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Theory, practice and inspirational ideas for using color in various ways on objects and surfaces throughout the house.

Grayscale Expressions

gray and white striped interiors - Church of St. John the Baptist in Mogno, Switzerland - Mario Botta via Atticmag

Gray and white striped interiors can be found in public and private spaces, from the sacred to the mondaine.

The term “grayscale” is usually applied to visual images. I’m using it here to describe gray and white striped interiors which are created from shades of gray and are dependent on the play of light and dark. But I don’t want to put too fine a point. Essentially,  I was struck by the beauty and similarity of two images with striped shades of gray in common.  The exquisite Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista (Church of St. John the Baptist), in Mogno Switzerland [top], was designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta.… Continue Reading


An Eclectic Entrance

pink front door - pink painted modern entrance door - Moises Esquenazi via Atticmag

Unexpected color on a pink front door puts a modern spin on the entry of a desert home.

Bubble gum, Barbie Pink, Pink Panther or Pepto-Bismol.  No matter which name the color brings to mind, the owner of this Palm Springs mid-century style home went for a feminine statement. The contemporary door style, with 3 over 9 raised panels —  was personalized with an eccentric paint color and elaborate hardware selections. In desert communities, white stucco is common on home exteriors.  I’d love to see the coach style lanterns replaced with modern fixtures – simple, large sconces with clear glass globes. … Continue Reading



collage of yellow print patterns on pillows - modernality2/etsy via Atticmag

How do you compare yellow print patterns on pillows and a staircase?

Sometimes, color and pattern can create unlikely relationships when, in reality, there appears to be no connection except for a visual idea. The yellow print patterns pillow collage [top] was assembled by modernality2, an etsy seller from Utah to show the various patterns she sells in a single colorway.  Mainly geometric, with yellow fields or accents, the fabric patterns used for the pillow covers also include some animal prints and florals as well as a damask motif print.

A yellow-and-white stenciled staircase uses Moroccan-inspired geometrics from Royal Designs.… Continue Reading


Ten Top Spring Accent Colors

accent colors - System 1-2-3 chair in shocking pink by Verner Panton via Atticmag

Vibrant or subtle, expected accent colors can embolden any room.

I’ve been thinking about accent colors as I look around my house and consider what needs repainting. Because my walls are more or less neutral, and I have a whole-house color scheme, I like think about how to throw fresh colors into the mix. This year, it’s been hard to get by emerald green which, thanks to Pantone marketing, is showing up everywhere. Fabulously or hideously (perhaps both) I lived with a Chinese Art Deco emerald green rug for many years and still find it a challenge for home décor. So what’s fresh and great I asked myself? … Continue Reading


Rainbow Staircase Runner

colorful striped staircase runner - decor 8 via atticmag

A colorful striped staircase runner adds a lively color to a stark interior.

Winter days in England are thick with gray skies. Many homeowners counter the the early morning darkness by painting interiors white, white or all white. We see that often in Scandinavia as well. In this entry hall, every flat surface is white and bright. That’s thanks not only to the stark paint choice but to the multicolored staircase runner carpet. The bold striped floor covering is virtually the only color in the space, lifting the mood. And while colors are vivid, they are medium-dark which is a good choice to keep dirt from showing.… Continue Reading


Color of the Year 2013

cottage dining room with color of the year 2013 emerald green on white tablecloth - house to home via Atticmag

It’s official! Emerald, the color of money, is the color of the year 2013.

Years ago, when I was writing about food for the Chicago Tribune, and later at Newsday, I would produce the annual “in and out” list. I loved doing that trend story because it was easy to see how things had changed thoughout the year. But unlike the world of fashion and restaurants, home décor trends move very slowly. You can be crazy for a color on a piece of clothing but it’s a different matter on a couch. That’s why the annual naming of Pantone annual color of the year can be exciting or, like last year’s awful Tangerine Tango, merely amusing.… Continue Reading