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Ways to decorate various rooms in the house

Lifestyle Rooms

lifestyle rooms - Ellen DeGeneres' art barn living space on her California ranch - Elle Decor via Atticmag

On Ellen DeGeneres’ California ranch, there is no main house — just a complex of  lifestyle rooms in cabins and barns.

I finally found something in common with TV host Ellen DeGeneres. We both love building and decorating houses. I don’t know Ellen so I can’t say if it stops there. From my reading of an Elle Décor article about the 26-acre ranch in Hidden Valley, California, which she shares with wife Portia de Rossi, we also share a passion for mid-20th century furniture. Of course, one big difference is that she can afford an antique a Jean Prové desk and I can’t.… Continue Reading


Attic Guest Rooms

attic guest room - blue and white floral pattern on upholstered walls in an English manor house - traditional home via atticmag

Pattern can be key to creating a charming attic guest rooms in old or new houses.

Full-story attics, in old houses, often housed storage rooms or servants’ quarters where slanting ceilings and small windows weren’t considerations. Those bedrooms were principally occupied at night. Over the last fifty years, many top-floor spaces have been modernized and converted into usable room of various types. Chief among these, I’m finding, are attic guest rooms where architectural quirks are often diminished or neutralized by introducing pattern on the walls. Most often, pattern is provided by wallpaper but fabric also can be backed in various ways and applied to walls and ceilings with the same effect.… Continue Reading


Dressing Up Kids Room Decor

kids room decor - stenciled under bed storage bins - hgtv via atticmag

Here are eight kids room decor ideas –three with accessible DIY projects and handy tutorials.

Our granddaughter, Zoe turned six this week and it’s been a delight to hear details of her school party (brownies with oreos baked in), the hilarious menu for her sleep over (Indian food and pizza), and the various gifts she received (a waterproof shower radio and talking alarm clock in addition to a matching sweater for her favorite baby, Giraffy.) So its no surprise my attention turned to rooms for children and fun things to put in them. “Fun things” are, of course, a matter of taste and judgment.… Continue Reading


Attic Bedroom Accent Wall

attic bedroom accent wall - master bedroom with a picture window - meridian105 via atticmag

A bedroom added in an attic is bound to be an interesting, unique space and a bonus for the house.

One of the most dramatic transformations I’ve ever seen here was the Old-House Attic Master Suite our artist-decorator friend Amy built for herself and her husband. So I believe in attic bedrooms. We’ve presented other ideas for attic spaces but I think bedrooms are most important because, in addition to making the owners more comfortable, adding a bedroom increases the value of a house.

But building a successful bedroom in an attic has its challenges. Roof lines can create short or irregular walls or areas where the ceiling is angled and too low to stand comfortably.… Continue Reading


Screen Porch Styles

Leaf green and white screen porch - Gridley & Grimes via Atticmag

From lake house to country, screened in porches have many different looks.

After being closed in during the long cold winter that just passed, I’m fully enjoying the warm, early summer breezes that start up in late afternoon. That’s when I crank open the windows in our sun room – there are 11 — and make it into a screen porch that doesn’t turn cold until after dinner. I haven’t photographed my sun room yet although I’m nearly ready to. When I do, I’ll link it to this post which lets me explore a few different screen porch styles.

Leaf green [top] feels spring-fresh on a lake-house sun porch.… Continue Reading


High Country Bedrooms

country bedrooms - fabric-upholstered bed niche framed by hickory timbers - Pearson Design Group via Atticmag

Opposites attract in country bedrooms when fabric-covered walls are matched with unrefined wood.

Unfinished, unpainted, unfussy and uncomplicated rough-hewn beams are hallmarks of country style. But contradictions abound when it comes to home décorating, which is why fabric on the walls looks fabulous with rustic wood. And as these two country bedrooms show — plaids rule! Something as fussy as a tufted, upholstered bed niche seems incongruously framed by split logs [top]. But I think the high-low combination works when the color scheme mixes pale gray with tones also found in the timbers.

A little-boy-blue plaid fabric was used by Anthony Baratta to upholster the walls and ceiling between the exposed beam of a two-story bedroom.… Continue Reading