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Unconventional Fireplace Mantels

Examples of unconventional fireplace mantels include this small hybrid Victorian painted maple mantel used for display - dominomag via atticmag

Whatever their age or origin, fireplace mantels are as individual as the styles that inspired them.

This is a tale of two highly unconventional fireplace mantels — one created with a special intent and  one antique used in a special way. One mantel is modern. One could not be more traditional. And yet each has unique characteristics that makes it memorable and noteworthy. As we approach Christmas, and mantels become a focus for holiday decorations, a closer look at this house feature seems natural.

Eccentric or boho (bohemian) is how I’d describe the style of a carved and painted Victorian Montreal antiques store find [top].… Continue Reading


Minimalist Gallery Style Displays

minimalist gallery style displays of tin birds in a guest room - Architectural Digest via Atticmag

If you’ve ever walked into a Calvin Klein boutique you’ve seen gallery style displays — white walls, floating shelves, and merchandise that repeats but without a hint of clutter.

That minimalist aesthetic is intended to showcase the objects by presenting them without any distractions from the background. That’s why walls are inevitably white, edges are crisp and objects carefully arranged — ideas associated with art galleries.

When gallery style displays are applied to a home it can be seen as clean — or spare. It’s a matter of perception. What’s indisputable is that few want to live in homes as intentionally staged as art galleries and even fewer can maintain that level of neatness and organization for very long.… Continue Reading


Fresh Green Accents

green accents in the interior of a painted Swedish secretary - Tone on Tone via Atticmag

Green accents — the color of leaves, fresh herbs and new grass — keeps any room from ever looking gloomy.

We’re on the brink of Winter here in the Northern hemisphere, with our first snows due any day. Perhaps that’s why spring green accents used in these rooms feels so appealing. Swedish painted furniture often has a surprise color inside. This wonderful greig-y Neoclassical secretary with apple green on the interior drawers and desk top is so unexpected. It was pictured in the home of furniture dealer Loi Thai of Tone on Tone antiques in Washington, D.C. I’ve long been an admirer of his taste.… Continue Reading


Interior Textured Barn Doors

textured barn doors - pierced metal with bubble lace pattern on a bathroom entry - Dwell via Atticmag

Today’s post —  on interior textured barn doors — makes the eighth variation we’ve noted on this ever growing trend.

Four years ago this month we began to write about interior sliding barn-style doors and I won’t stop anytime soon.  One reason I believe barn-style doors are being seen so frequently in homes these days is their flexibility and individuality. They can be new or old. They make a statement in large or small passageways. They come in a variety of shapes and widths and work in a range of materials. Usually larger than standard passage doors, barn doors slide on special hardware which allows them to open up or close off spaces flexibly.… Continue Reading


Tea Light Holder Elegance

tea light holder - The geometric shapes of Etch holders by Tom Dixon diffuse candlelight into beautiful patterns - suiteny via atticag

Don’t mistake a hand-assembled metal tea light holder for some Halloween-related accessory!

The soft glow when massed together with candles ablaze certainly looks festive — and the holidays are here. These are serious pieces from lighting designer Tom Dixon’s Etch collection, first introduced at the 2010 Salone Del Mobile in Milan. Produced in small numbers, each 5- x- 4 inch metal votive is crafted from etched .04 mm metal pieces digitally cut with an intricate pattern.

Tom Dixon is a leading English metal accessories designer who began his career welding scraps of salvage metal into beautiful, usable pieces. Born in Tunisia, it’s not surprising to see pierced metal as a major theme in his work since that is a tradition in North Africa.… Continue Reading


Fall Flower Pumpkins

fall flower pumpkins by Alix Astir, of Trellis Fine Florals - atticmag

A trio of brightly colored flower pumpkins make a vibrant centerpiece for fall holidays.

The holiday decorating season officially kicks off at the end of the month and this year a delightful photo of fall flower pumpkins crossed my desk.  The work of floral designer Alix Astir, of Trellis Fine Florals, in New York City, the photo [top] showed a trio of faux pumpkins made entirely of different colored mums. Chrysanthemums are on every doorstep this year and their bright hues accent the autumn leaves that have been falling for the past few weeks. I saw this as my chance to bring them indoors — especially since the designer was generous enough to send me a step-by-step tutorial for making them.… Continue Reading