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Safari Camp Bedroom Décor

safari camp bedroom - Mkombe’s House Lamai villa bedroom in Serengeti National Park - via Atticmag

If you haven’t seen the Robert Redford, Meryl Streep film “Out of Africa,” the full romance of a high-end safari camp bedroom might not be clear.

Then again, it may be — photos tell stories, too. For me, the appeal is using the organic, informal look of an African safari camp bedroom based on the textures and light, natural colors used in warm climates. Three gorgeous upscale safari hotel rooms in Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa provided ample inspiration when they crossed my desk.

So many aspects of home decor — colors, textures, surfaces — are based on place. We’ve seen that in our various beach house, lake camp, and fishing lodge posts.… Continue Reading


Flat Screen in Modern Disguise

flat screen - Toronto living room with a walnut cabinet disguising a television over the fireplace - Dwell via Atticmag

A Toronto smart home has a surprise feature in the living room — a flat screen TV in modern disguise.

A Toronto smart home, “wired for the future,” is fully automated. So I find it a bit ironic to see a TV cached behind wood panels in the living room. With basic house systems like lighting, audio, security, heating, air conditioning and ventilation as well was the fireplace and the TVs controlled from touch panels via WiFi, would the flat screen even work when the panels are closed?

With that level of commitment to tech — along with modernist architecture and furniture — it may not matter that the tv is in hiding.… Continue Reading


Monogrammed Chair Backs

monogrammed chair backs - contrast monogram on oval back arm chairs - vtinteriors via atticmag

Monogrammed chair backs are an upholstery detail and embellishment that personalize furniture and a room.

Monogramming is not the usual way to enhance a set of chairs — that would be nail heads. It’s not the most elaborate — fringe gets my vote on that score. But it’s one of the prettiest and most personal. Today, most monograms used for upholstery are machine made and romantically rendered. But if I ever have time I would consider learning to do elaborate monograms by hand. That’s something of a lost art mainly seen on vintage French linens. But real needlework is always a challenging project and would be beautiful do on the backs of my dining room chair slipcovers which resemble those in the photo below.… Continue Reading


Attic Skylight Bedrooms

attic skylight bedroom - cottage style bedroom with working shaded skylight windows - tumblr via atticmag

Using architectural features as decorative elements, attic skylight bedrooms have windows in the ceiling.

With their pitched ceilings and low eaves, attic bedrooms show great character.  But as we see so often, upstairs spaces can be very quirky. Sometimes they lack windows, or windows may be limited in number. With low walls lighting can be an issue. Attic skylights are a good solution, especially for bedrooms. These are simply windows in the roof. They can be fixed, meaning they don’t open, or operational. Like any skylight or solar tube they increase the amount of natural light coming in, but from overhead.… Continue Reading


Bringing Architectural Shingles Indoors

architectural shingles - popular bark log cabin style architectural shingles in a rustic bathroom - via Atticmag

Bringing architectural shingles inside — onto walls and ceilings — is a fascinating role reversal for a basic material.

Weathered architectural shingles are a favorite for homes, especially in the Northeastern United States. Shingled homes are all over New England and, near the ocean, cedar shakes take on a lovely gray patina over time.

Shingles were used elaborately during the late 19th century Victorian architecture boom. Later, “shingle style” became a regional vernacular that was more simplified. Shingles are very practical as they provide natural wood texture and require no sealing or painting. Additionally they add a lovely surface pattern that is neat and regular.… Continue Reading


Single Pattern Rooms

single pattern rooms - London bedroom done in mattress ticking fabric - Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi via Atticmag

A French invention of the 18th century, single pattern rooms use one fabric to cover the walls, furniture and draperies.

Back in the early days of domestic interior design the fashion was for everything to match.  Single pattern rooms had a very intense look. Today, rooms decorated in this style are viewed as hyper traditional — even archival. Fabric-covered walls can be wildly expensive when the required yardage is added up and the look isn’t a DIY favorite. That’s no surprise since upholstering walls perfectly — so the pattern isn’t thrown off — takes special skills.

The iconic fabrics for this single pattern rooms are mattress ticking stripes and checks.… Continue Reading