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Ideas for decorating children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Pinkalicious Bedrooms

girls room with cherry blossom wall mural and pink bedding - via atticmag

Small children have favorite colors and pink is often #1.

Pre-schoolers and primary graders use color and shape to identify things, researchers say, which may explain the rosy fixation kids can develop, particularly when it comes to their bedroom decor. If pink is a must-have for a little girl, I favor simplicity and mutability versus overwhelming color and accessories. It’s easier to change out a rug, paint an accent wall, or swap out bedding than it is to break down and redecorate an entire room. For the adorable princess bedroom [top] the crown wall decal sets the color scheme and acts as a headboard, too.… Continue Reading


Wallpapered Children’s Rooms

over-sized Star metallic wallpaper by Sissy and Marley via Atticmag

Large scale wallpaper sets the tone.

Music has always held a special place in my heart, so I found this wallpaper mural rather comforting.  Marching children and animals parade across the staff, serenading sweet dreams.  The striped rug pattern echoes the musical score.  Little Hands, of Portugal, custom size each wall mural for a perfect fit.

A shared bedroom-nursery for opposite sex siblings features Star wallpaper by Sissy and Marley.  The over-sized metallic stars set the tone in this grey, white and pink space.  A wide stripe bold rug and fine stripe patterned sheets on the Oeuf toddler bed add more graphic punch. … Continue Reading


Organic Bedding for Children

handmade organic cotton crib bedding by Candy Kirby Designs via Atticmag

Handmade modern bedding for infants and toddlers.

One thing is certain, babies don’t stay babies very long.  Our youngest daughter has been looking for crib sheets suitable for her 2 year old when his crib is converted into a toddler bed.  She has zeroed in on several designs, one of them being the simple, modern pieces from Candy Kirby Designs.  Each item is handmade in the USA with American grown kona cotton in patterns that can be mixed and matched.  Designer Erin Mercado just released the Fall/Winter 2013 designs ).

The shop also carries blankets, pillows, throws, leggings and hair bows. … Continue Reading


DD2′s Guest Room Turned Playroom

Animal Fun Flash Card by LA LA Land via Atticmag

My daughter’s seldom used bedroom is transformed into a fun and colorful playroom.

I recently shared our youngest daughter’s (DD2) budget friendly guest bath which is now used by my darling grandson (DGS).  His bathroom is off a short hallway between his eclectic nursery and the guest bedroom.

When DD2 purchased the home, the previous owner’s space [left] was turned into guest room [right] using her original master bedroom furniture.

Then along came baby.  And as children grow, so do the size of their toys.  DD2′s goal was to create a bright and fun-filled play space so that the living room wasn’t overrun with toys. … Continue Reading


One Design from Baby to Teen

wide horizontal stripe painted bedroom walls

Hand painted wide striped walls are befitting at any age.

As a child grows, tastes and needs change.  And it happens faster than you’d think!  A year ago, I featured a nursery [below] in Hand Painted Nursery Wall Designs and wrote “wide stripes are commonly used in nurseries, but this soft aqua is not.  Colors and designs that can grow with the baby are always nice.”  Last week I spotted the similar bedroom [above] that could easily go from toddler to teen with a few tweaks.  In both rooms, light stripes are painted only on one or two walls, with other walls left light to keep the room from feeling confined. … Continue Reading


Buddy Bunks

nautical theme bunk beds with a steel ship's ladder

Built-in double bunk beds streamline any child’s room, with a dash of fun.

The six-year-old in our family had his birthday last month – my first time trying out the big slide in the bouncy house. He has a bunk bed in his room and his 4-year old sister is waiting for the delivery her big-girl bed next week, so naturally these double built-in bunk beds caught my eye. They couldn’t be more adorable, or practical. A real-life story of how the sleek double bunks [top] were built for a family with three boys is charmingly reported by the Mom who writes the August Fields blog – before and after photos are included and she explains that her boys love the boldly striped West Elm duvets.… Continue Reading