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Fancy Stainless Drop-In Sinks

drop in sink - Vault stainless drop in sink with minimalist style - kohler via atticmag

The minimalist Vault drop in sink has replaced two highly styled stainless predecessors.

A drop in sink is out of favor for high-end kitchens because the borders sit on the counter rather than under it. And resistance to the price of two stylish drop in sinks have led Kohler to discontinue them. Those “fancy” drop ins — – Kohler’s Verve and Verity — were the original subject of this post because they were good, if expensive, options for wood and laminate counters.

The newest look in the drop in category is Kohler’s ultra minimalist Vault [top]. It’s zero-radius to be exact — meaning square edges and a square bowl.… Continue Reading


Vibrant Blue Kitchens

vibrant blue kitchen - Frank Roop's country kitchen with a Provence blue Cornue Fé range with a blue-green backsplash - AD via Atticmag

One of the easiest — and one of the most difficult — colors to imagine in a kitchen is vibrant blue.

By that I mean saturated blue and blue-green which are cool colors that read hot. That’s because  they are intense rather than muted. Vibrant blue and blue-greens are the anti-neutrals. We don’t see vibrant blue kitchens very often but when we do, it’s color-lover’s heaven.

Celestial is one way to describe the range and range wall [top] in the upstate New York kitchen of Boston designer Frank Roop. The designer’s wife, Sharon, loves blue and chose the Provence Blue Cornue Fé range.… Continue Reading


Nate Berkus’ Greenhouse Kitchen

greenhouse kitchen - “after” Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s renovated NYC black and white penthouse kitchen - AD via Atticmag

Nate’s glamorous black and white greenhouse kitchen in his NYC penthouse is also family-friendly.

Celebrity designer Nate Berkus and his husband designer Jeremiah Brent have a stunning black and white greenhouse kitchen [top] in their newly renovated penthouse on Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The showstopper feature is the 17-foot long curved glass greenhouse style roof that floods the kitchen with light and views in three directions.  Black lacquer cabinets are right on trend, as are the prominent brass accents on the island and on the sink wall. I’m focusing on the kitchen here but the entire 3-bedroom duplex is featured on the next cover of Architectural Digest.… Continue Reading


Three Belgian Kitchens

belgian kitchens - white kitchen with antique Swedish dining table, upholstered armchair, fireplace and Aga cooker- Joris van Apers via Atticmag

Belgian kitchens have been highly influential because they present a beautiful lifestyle aesthetic.

I’m very late to the Belgian kitchens party. Over the past six or seven years they have been shown, explained, copied and widely admired. Classic Belgian kitchens — like these by designer Joris Van Apers — led the way towards the so-called “social kitchen,” which includes a dining room table and even upholstered furniture. Additionally, Belgian kitchens tend to have high ceilings, stucco walls, built in storage cupboards, stone or vintage flooring, and sometimes even a fireplace. For Americans, they represent “old world” looks and grace.

Joris Van Apers’ kitchens are especially refined and individual, a little rustic and exceptionally beautiful.… Continue Reading


Honeycomb Tile Kitchen

Ann Sacks Nottingham honeycomb tile backsplash in a neutral kitchen by Beth Webb - via Atticmag

As a backsplash to set the tone for a neutral kitchen there’s nothing like dimensional honeycomb tile.

When an internet mogul built a vacation home in Costa Rica, Atlanta designer Beth Webb was hired to create the décor. Channeling the dark, rustic Latin look of homes in Central America, and mixing it up with the needs of second home for upscale clients, the result was classic, elegant and yet slightly exotic blend of whites, creams and taupes. In the kitchen [top] that meant a neutral scheme, one of subtle richness based on Ann Sacks’ dimensional Nottingham honeycomb tile in Veil. A honeycomb pattern is small scale, easy on the eyes and yet visually distinctive.… Continue Reading


French Bistro Shelves

French bistro shelves - freestanding bistro shelves with metal feet in the Tillinghast Estate kitchen - Yawn Design via Atticmag

French Bistro shelves are making cameo appearances on kitchen islands and counters.

Like most shelving in the kitchen, these traditional French bistro shelves have a specific character which can make them a great accessory. Long used in restaurants  for displaying food, wines or collectibles they also were partial screens to block certain lines of sight while at the same time revving up appetites.

In home kitchens — particularly on an island — bistro shelves may be focal points if not conversation pieces. The glass shelving is transparent, so what goes on the shelves is showcased by the metal support posts. The bottoms can be separate metal disks like the lightly scaled set in a Florida estate kitchen decorated by Yawn Design [top].… Continue Reading