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Bottle Green Kitchens

bottle green kitchens - transitional bottle green kitchen with cream and natural wood accents - Kohler home ideas via atticmag

The world of color may be focused on Marsala but lately I’m seeing sophisticated wine bottle green kitchens.

There’s a green kitchens renaissance going on but not the recycling kind.  A few years back, kitchen cabinet greens were bright and sharp with a clear appetite for food colors like lime, apple and pistachio. Then emerald green became the decorator’s darling and the greens turned blacker and bluer. But kitchens tend to lag behind decorating color trends or miss them entirely. Kitchen color most often goes to neutrals such as white, gray and wood tones as many home owners shy away from color commitments.… Continue Reading


Four Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

kitchen tile backsplash ideas - white and colored 3 x 6" subway tile backsplash design by Tiffany Brooks - hgtv via atticmag

Four kitchen tile backsplash ideas guarantee unique results and a one-of-a-kind kitchen look.

Nothing says “it’s my kitchen” more than the choice of a tile backsplash. And no aspect of kitchen design is more difficult for most people to choose. That’s why backsplashes are often left for last when the budget is nearly gone and reno fatigue has set in. At that point, too many people can’t make up their minds and settle for the most generic, least expensive option which leads to the backsplash blahs. We’ve all seen them in endless numbers of kitchens: the same monotone white subway tiles, small glass mosaics, stacked rectangles, and the same boring neutrals.… Continue Reading


Double Sided Glass Cabinets

double sided glass cabinets - white kitchen with glass upper cabinets over the island - Ferguson & Shamamian via Atticmag

Double sided glass cabinets — over an island or in a wall — usher light into  kitchens in two different ways.

I’ve long been intrigued by the way top New York architects Ferguson & Shamamian use double sided glass cabinets in kitchens they design. One strategy is to add a ceiling-hung glass cabinet over an island to more or less act as a screen between the working and eating zones. For a classic white family kitchen in a 5000-square foot Park Avenue apartment [top], a large glass upper cabinet was made in three sections and centered over the island. Accessible from both sides, it has glass end panels and interior illumination plus task lighting below.… Continue Reading


No Upper Cabinet Kitchens

no upper cabinet kitchens - neutral color tile and windows in a kitchen with base cabinet storage space - Veranda via Atticmag

Kitchens are blending into the house more often,  which is why no upper cabinet kitchens are gaining in popularity.

Leaf through any current home décor magazine and you’re bound to see no upper cabinet kitchens that look very open. That’s because spaces usually occupied shallow upper cabinets have given way to windows, walls with surface treatments such as tile or wood paneling, or walls with open shelving. It’s not often the most notable, or noticed, feature and it’s not restricted to a particular style. These four kitchens, which range from traditional to minimalistic, are very different. Their one common denominator is the absence of upper cabinets.… Continue Reading


Embellished Farm Sinks

embellished farm sinks - custom gray stone farm sink with phrase engraved on the front - buckminster green via atticmag

I’m taking a break from holiday themes to look at four really beautiful embellished farm sinks.

Kitchen geek that I am, I collect farm sink photos especially those with unique features. In high end kitchens this year, I saw embellished farm sinks expanding in size and importance. And four different approaches to the fronts the sinks help make them more elaborate and even personalized.

Engraving [top] – Custom stone sinks can be fabricated in many different ways. This dark beauty, in a modern kitchen with what appear to be sustainable bamboo cabinets, has a flat front that sits flush with the sink base cabinet.… Continue Reading


Red Backsplash Kitchen

red backsplash in glass mosaic tiles with white grout in a Swedish kitchen - via Atticmag

This red backsplash uses glass mosaic tile  between cabinets like paint — from counters to ceiling.

It’s rare to find the color red is used in a bold way to create a visual theme for a contemporary kitchen with no red cabinets. But the red backsplash in this Swedish apartment kitchen shows us how to do it impeccably. Essentially, this is a contemporary white L-shape kitchen, with white walls and white minimalist cabinets. So it’s logical to have red glass mosaic tile fill all the space between cabinets on both walls — like paint. I call this of counter-to-ceiling tile treatment a “eurosplash” because it’s the way European kitchens are usually tiled.… Continue Reading