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Rugs set the tone for any room. As foundation pieces, their colors, styles, materials and sizes are important choices. Whether antique or modern, a vintage carpet or wall-to-wall broadloom, rugs have both practical and aesthetic roles to play in every home.

Room Size Kitchen Carpets

kitchen carpets - room size gray, white and charcoal modern carpet in a white and marble kitchen - M(Group) via Atticmag

Room size kitchen carpets can be successfully used on kitchen floors. Don’t believe me? Look closely.

Over the years I’ve seen a variety of kitchen carpets used on kitchen floors. Some of those have been woven cotton rag rugs like the ones I originally bought from Crate & Barrel for our apartment kitchen. They held up well and we used them for yars — until we wore them out. In our house, my kitchen is more traditional. Because I snagged some bargains at a great Oriental rug auction I currently have several kitchen carpets in my Yellow Eurosplash Kitchen  — a runner from the utility room doorway, another in front of the sink and one in front of the refrigerator.… Continue Reading


Coordinating Oriental Carpet Colors

Oriental carpet colors are kept consistent in the study of a historic house - ElleDecor via Atticmag

One way to maximize the impact of Oriental carpet colors is to keep them consistent from room to room.

That’s easy to say but creating a successful carpet colors scheme is not so easily done.  First, it’s necessary to be knowledgable about Oriental rugs which come from a variety of countries and regions, each with special characteristics. Those vary with age, quality, condition and price. Then it’s necessary to determine the sizes of carpets needed for various rooms. That can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle which takes a long time to solve. So when I see rooms with carpet colors and sizes that are perfectly assembled, it’s worth taking a closer look.… Continue Reading


Zebra on the Floor

mid-century zebra print kilim in a dining space – AD via Atticmag

Zebra print carpets are so enduring, every shape, size and variation is available, from skin-shape throw rugs to broadloom.

So if I’m going for pattern and high contrast on the floor, zebra print carpets are an  obvious solution. First, they are black and white, which means they go with almost everything. Zebra is a bold carpet pattern but it’s less slinky than leopard or tiger. And while any animal print is a traditional pick, I find the zebra pattern can look quite modern when it’s pushed by other elements. Sublimely abstract in a mid-20th century Persian kilim [top] the zebra rug in a Sagaponack summer house hardly looks its age.… Continue Reading


Vintage but Modern Rugs

vintage rugs - Missoni Ski Resort Postcard Rug, 1992 - Nazmiyal via Atticmag

Some vintage rugs from the mid-20th century golden age of home design look surprisingly current.

That saying “old is new again” is never more true than when it comes to home décor. Revival styles cross oceans and centuries. They are embellished and sampled. And yet, sometimes originals manage to look so fresh and contemporary it’s surprising to learn they are 20 or 50 or even 80 years old. Vintage rugs, and some antique carpets acquired by the high-end retailer Nazmiyal, in New York, would be great for a design quiz. I doubt that even a European furniture expert could correctly ID the age and origin of every one.… Continue Reading


Cozy Up To Shearling

shearling area rugs on Ghost chair seats - Tudo em Papelde Parede via atticmag

A collection of ways to use plush shearling area rugs on the floor and in other areas of home decor.

Shearling pillows and upholstered stools have been around for awhile. But the current trend is to toss tough-wearing shearling area rugs anywhere and everywhere for softness or added warmth.  A pair of Ghost chairs are covered with flokati rugs in this desk area.  The shaggy look is made by weaving together long wool yarn.

Inexpensive faux sheepskin rugs from IKEA are placed on either the seats or backs of these Ghost chairs around a dining room table.

Cover a bed for a cozy reading corner. … Continue Reading


Indigo Zebra Carpet

zebra carpets - indigo Imperial silk zebra Carini Lang carpet via Atticmag

The combination of rich color, luxurious silk and a timeless zebra carpet pattern create a glorious floor covering.

The creative dynamic force behind Carini Lang carpets is Joseph Carini, famous for his signature animal designs. What sets his designs apart from others is their realistic nature.  The newest color in the zebra collection is genuine botanical indigo which is not commonly used in textiles as it is not only scarce, but expensive. Synthetic indigo is the dark blue dye used to color blue jeans.

For the carpet, pure, natural Imperial silk is hand spun and small-batch dyed in the botanical indigo.… Continue Reading