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Single Pattern Rooms

single pattern rooms - London bedroom done in mattress ticking fabric - Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi via Atticmag

A French invention of the 18th century, single pattern rooms use one fabric to cover the walls, furniture and draperies.

Back in the early days of domestic interior design the fashion was for everything to match.  Single pattern rooms had a very intense look. Today, rooms decorated in this style are viewed as hyper traditional — even archival. Fabric-covered walls can be wildly expensive when the required yardage is added up and the look isn’t a DIY favorite. That’s no surprise since upholstering walls perfectly — so the pattern isn’t thrown off — takes special skills.

The iconic fabrics for this single pattern rooms are mattress ticking stripes and checks.… Continue Reading


Independence Day Holiday

Fireclay tile in red, white and blue American independence colors - Fireclay via Atticmag

Taking the weekend off to celebrate the 4th of July.

With best wishes to all for freedom and independence around the world. And with thanks to California-made Fireclay Tile for providing a great Independence Day collage that celebrates the red, white and blue of the American flag.… Continue Reading


Colorful Mudrooms

colorful mudrooms - cottage mudroom with bright blue accents similar to Benjamin Moore's Skylark Song - House to Home via Atticmag

Colorful mudrooms — even when the color is neutral — offer a hint of personality in the entryway of a house.

For a long time most mudrooms I saw were white, just like kitchens. As places to house boots, hats, umbrellas, jackets, dog leashes and assorted other outdoor gear the use of white made them a bit fussy for me. In addition to color, a mudroom (or boot room) by definition serves a function. In a way it’s a glorified closet but a public one. Elaborate woodwork is not always required. Even a small space can benefit from a shelf rack with pegs and a storage bench like the ones from a U.K.… Continue Reading


Marie Antoinette Armchair

marie antoinette armchair - Marie Antoinette’s giltwood Louis XVI armchair - Christie’s via Atticmag

An armchair belonging to the last queen of France— Marie-Antoinette — was sold at Christie’s. Guess how much it fetched.

Updated July 9, 2015: As Lot 18, the gilded Marie Antoinette armchair sold within the first 30 to 45 minutes of Christie’s sale. It was estimated to fetch between half and three-quarters of a million dollars. Auction sales prices are always unpredictable and this last highly documented armchair is a chair fit for a queen — literally. The hammer price for the chair greatly exceeded the estimate . It sold for for $2,721,300 (1,762,500 £)!

Marie Antoinette’s exquisite armchair, a bergère, features an arched back and padded scrolling arms.… Continue Reading


Million Dollar Decorator Bedrooms

bedrooms - Tamara Mellon's ottoman inspired bedroom by Martin Lawrence Bullard - Elle Décor via Atticmag

Bedrooms by famous decorators, like these by Martin Lawrence Bullard, are tailored to each client — at least on the surface.

That’s certainly true of four bedrooms by Million Dollar Decorator star Martin Lawrence Bullard whose work I first saw on the Bravo TV show. The series I caught showed Mr. Bullard decorating the New York home of Jimmy Choo shoe queen Tamara Mellon. One highlight was the episode where a massive piece of stone for the top of the dining room table was hoisted into her townhouse by a crane set up in the street. Last year, Ms. Mellon filed a lawsuit against the decorator, as reported by TMZ.Continue Reading


Draped Canopy Beds

draped canopy beds - iron frame canopy bed, draped in white, in Furlow Gatewood’s Georgia guest cottage - Veranda via Atticmag

Before homes had central heating, draped canopy beds kept out the cold and the light, and provided privacy.

Modern draped canopy beds rarely have a specific function. Their primary purpose is to use textiles on a bed that sets the style for a room. Purely decorative,  canopy beds can create specific a mood — after all, it’s like having a tent pitched in the bedroom.

I tend to favor iron-frame canopy beds — the subject of a past post — which are left undraped to showcase their architectural qualities. The iron-frame bed [top] in a Georgia cottage owned by cult nonagenarian designer and author Furlow Gatewood, is used cleverly to make a very narrow room appear wider.… Continue Reading