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Window treatments of all types that enhance the design and comfort of a room

Belgian Linen Draperies

belgian linen draperies - natural belgian linen drapery panels in a Florida beach house bedroom - Veranda via Atticmag

Belgian linen draperies are becoming the gold standard for window treatments both ready-made and custom.

In a Florida beach house with spectacular views, drapery panels appear to be lined but retain the lovely, slouchy quality for which Belgian linen draperies are beloved [top]. When drawn over the windows, the curtains create a soft textured fabric wall. When open, they break generously on the floor and stack back over the blank wall areas between the windows which helps emphasize the water views from the house. Made from Pom Pom at Home linen, the draperies are hung from a track that’s essentially invisible because it’s recessed ceiling beam and the window wall.… Continue Reading


Luxurious Window Layering

window done in lavender print fabrics with Roman shade under draperies - Amanda Nisbet via Atticmag

There’s an art to coordinating fabrics when it comes to window treatments and prints.

That rises to the level of a fine art when window treatments are layered and two different fabric patterns are used on a single window. Many contemporary windows are not layered — only draperies, or perhaps a Roman shade, is used. In this ambitious and elegant example a fabric-covered Roman shade is installed beneath a pair of drapery panels. More commonly, bamboo or another natural material would be coupled with curtains.

But the airy windowpane check (no pun intended) is a good choice if the shade needs to be totally light blocking — say for a bedroom. … Continue Reading


Decorative Roman Shade Details

roman shade details - pink roman blind with anthemion print tape by Palmer Weiss - stylecarrot via atticmag

Roman shade details mix fabric with tapes and cords for beautiful windows in all but the most formal rooms.

More tailored than draperies but more versatile than blinds, Roman shades can be mounted inside or outside any window. They come in a wide variety of styles and interpretations and workrooms and catalogs specializing in Romans present charts with various options. I’ll leave the subject of configurations and mounting styles for another post. Today, I’m focusing on the effect of decorative roman shade details I find especially appealing.

I’m not against patterned fabric on Roman shades though I’m not especially for it because I find it distracting and too often not in a good way.… Continue Reading


Decorative Drapery Details

drapery details - pink draperies with greek key leading edge - houseandhome via atticmag

Six special drapery details can be used to customize curtains.

Cording, tassels, fringe, braid, borders, gimp and trims used on window treatments are 18th-century French notions born at the time when interior decoration first became a trade. The umbrella term is passementerie, from the French passement, or ornamental braid.

My first encounter with trim took place in Paris when I worked for a summer as assistant to a French art dealer. That year my job was answering the phone and helping to set up a new office he had procured in a musty old Left Bank building just off the Boulevard St.… Continue Reading


Dream Draperies

custom drapery details - Guy Goodfellow draperies in floral print linen fabric from B. Berger - H&G via Atticmag

A few key custom drapery details take curtains from fine to fab.

Out of habit and curiosity, I look at dozens of living room and bedroom photos each week. A majority of those rooms have curtains on the windows – some ready-made and others custom. Yet only occasionally do I see custom drapery details with a level of perfection that comes from deep understanding of how to properly dress a window.  Many of these are little works of art due to their fine craftsmanship and detailing. But because they are house fittings they rarely attract the attention they deserve. Perfectly crafted curtains are slightly billowy at the bottom and break on the floor.… Continue Reading


Art of the Drapery

monochromatic guest house living room with brick floor Jose Solis Betancourt

Fabrics are used to soften these monochromatic spaces

Some designers have a knack for creating interesting and beautifully crafted window treatments that add ideas to a room. Then there are rare occasions when fabrics take on a life of their own as interior art forms.

For me, this Long Island house by Jose Solis Betancourt, who practices in Washington, D.C., falls into the latter category. I discovered this while clearing out some old magazines and was struck by the monochrome scheme and the way fabrics were lavishly used to soften up the spaces. Here, the yardage really does walk away with the look.… Continue Reading