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Slipper Chair Marathon 4

Edwin slipper chair with walnut frame and wool-poly upholstery – Room & Board via Atticmag

Modern & vintage variations on slipper chairs for any room. Part 4 – Exposed Frames.

One reason I’ve done this series of posts on slipper chairs is purely practical. These are, for the most part, exceptionally approachable and affordable pieces of furniture everyone needs.  One chair may be better for perching while another is made for lounging – that’s fairly obvious. But dimensions — the facts of each design – as well as the angle of the back, the height of the seat, and the way a chair is upholstered (including what’s underneath) affects its comfort. If someone is 6-foot-2 they won’t love sitting in a small low chair.… Continue Reading


Slipper Chair Marathon 3

Caned rattan slipper chair with loose upholstered cushion - Wisteria via Atticmag

Modern & vintage skirted on slipper chairs for any room. Part 3 – Covered Bases.

One type of slipper chair has feet rather than legs. That’s made possible when the seat deck is elongated until it essentially sits on feet. Or, legs may be covered by a fabric skirt and  embellishments such as fringe to the same effect. Naturally boxy in style, this third genre in my  slipper chairs marathon looks comfortable and substantial. But again, lacking arms, the height, depth and tilt of the seat are the critical factors that affect whether it is easy to sit down and get up – or not.… Continue Reading


Slipper Chair Marathon 2

slipper chairs - Avington slipper chair upholstered in leaf-and-branch pattern – Target via Atticmag

Modern & vintage variations on slipper chairs for any room. Part 2 – Neutral legs, long and short.

When I evaluate any chair I focus first on the legs. That’s the way I was taught to approach antiques, where furniture legs and feet are helpful in determining style. So when it came to organizing the 26 pieces in my slipper chairs marathon, the legs became a more important distinguishing feature than silhouette or even height. Slipper chairs in Part I had turned legs; some with casters to enhance portability. This second, more contemporary group has somewhat neutral legs – square or round – which  are smooth and of various heights.… Continue Reading


Slipper Chair Marathon

armless chairs -the Cushion Chair, bespoke slipper chair with pillows – Soane Britain via Atticmag

Modern & vintage variations on the armless chairs for any room. Part 1 – Victorian details.

Recently, I started looking at slipper chairs and couldn’t stop! Every time I found a lively  chair that would be great for use in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, library, bathroom, front hallway or mudroom, another one in a different style, color or shape turned up. When I sat back to review what I’d curated there were more than two dozen beauties – 26 to be exact — the same number as miles in a marathon! So I’m presenting them in groups based generally on the style of the legs, which make similarities and differences easiest to see.… Continue Reading


Luxurious Window Layering

window done in lavender print fabrics with Roman shade under draperies - Amanda Nisbet via Atticmag

There’s an art to coordinating fabrics when it comes to window treatments and prints.

That rises to the level of a fine art when window treatments are layered and two different fabric patterns are used on a single window. Many contemporary windows are not layered — only draperies, or perhaps a Roman shade, is used. In this ambitious and elegant example a fabric-covered Roman shade is installed beneath a pair of drapery panels. More commonly, bamboo or another natural material would be coupled with curtains.

But the airy windowpane check (no pun intended) is a good choice if the shade needs to be totally light blocking — say for a bedroom. … Continue Reading


Painted Illusion

color block door frame - painted illusion doorway - Skonahem via Atticmag

A color block door frame can transform the opening between two rooms.

It’s fascinating to see the way paint can be used to create visual effects. Previously, I’ve written about painted-on headboards in bedrooms, where a professional color consultant created headboards in the master bedroom and her kids’ bedroom with blocks of paint color. The job was so skillful it’s not obvious there is no actual bed furniture until you look very closely.  The French term trompe l’oeil means “fool the eye” and murals painted on walls are another way to make a room look larger or wider; wallpapers also can serve the same purpose.… Continue Reading