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Ways to decorate various rooms in the house

More Cozy Alcove Beds

alcove beds- modern single alcove bed with black and white curtains - Stephen Shubel via Atticmag

Singles or doubles, these snuggle-down built-in alcove beds always look so inviting.

Two aspects of built-in alcove beds fascinate me. First is the old-fashioned concept of an architectural plan that leaves a space just large enough to contain a bed that is closed in. Second is the way these awkward spaces are embellished and often made into special nests for guest or kid’s rooms. Difficulties changing sheets and making the beds don’t seem to be obstacles.

Alcove beds can be modern as our first Cozy Bed Alcove post showed. Or they can be as eccentric as Stephen Shubel’s whimsical black and white curtained affair [top].… Continue Reading


Layering Pattern

mixing patterns - layered rose patterns in a sitting room - Vogue Living via Atticmag

The term layered is used as a catchall for interiors with many elements. But there’s more to the idea of mixing patterns.

At its most obvious, layering is hanging pictures on a papered wall, adding multiple quilts to a bed, or stacking up vintage trunks to occupy corner space. At worst, it’s overcrowding a table with too many objects or seeing a home that’s so over decorated it descends into clutter. At its best, layering can — and should — be artistic, with focus and specific visual intent. And while it’s rare to find a single photo that explains that really well, I feel this one does.… Continue Reading


Interior Greenhouse

interior greenhouse in a Luxemberg loft - Metaform via Atticmag

Glassed-in planters help soften contemporary rooms.

If I owned an urban loft and was thinking about renovation I would definitely consider an interior greenhouse. What I mean by “interior” is that the greenhouse is contained within a room — it’s not built on to a room as an extension. This space for plants in a Luxembourg apartment building is thoroughly contemporary as it also acts as a room divider in the main living area [top].  I’d likely want to style it up with interesting tables and colorful orchids so it looked good from any view but creating a plant bed at floor level works as well.… Continue Reading


Neutral Bedrooms

neutral bedroom decor - Wayne Windham Architects via Atticmag

From light to dark, the question of neutral bedroom decor lies ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

Anyone can identify an interior as “neutral” but fine it down and things can get a little well, murky. Does neutral mean all white – the absence of color? Is it gray, beige, taupe with various mix-ins of white and cream? What about the validity of lavender, which was declared a neutral a few years ago.  And how dark can you go before moving out of neutral territory in a room? My thought is that most so-called neutral rooms are actually monochromatic since they have low contrast and similar color values.… Continue Reading


Geometric Wallpaper Envy

geometric wallpaper - multi-color geometric Circus wallpaper by Cole & Son via Atticmag

A kaleidoscope of geometric wallpaper color creates instant impact in the foyer.

An entry hall is a relatively small area that speaks volumes about its owner, and this one is screaming. A striking graphic geometric wallpaper pattern called Circus, from the Cole & Son Geometric Collection, turned an ordinary traditional style foyer into breathtaking space. The large scale print wall covering is also available in monochromatic design or a simple grey scale, and can be custom-sized.  A dramatic box chandelier plays nicely off the lines of the wallpaper.  The use of bold color and pattern can be intimidating but pays off, turning a pass-through space into a destination — grab a book and pull up a chair.… Continue Reading


Wallpapered Children’s Rooms

children's room wallpaper - music score chidrens wallpaper by Little Hands via Atticmag

Large scale, children’s room wallpaper sets the tone for sweet kid-centric decor.

Music has always held a special place in my heart so I found this musical theme children’s room wallpaper mural rather comforting.  Marching children and animals parade across the staff, serenading sweet dreams.  The striped rug pattern echoes the musical score. Little Hands, of Portugal, custom size each wall mural for a perfect fit. The framed bed is sweetly painted to coordinate with the background color of the mural.

A shared bedroom-nursery for opposite sex siblings features Star wallpaper by Sissy and Marley.  The over-sized metallic stars set the tone in this grey, white and pink space. … Continue Reading