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Switching Up Black and White Stripes

black and white stripes - black and white wall with variegated stripes, console table and mirror - LonnyMag via Atticmag

Black and white stripes have myriad variations in home décor and can be used throughout the house.

In my next living space, wherever that may be, I’m going back to modern. But I plan to switch it up with black and white stripes. I don’t have exact plans for using them since that would depend on the rooms and the light. And I don’t know whether I’ll ultimately have the will to go bold or work with one of the many variations.

Most paint brand sites have DIY videos which include ways to paint striped walls. A wall with horizontal stripes of varying widths [top] would no doubt be more complex to produce than alternating stripes of the same width.… Continue Reading


Forever Young Designer Furniture

designer furniture - le corbusier lc4 chaise, 1928, with hairy hide covering- hive modern via atticmag

Exactly how old are those iconic designer furniture pieces that look so modern? The truth may surprise you.

The continuing popularity of 20th century modern designer furniture has led to a kind of visual shorthand. We look at a room and can easily spot a Saarinen table, Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair, or an Arco floor lamp. It’s the home décor version of recognizing an Hermès handbag, Chanel suit, or Louboutin shoes. And since modern designer furniture is licensed to a handful of manufacturers, you can always buy it new from Hive Modern, Design within Reach, Knoll or Palazzetti.

But what’s old is new again: most of these best loved and most instantly recognized pieces of designer furniture are actually antiques!… Continue Reading


Tall Headboards

tall headboards - assemblage of beige cushion shapes from a hotel style headboard - via atticmag

Tall headboards are like diamonds. The larger they are the more attention they get.

That may be one reason why we are seeing a trend towards tall headboards — some so high they cover the entire wall above a bed and nearly reach the ceiling. From a practical standpoint, a tall headboard is also a decorative element since the size eliminates the need for art. Tall headboards add a different surface to the room and, at the same time, make a statement. Often called ‘hotel’ headboards, their form follows function with attention to bed — and why not?

Whimsical and stylish, this headboard-sculpture-wall art [top] really illustrates the point.… Continue Reading


Bathroom Picture Walls

bathroom picture walls - light colored art and fixtures pop against dark painted bathroom walls - via atticmag

Few areas in the house offer as much opportunity for personalization, flamboyance, outrageousness, or all out decortropia than bathroom picture walls.

If it’s your bath — one you use every day — then it’s easy to know whether bathroom picture walls should offer comfort or visual stimulation. In a guest bath the issues can be slightly more complex because either you’re using images you already own, or acquiring them for a certain effect. Each bathroom presents special issues for picture walls. First, there’s moisture from a shower or tub. Additionally, there can be tile patterns, broken up walls, oddly shaped blank walls, narrow spaces and problem windows to consider.… Continue Reading


Five Laundry Room Features

laundry room features - master bathroom laundry closet with stacked European front loaders - bh & g via Atticmag

If anyone asked me what changed most in homes recently, I would cite laundry room features.

And  I’d need to credit new home builders and home renovators who are adding more functional —  and at the same time more customized  — laundry room features. Colored laundry appliances. Special large sinks. Integrated or hidden appliances. Laundry rooms that are multi purpose and combined with other uses. These are some of the features. Of course, it all depends on space.

When we renovated our house I took a marginally functional room, which doubled as an entry from the garage, and added a main coat closet for ourselves and guests.… Continue Reading


Built In Flat Screen TVs

built in flat screen - combination home office & TV room with book shelves built around the flat screen - Elle Decor via Atticmag

With built in flat-screen TVs, we’ve run the gamut from accessory to basic fixture. And home design has followed.

First, built in flat screen TVs went into those low-slung media stands which quickly went out of favor because they weren’t well designed. Then TVs helped ramp up the vintage and antique armoire market so they could be set up and then shut away. Some, like Allison’s TVwere disguised behind sliding door panels. Then, hanging brackets became heavy duty and folks started to slap up a flat screen on almost any wall. Next came the media room where the flat screen stars.… Continue Reading