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Ideas for home decor objects and decorating styles using furniture, flooring, lighting, accessories, walls and ceilings in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, media rooms, libraries, and throughout the house.

Flat Screen in Modern Disguise

flat screen - Toronto living room with a walnut cabinet disguising a television over the fireplace - Dwell via Atticmag

A Toronto smart home has a surprise feature in the living room — a flat screen TV in modern disguise.

A Toronto smart home, “wired for the future,” is fully automated. So I find it a bit ironic to see a TV cached behind wood panels in the living room. With basic house systems like lighting, audio, security, heating, air conditioning and ventilation as well was the fireplace and the TVs controlled from touch panels via WiFi, would the flat screen even work when the panels are closed?

With that level of commitment to tech — along with modernist architecture and furniture — it may not matter that the tv is in hiding.… Continue Reading


Monogrammed Chair Backs

monogrammed chair backs - contrast monogram on oval back arm chairs - vtinteriors via atticmag

Monogrammed chair backs are an upholstery detail and embellishment that personalize furniture and a room.

Monogramming is not the usual way to enhance a set of chairs — that would be nail heads. It’s not the most elaborate — fringe gets my vote on that score. But it’s one of the prettiest and most personal. Today, most monograms used for upholstery are machine made and romantically rendered. But if I ever have time I would consider learning to do elaborate monograms by hand. That’s something of a lost art mainly seen on vintage French linens. But real needlework is always a challenging project and would be beautiful do on the backs of my dining room chair slipcovers which resemble those in the photo below.… Continue Reading


Bringing Architectural Shingles Indoors

architectural shingles - popular bark log cabin style architectural shingles in a rustic bathroom - via Atticmag

Bringing architectural shingles inside — onto walls and ceilings — is a fascinating role reversal for a basic material.

Weathered architectural shingles are a favorite for homes, especially in the Northeastern United States. Shingled homes are all over New England and, near the ocean, cedar shakes take on a lovely gray patina over time.

Shingles were used elaborately during the late 19th century Victorian architecture boom. Later, “shingle style” became a regional vernacular that was more simplified. Shingles are very practical as they provide natural wood texture and require no sealing or painting. Additionally they add a lovely surface pattern that is neat and regular.… Continue Reading


Draped Canopy Beds

draped canopy beds - iron frame canopy bed, draped in white, in Furlow Gatewood’s Georgia guest cottage - Veranda via Atticmag

Before homes had central heating, draped canopy beds kept out the cold and the light, and provided privacy.

Modern draped canopy beds rarely have a specific function. Their primary purpose is to use textiles on a bed that sets the style for a room. Purely decorative,  canopy beds can create specific a mood — after all, it’s like having a tent pitched in the bedroom.

I tend to favor iron-frame canopy beds — the subject of a past post — which are left undraped to showcase their architectural qualities. The iron-frame bed [top] in a Georgia cottage owned by cult nonagenarian designer and author Furlow Gatewood, is used cleverly to make a very narrow room appear wider.… Continue Reading


Strategies for Hanging Draperies

hanging draperies - White and brown lantern print draperies hanging below a window crown molding - Fine Home Building via Atticmag

I’m always interested in methods for hanging draperies which may not be as obvious as they look.

By strategies, I mean how hanging draperies relates to the windows and ceiling in any room. Additionally, I take an interest in the choice of rods used for hanging draperies because rods are the supporting actors. One thing most people don’t realize is that draperies are deceptively heavy. Additionally, drapery hardware may add to the weight. For draperies to look great, it’s essential to get hardware properly placed and securely installed. That’s why I like to spend a time looking at draperies and checking out refinements that add to their beauty.… Continue Reading


Built In Dog Beds

built in dog beds - custom dog bed with pediment and metal grill door in a new mudroom - LDA Architecture and Interiors via Atticmag

Ever more elaborate and clever, built in dog beds have now become common in home renovation plans.

Just four years ago, Allison did a post called Built Ins for Pets with photos and ideas for built in dog beds, feeding stations and cute spaces for cats. Photos from that post has been pinned 434,000 times! Yes, you read that correctly. The sequel, Built Ins for Pets 2, offered even more ideas for creating attractive spaces especially for our cats and dogs and had more than 15,000 pins. So it’s time for more built in ideas — especially for dogs.

A whimsical classical pediment above the wire mesh door is one of the most original details I’ve seen.… Continue Reading