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Accent pieces that give rooms and houses great character and comfort

Buttons and Bows

dining chair slipcovers - linen-slipcovered dining chair with button detail - duispy via Atticmag

Dining chair slipcovers have embellished  fastenings to complement any decorative style.

Tailored or frilly? Traditional or cottage? Small details like buttons and bows (and let’s not overlook pleats and hemlines) help define the look of dining chair slipcovers, particularly on chairs with backs facing into the room. Slipcovers can have plain edges where Velcro or snaps do the job of keeping them closed. But they often take on the aspect of clothing for furniture (versus permanent upholstery) so dress details abound.  Covered buttons with loop closures [top] do a neat job of keeping things in place on the chair back. The single button on the seat cover almost feels demure and while I’m usually one for clean edging, the scalloped bottom gives this otherwise linen cover a custom look.… Continue Reading


Honeycomb Shelving

hexagonal wall shelving from Handmade Riot

Stylized or plain, this shape is familiar on tiles and fabrics.

Bookcases and display shelves based on the honeycomb shape have a dramatic, modern impact. Designer Younes Duret’s elaborate but modular Minizelli shelves, inspired by traditional Moroccan tiles designs [top], occupy the high end of the embellished book shelf spectrum. Grouped together, these large octagonal units would add a fascinating sculptural element to a wall even if they weren’t filled.

Scaled back to a basic six-sided shape, British furniture designer Timothy Ben’s “hex” shelves are constructed from MDF (medium density fiberboard) carcasses, like some kitchen cabinets, then covered with wallpaper to add visual interest.… Continue Reading


Grand Bedroom Monograms

Alphabet Garden Designs monogram wall stencil

Large-scale initials look great on or around a bed.

The sly pride in personalization encourages us to consider monograms for many spaces, particularly private ones like bedrooms. There, the tradition of monogrammed linens — originally done by hand and still highly valued —  has been expanded. An upholsterd headboard [top] like Horchow’s  “Emporia” offers vibrant color with built-in patterning from the oversized letters. In time, a grand (large scale) monogram  should prove less costly than embossing numerous sets of sheets and makes a bolder statement than, say, a blanket cover.

With a four-poster and other types of beds, the monogram can be stenciled right on the wall, thanks to Alphabet Garden Designs kits.… Continue Reading


Suzani Season

Pottery Barn suzani-upholstered stool

Renamed “artisan-made finds,” centuries-old suzani textiles are launched as “new” for fall.

See the lovely flowered textile draped over the back of the velvet-covered Chesterfield sofa in the foreground of this living room? That’s a large suzani textile and if you look carefully you can see a pillow in a similar pattern on a chair to the left (just behind the lamp). Back in 2008, Allison discovered some of these lovely silk-embroidered pillow covers (then about $35) for her great room chairs [below] from an eBay seller in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I was familiar with suzanis having encountered a few gorgeous examples of these traditional Central Asian textiles with fruit and floral motifs at a Sotheby’s rug auction the previous year.… Continue Reading


Vintage Windmill Wheel as Decor

vintage wooden windmill wheel hanging above sofa

These icons of Americana are being repurposed as wall art by those that admire.

I lost a picture of a windmill used as a wall hanging when my previous laptop stopped working, but I’ve never lost my desire to own one.  They are becoming a rare site when driving across the country, so if they pull at your heartstrings too, better snap it up when you run across one for sale.  This sculptural beauty was placed over a hallway table, out of harms way for her sons.

In all my years of browsing antique and consignment shops I’ve never seen a wheel for sale. … Continue Reading


Union Jack Home Decor

Union Jack wall mirror art

Decorative items featuring the flag of the United Kingdom are all the rage around the globe.

Earlier this week Canvas Color Kitchen featured a counter top to ceiling Union Jack motif, but not in the Union Flag’s usual color scheme.  The original is red, white and blue, as depicted inside the heart of this striking British memorabilia from Jan Constantine. The cream linen pillow was designed for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and features hand embroidered appliqué wool work.

Softer colors and floral fabrics are used in this limited edition Prairie pillow by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. I love the raw edges used on this pillow, and hope to snap one up when the perfect colors for my home come along.… Continue Reading