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Inspirational table settings in a variety of styles and colors using vintage, antique and new china, cutlery and tableware.

Healthy Habits Dinnerware

Mediterranea dinnerware collection by Studio Natural for Marino Cristal via Atticmag

Encourage healthy eating habits while setting the table.

Studio Natural designed the Mediterranea colorful dinnerware collection for Marino Cristal based on the Mediterranean diet. Each plate helps the cook serve a healthy and balanced meal by using the dish rim as a guide to food portions.

The bone china also is color-keyed to the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet food pyramid [below]. That shows the percentage of each type of food that should be eaten for each of three courses as defined in Italian cuisine. Tossing the original intent aside, the colorful dinnerware is available in three sizes (first course, main course and dessert) with three graphic patterns (circular, dot and stripe) to mix and match with other modern table settings.… Continue Reading


Holiday Table Thoughts

holiday table setting with celadon dishes an white flowers - Jane Churchill via Atticmag

Six holiday table ideas offer a range of attitudes toward festive style.

The holidays are not always low key at our house. It’s been a somber twelve months filled with family loss and illness that hasn’t left me feeling super celebratory. But the calendar has its own reality which should never be ignored, plus I’ve learned that making the effort to create a delicious, convivial meal – served on a beautifully set holiday table – is always a welcome mood changer. So along with planning at least two special dinners (I may just go all out with lobster for New Years!) I’ve been gathering holiday table ideas that would definitely give me a lift.… Continue Reading


Mixed Pattern Tablescapes

blue and white country table setting from laurel leaf farm

Various patterns are combined in both the tableware and cotton napkins selections

Next time you set the table, mix dishes, silverware and linens to create a unique dining experience.  A unifying thread will pull things together.  This outdoor table is set for a casual afternoon meal with handmade dinnerware by Austin ceramicist Claudia Reese.  Various patterns are combined in both the tableware and cotton napkins selections.  The centerpiece bowl, covered with fresh lettuce leaves, contains colorful vegetables – a nice variation from the typical floral arrangement.  I couldn’t help but notice the evergreens in the background; an airy contrast to the heavy wood table.… Continue Reading


Natural Designer Tablescapes

red and white settings on Arpad Baska's architecture-inspired table

For Earth Day, a group of tables inspired by nature.

Some 45 fantasy tables were created by New York designers in March at the “Dining by Design” benefit for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids)  associated with the Architectural Digest Home Design show. Each was created by a different sponsor and no two were alike. Today is the fourth, and final, group — one  that shows how natural elements such as flowers, paper and textiles were used  — which seems a fitting way to honor Earth Day this year.

Manhattan Magazine Table

Designer Marc Wilson created a New York-theme table for Manhattan Magazine and what could be more appropriate than a mossy representation of Central Park in the center combined with statuettes of the Empire State building and Miss Liberty as well as bowls of bright yellow tulips [top] and orchids?… Continue Reading


Swedish Heirloom Tablescape

pink dogwood, white and purple hyacinths from the spring garden

On a Spring table, I mix of Swedish dishes, American crystal, Venetian linens and flea-market silver.

Five years ago I fell in love with dishes I saw online at an auction. Stacked and glittering, the lot featured more than 100 pieces plus a variety of serving plates that would take a lifetime to collect. It wasn’t a set – no cups or saucers — but I was lost the moment I saw the stylized blue cornflowers between thin gold bands.

The dishes were from Rorstand, a little-known brand in the U.S. but one of Europe’s oldest, manufactured in Sweden since 1726.… Continue Reading


Heath Tableware

Ocean Pacific ceramics from Heath’s Plaza line

There’s a soft spot in my heart for Heath Ceramics

Their stoneware was incredibly popular in California, where I grew up, and I came to appreciate the early concept of their “wiped rims” — that expose the color of the clay — after I took pottery classes in college at UCLA during my art studies. Apart from admiring Heath’s quintessential mid-century tile that Heath manufactures, I hadn’t thought much about it  until an email showed up in my inbox.

Attached were shots of pieces with hand-dipped glazes that the current owners, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey created.The combination is called “Ocean Pacific” (in the Plaza range) and the aqua and “zest” glazes create a third color where they overlap.… Continue Reading