style range and additional under-counter oven to the left.… Continue Reading