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Vintage, antique and modern collections of objects and ways they are used, displayed or arranged throughout the house.

Collecting Americana

collecting Americana - Ellie Cullman's colorful graniteware - Connecticut Cottages & Gardens via Atticmag

For anyone interested in collecting Americana, there is a wide variety of folk art and objects to explore.

All of us express our passions partly through what we love, buy and display. Sometimes it’s fine art. Other times it’s odd objects with little value.  And it can be everything in between. My little collection of Americana happens to be floral Hubley painted doorstops. I began with a single piece I saw in an antique shop and expanded as I discovered a micro market for them on eBay. Everyone has their special “stuff.”

Top New York decorator Ellie Cullman collects Americana, displayed in her family’s house which was renovated and modernized a few years ago.… Continue Reading


Collector’s Day at the Auction

country auction - vintage country wooden wheelbarrow - Atticmag

A country auction, to paraphrase Forest Gump, is like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you’re going to get at a country auction, even if you study the catalogue online. What pried me out of the house on a sunny Saturday morning was the prospect of some 80 cast iron American doorstops coming up in a sale nearby. And while I have limited my collection of flower doorstops to a very specific type, I was hoping there might be a new gem for me. However, on the way into the sales room I couldn’t resist taking a photo of an old wooden wheelbarrow [top] that would look make a great flower stand for a patio, no?… Continue Reading


Sofa Story

antique George III needlework sofa with asymmetrical back - WOI via atticmag

Like any work of art, this antique needlepoint sofa can be appreciated for its stunning details and fascinating history.

During the late 18th century English women were known for certain attributes: the size of their hair and the cut of their dresses. Georgiana Cavendish — the ill-fated Duchess of Devonshire – also was a famed beauty, disastrous love affairs, and gambling compulsion eventually did her in. So it’s not surprising to see a basket of wool, a ladies’ tasseled bag, a folding game board, or a shawl depicted on an antique needlepoint sofa covered by a large scale piece of Georgian-era needlework.… Continue Reading


Displaying Collections

displaying collections - antique weather vanes - kelly and olive via atticmag

When displaying collections, grouping similar pieces together creates maximum impact.

It happens to all of us. We fall in love with something and, before long, the objects get scattered around the house.  The last thing many of us want is a themed room but displaying collections by gathering objects together creates a dramatic impact.  Farm animal weather vanes, are a popular collector’s item. The various types of metal take on different color effects and patinas. Aged by nature, these barnyard favorites gracefully strut across this paneled wall without singing “Old McDonald.”

A grouping of antique carpentry tools evoke an emotional response from the collector when they history is personal.… Continue Reading


Showing Off Ceramics

displaying ceramics - turquoise 1950s Haeger and McCoy pottery collection - country living via atticmag

When displaying ceramics, high contrast color helps collectibles pop off the shelves.

Few aspects of home décor are as interesting as well-displayed objects. I adore pillows and lush upholstery details but displaying ceramics — interesting vases, plates and cache pots in a single vibrant color like turquoise seems like an object lesson of its own. Fluted, high-gloss Haeger vases and McCoy pieces [top] are massed together on a chippy white shelf. They make an unmistakable statement about 1950s sensibility. The ceramics have interesting textures based on bamboo, wood, leaf and floral motifs as well.

I’m always surprised by how glamorous assorted white pottery pieces can be.… Continue Reading


Bronze and Enamel Tables

Philip and Kelvin Laverne metal table in bronze and enamal table - 1st Dibs via Atticmag

A Philip and Kelvin Laverne metal table is an elaborate work in bronze and enamel.

From the early 1950’s into the 70’s, New York father and son artisans Philip and Kelvin Laverne created furniture and decorative arts from metals, including enameled bronze over pewter tables.  A Laverne metal table is an elaborate hand applied-enamel piece would be buried for six weeks enabling the secret mix of soil to react with the acid-etched design, thus creating a fabulous patina.  The Lavernes designed many one-of-a-kind pieces while others were often limited to editions of twelve.  I admit to having a soft spot for the Chin Ying coffee table, as I learned to walk around the one owned by my parents.… Continue Reading