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Ways to decorate various rooms in the house

Interior Greenhouse

interior greenhouse in a Luxemberg loft - Metaform via Atticmag

Glassed-in plantings can create a living wall to soften contemporary space.

If I owned an urban loft and was thinking about renovation I would definitely consider an interior greenhouse – especially after seeing this planted space in a Luxembourg apartment building where it acts as a room divider in the main living area [top].  I’d likely want to style it up with interesting tables and colorful orchids so it looked good from any view. The adjacent skylight provides natural sunlight and grow lights can be installed in the ceiling of the enclosed space.

In a second apartment, the greenhouse helps create a see-through hallway.… Continue Reading


Neutral Bedrooms

neutral bedroom with custom cocoa headboard - Veranda via Atticmag

From light to dark, the question of neutrality lies ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

Anyone can identify an interior as “neutral” but fine it down and things can get a little well, murky. Does neutral mean all white – the absence of color? Is it gray, beige, taupe with various mix-ins of white and cream? What about the validity of lavender, which was declared a neutral a few years ago.  And how dark can you go before moving out of neutral territory in a room? My thought is that most so-called neutral rooms are actually monochromatic since they have low contrast and similar color values.… Continue Reading


Geometric Wallpaper Envy

multi-color geometric Circus wallpaper by Cole & Son via Atticmag

A kaleidoscope of color creates instant impact in the foyer.

The entry is a relatively small area that speaks volumes about its owner, and this one is screaming.  The contemporary design of Circus, from Cole & Son Geometric Collection, is a striking graphic pattern that turned an ordinary traditional style foyer into breathtaking.  The large scale wallcovering is also available in monochromatic print or a simple grey scale, and can be custom-sized.  A dramatic box chandelier plays nicely with lines of the wallpaper.  The use of bold color and pattern can be intimidating but pays off, turning a pass through space into a destination – grab a book and pull up a chair.… Continue Reading


Wallpapered Children’s Rooms

over-sized Star metallic wallpaper by Sissy and Marley via Atticmag

Large scale wallpaper sets the tone.

Music has always held a special place in my heart, so I found this wallpaper mural rather comforting.  Marching children and animals parade across the staff, serenading sweet dreams.  The striped rug pattern echoes the musical score.  Little Hands, of Portugal, custom size each wall mural for a perfect fit.

A shared bedroom-nursery for opposite sex siblings features Star wallpaper by Sissy and Marley.  The over-sized metallic stars set the tone in this grey, white and pink space.  A wide stripe bold rug and fine stripe patterned sheets on the Oeuf toddler bed add more graphic punch. … Continue Reading


Industrial Chic Corrugated Tin

corrugated tin double drum shade light fixture from Shades of Light via Atticmag

A collection of interior galvanized steel panel ideas.

Big box list the material as galvanized steel corrugated roofing panels, but it’s not used just for roofs anymore.  Homeowners are using corrugated tin indoors in a variety of ways, such as the kitchen ceiling and interior wall (right side of photo) in this rustic cabin.  The panels bring an interesting texture while reflecting light.

An interior barn door clad in the durable utility gauge material becomes an industrial feature in this downtown loft.

This shabby chic bathroom features a corner tub shower combo with galvanized steel panel walls.  No worry about cleaning grout lines. … Continue Reading


Miele Fans Washing Machine Cheat Sheet

Miele washer water temperature chart

Atticmag’s “blog-sumer” opinions and tips for best results with Miele front loading washers.

Earlier this year, Mr. AM accidentally knocked over a drip filter cone of hot espresso coffee that was brewing on the counter. The scalding liquid and fine grounds splattered all over the front of his chinos. Fortunately he wasn’t burned but the spill was so bad he had to remove his pants in the laundry room. I forgot about them for a few days and when I recovered, they looked destined for the cutter pile. But I had recently purchased a Miele washer (3035) and dryer, an investment in making life easier when my 9 year-old washer failed.… Continue Reading