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Laundry rooms can be arranged in a variety of ways and may include large laundry or utility sinks, sewing areas, ironing space and drying racks. Some laundry rooms do double duty as a mudroom.

Five Laundry Room Features

laundry room features - master bathroom laundry closet with stacked European front loaders - bh & g via Atticmag

If anyone asked me what changed most in homes recently, I would cite laundry room features.

And  I’d need to credit new home builders and home renovators who are adding more functional —  and at the same time more customized  — laundry room features. Colored laundry appliances. Special large sinks. Integrated or hidden appliances. Laundry rooms that are multi purpose and combined with other uses. These are some of the features. Of course, it all depends on space.

When we renovated our house I took a marginally functional room, which doubled as an entry from the garage, and added a main coat closet for ourselves and guests.… Continue Reading


Linen Closet Looks

linen closet organization - open shelves and basket storage - pinterest via atticmag

From a small cupboard to a large open area there are numerous options for linen closet organization.

Linen storage is one of those do-your-best propositions because houses often lack really ample space for stashing sheets, pillows and extra blankets for every bed, or towels for each bath. Unless you’re lucky enough to have an old house with a walk-in linen closet or a droolworthy linen room with built-in cupboards, almost any armoire, a salvage cabinet (or even a bookshelf) can do the job. Putting together a system of linen closet organization is a matter of creating available real estate combined with effective, practical tactics for using it.… Continue Reading


Fitted Laundry Rooms

laundry room built ins - Hamptons Design show house - ikeafans via atticmag

Laundry room built ins are fitted to the space and that’s the direction laundry rooms are taking these days.

When I was designing my laundry room I wanted to take advantage of the 13-foot length of the space to build the longest possible counter. I knew that space would be invaluable for folding clothes and linens and, as a result, I created a few laundry room built ins, including a bank of drawers, a wine refrigerator, and a front loading washer and dryer fitted below a stone counter. During the year before the renovation, I’d had a laundry room with a top loading washer and dryer, no counter whatsoever,  and a freestanding plastic laundry sink.… Continue Reading


Miele Fans Washing Machine Cheat Sheet

Miele washing machine cheat sheet - user guide - Miele 3035 front-loader washer and companion dryer - Atticmag

Atticmag’s “blog-sumer” Miele washing machine cheat sheet — our user guide with opinions and tips for best results.

Earlier this year, Mr. AM accidentally knocked over a drip filter cone of hot espresso coffee that was brewing on the counter. The scalding liquid and fine grounds splattered all over the front of his chinos. Fortunately he wasn’t burned but the spill was so bad he had to remove his pants in the laundry room. I forgot about them for a few days and when I recovered, they looked destined for the cutter pile. But I had recently purchased a Miele washing machine (3035) and dryer, an investment in making life easier when my 9 year-old washer failed.… Continue Reading


Hidden Laundry Appliances

hidden laundry appliances - custom cabinets conceal laundry appliances - Revival Construction via Atticmag

In a room that doubles as an entry or walkthrough space, hidden laundry appliances keep things elegant.

The set up for this formal laundry room is perfect for a walk-through space or one seen from the main living area due to the hidden laundry appliances.  Custom cabinets are painted a soft gray color that compliments highlights in the slate tile floor. I’m seeing more rooms painted in a single color including walls, trim and ceiling, and finding it more attractive each time.  The washer and dryer each have their own given closet with a framed lattice door for ventilation. While it’s visually stunning, I imagine getting heavy, wet laundry from the washer to the dryer isn’t much fun. … Continue Reading


Charming Cottage Laundry Room

cottage laundry room - with skirted counter - Patina White via Atticmag

Simple details change a space in a unique cottage laundry room with a surprising location.

Were it not missing a window, one would never suspect this cottage laundry room was located in a basement. Selecting the perfect perk-me-up color, based on Devine paint color’s “Steamer,” homeowner Beth Schaleben took steps to create a mood for the space that she had seen in a magazine.  The skirted wooden counter would receive all the ‘oohs and aahs,’ were it not for the vintage fabric bleach sign discovered in a fellow junker’s stash.  It’s a fantastic piece of wall art that adds color and off-the-chart personality in the compact room.… Continue Reading