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Visual strategies and ideas for displaying art, mirrors and other hangings on walls throughout the house.

Bathroom Picture Walls

bathroom picture walls - light colored art and fixtures pop against dark painted bathroom walls - via atticmag

Few areas in the house offer as much opportunity for personalization, flamboyance, outrageousness, or all out decortropia than bathroom picture walls.

If it’s your bath — one you use every day — then it’s easy to know whether bathroom picture walls should offer comfort or visual stimulation. In a guest bath the issues can be slightly more complex because either you’re using images you already own, or acquiring them for a certain effect. Each bathroom presents special issues for picture walls. First, there’s moisture from a shower or tub. Additionally, there can be tile patterns, broken up walls, oddly shaped blank walls, narrow spaces and problem windows to consider.… Continue Reading


Hallway Picture Walls

hallway picture walls - photos on dark background with objects - potterybarn via atticmag

“Think of hallways as palate cleansers — the sorbet that’s served before diving in to the next course.” — Barry Dixon.

The concept of keeping things neutral in a hallway doesn’t mean bland or lacking in personality. Hallways say a great deal about the taste and creativity at work in a house. Few are so grand they need to make a statement — usually that’s reserved for the living room. However, an entry, landing,  stairwell or other hall tend to be highly original when family photos or special collections are displayed.

Personalizing hallway picture walls can be done by using a strong color behind any arrangement of pictures.… Continue Reading


Interior Photo Murals

interior photo murals - wall mural of Paris. The Wall Sticker Company via Atticmag

Large-scale images have the power of scale to dominate the look and the mood of interior spaces.

It’s easier than ever to transform a room in a few hours with very little mess with interior photo murals. These are digitally printed, come in workable panels, and have self-adhesive and often removable properties. Digital printing has been the game-changer for photo murals because it allows photos to be printed in very large formats rather economically. This is not your mom’s wallpaper or even her collectible art.

Views of Paris have been popular since the 17th century. As architectural landscapes they were often monochromatic etchings or prints done in a series and, of course, the format was relatively small.… Continue Reading


Master Bath Picture Wall

bathroom picture wall - collection of European etchings in the master bath via Atticmag

A collection of European etchings, on an bathroom picture wall, creates a relaxing atmosphere.

I have this thing for vintage etchings, but not just any etching.  It must have one or more of the following:  a lake, stream or pond is a given. A bridge — arched stone bridges are favorites — and a structure with architectural interest.  A few years ago, Jane gave a tour of our Alabama Stone Cottage which showed a vintage plate collection hanging over my vanity in the master bath [bottom].  The fruit and hand painted floral pieces were displayed in the dining room of our last house. … Continue Reading


Dining Room Picture Wall

dining room picture wall using magazine pages - atticmag

Re-purposing magazine pages for a dining room picture wall provided me with colorful “art” at no added cost.

Last week, I showed the progress I’d made on the dining room picture wall using  magazine pages. I had been planning this for the wood-paneled wall over the dry sink in my dining room/sunroom. The 8-foot-wide by 5-foot-high space sits between two sets of French doors, one that leads into the living room and the kitchen.

The quirk is that it only can be seen from when someone is facing away from the view outdoors instead of through one of the 13 windows that overlook the yard and the woods.… Continue Reading


Picture Wall Geometry

picture wall - studio living room with pictures hung on a triangular wall - Elle Decor via atticmag

When a picture wall has an odd shape, the trick is filling in the gaps.

When faced with a picture wall space that isn’t strictly square or rectangular due to a staircase or a diagonal ceiling line, hanging things gets tricky. So it’s helpful to see how others handle similar display issues. A clapboard barn/work studio in the California wine country [top] was furnished as an inviting living space by designer Patrick Printy, a former Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma art director. The mostly triangular window wall, hung with 33 separate pieces of art (many with a nautical theme), is an artful juggling act with many pieces of different sizes.… Continue Reading