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Emerald Green Walls

emerald green walls - bedroom with emerald green walls and bedside table contrasting with white-painted floor and bedding - via Atticmag

Vibrant emerald green made a return to home décor after a long slumber in deco-Siberia.

Relaunched as Pantone’s “color of the year,” emerald appeared in a variety of accessories during 2013. But instead of fading away, it’s taking hold as a wall color. Emerald green walls aren’t for everyone — they hit you in the face and there’s no getting away from the intensity. But for those who are adventurous, and have rooms without a great deal of natural light, emerald green walls can work to great effect.

It’s a surprise to see how well it looks in a bedroom [top].… Continue Reading


Room Size Kitchen Carpets

kitchen carpets - room size gray, white and charcoal modern carpet in a white and marble kitchen - M(Group) via Atticmag

Room size kitchen carpets can be successfully used on kitchen floors. Don’t believe me? Look closely.

Over the years I’ve seen a variety of kitchen carpets used on kitchen floors. Some of those have been woven cotton rag rugs like the ones I originally bought from Crate & Barrel for our apartment kitchen. They held up well and we used them for yars — until we wore them out. In our house, my kitchen is more traditional. Because I snagged some bargains at a great Oriental rug auction I currently have several kitchen carpets in my Yellow Eurosplash Kitchen  — a runner from the utility room doorway, another in front of the sink and one in front of the refrigerator.… Continue Reading


Mixed Prints Bedroom

mixed prints - red, orange and pink mixed prints in a guest bedroom - Traditional Home via Atticmag

Fresh and fun, a mixed prints guest bedroom blends reds, pinks and oranges with skillful abandon.

In a Michigan family vacation home, designer Elizabeth Schmidt loaded up the color and pattern to please an owner with a passion for vibrant home décor à la Lilly Pulitzer. What interests me here is the way four different mixed prints are used in an analogous color scheme plus white. Analogous colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel — as red and orange are. Layering it on, Ms. Scmidt went for a variety of motifs as well. And while this bedroom looks effortless, it takes enormous skill to pull off.… Continue Reading


Pullman Beds

Pullman beds - built in back to back twin beds in alcoves with curtains in a brown and white guest room - Phoenix Home & Garden via Atticmag

Most of us know about Pullman beds from old movies where trains had sleeper cars for overnight travel.

One year, I took an overnight train trip from Paris to Nice. That was my first experience with Pullman cars, the famous French wagons lits — sleeping compartments outfitted with curtained beds. Since traveling companions were often strangers, curtains added privacy and helped block out light. Today, the Pullman beds concept has steamed into guest rooms and kids rooms where they are often elaborately built in — sometimes singly and sometimes doubled up.

Also called nooks and alcoves, Pullman beds may have windows and reading lights.… Continue Reading


Laundry Room Baskets

laundry room baskets - white laundry room with Dutch door and open base cabinet storage for 4 laundry baskets - BH&G via Atticmag

I’m envious when I see great set ups of laundry room baskets in specially designed spaces.

My laundry room is too compact for an array of laundry room baskets either on shelves or wheels. So my wash day routine produces piles clothes on the floor. Then, clean, folded clothes end up in bunches on the counter to be transported upstairs. Before and after baskets would be far more handy. The airy white laundry room with a charming Dutch door [top] illustrates why! Everyone sees storage differently but I would use the top row of baskets for sorting and the bottom ones for carrying laundry to its destination.… Continue Reading


Strategies for Hanging Draperies

hanging draperies - White and brown lantern print draperies hanging below a window crown molding - Fine Home Building via Atticmag

I’m always interested in methods for hanging draperies which may not be as obvious as they look.

By strategies, I mean how hanging draperies relates to the windows and ceiling in any room. Additionally, I take an interest in the choice of rods used for hanging draperies because rods are the supporting actors. One thing most people don’t realize is that draperies are deceptively heavy. Additionally, drapery hardware may add to the weight. For draperies to look great, it’s essential to get hardware properly placed and securely installed. That’s why I like to spend a time looking at draperies and checking out refinements that add to their beauty.… Continue Reading