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Whimsical Green Bathrooms

green bathrooms - sea green girls bath with green tile floor and green vanity cabinet pulls - LDA Architecture an Interiors via Atticmag

When décoristas discuss green bathrooms these days, are they talking about color or sustainability?

The answer is: green bathrooms can be either or both. As the creator of a soothing Seafoam Bathroom, I naturally gravitate to soft watery and minty green hues. But I also enjoy a bit of brashness in the bathroom — so many are beautiful but bland.

The playfulness of a blue-green bath [top], designed for a young girl, caught my immediate attention.  With its green mosaic-tile floor, seaspray walls and zany green glass pulls on the cream-colored vanity, it has a toothpaste-fresh look. And I truly covet that quirky pair of mirrors with painted arabesque frames.… Continue Reading


Eastlake Dresser Bathroom Vanity

Eastlake dresser bathroom vanity - chicdesigninvestments via atticmag

Why affordable antique Victorian washstands and dressers make prime choices for bathroom vanities.

We’ve seen attractive bathrooms where wooden dressers, tables and cupboards were made over into sink vanities. Usually these are designer powder rooms where expensive antique chests or tables were modified.  Any piece of furniture altered for use in a bathroom must be sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear, as well as dampness. An Eastlake dresser bathroom vanity, complete with matching mirror, made a handsome addition to renovated attic master bath in Portland, Oregon.

The reno was done as a flip by a company called Chic Design Investments, which showed photos of the project with just a few notes.… Continue Reading


One Wallpaper, Three Baths

bathroom wallpaper - brown and natural Lyford Trellis wallpaper by China Seas - Quadrille via Atticmag

Bathroom wallpaper can add welcome pattern in addition to color.

If there’s one room in my house that I’d wallpaper it would no doubt be a bathroom. Unless tile is used lavishly, bathroom wallpaper is the quickest way to get visual interest in what’s often a rather small space with oddly interrupted surfaces. The right paper can help unify the look and provide a charming backdrop for mirrors, art and accessories. In a previous post called Powder Rooms Papered, I explored a variety of bathroom wallpaper. Here, thanks N.Y. to designer Tom Scheerer who has used the same Lyford Trellis pattern by China Seas for Quadrille in three different baths, it’s interesting to see how a change in colorway and accessories alters the mood and the look.… Continue Reading


My Daughter’s Bathroom Redo

child's bathroom renovation - guest bathroom remodel via Atticmag

A budget friendly child’s bathroom renovation for a young family home.

I recently shared our youngest daughter’s master bathroom remodel in her mid-90’s garden home. While the master was gutted, more budget friendly ideas were used for the child’s bathroom renovation.  That bath is located off the hallway to our grandson’s eclectic nursery and playroom so the cosmetic changes reflect their style and colors.

During house hunting, it was hard for our daughter to look past the navy and red vertical stripe wallpapered and the floral border in the existing guest bath. But Mr. Shops and I assured her it was an easy fix. … Continue Reading


Crazy ‘Bout the Blues

Anouska Hempel's blue and white tile bathroom with blue and white Delft tiles murals and detailing - Architectural Digest via Atticmag

How a blue and white tile bathroom, done in 300-year-old Delft, can still rock the house.

As an admirer of blue and white tile bathroom combos of every description, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to comment on a blue and white tiler in England, plus a more modern one from France. While each could be described as traditional, I’d be remiss to not also call them extravagant – because they are. But even an over-the-top contemporary bath based on original Delft historical-tile style is not always easy to pull off– at any price.

The stately home of British designer Anouska Hempel [top] has a bath based on antique scenic Delft tile.… Continue Reading


Bathtub in Disguise

concealed bathtub hidden under wooden slatted floor- Marie Claire Maison via Atticmag

A savvy design for a concealed bathtub is to set it below a hinged wood-slat cover in the floor.

Many do not like to see modern appliances so they find ways to camouflage refrigerators, washing machines and televisions, most often behind panels.  Some take this a step further, such as our featured guest bath in disguise where a shower is hidden behind a regular door.  In a renovated a convent in Tuscany, the desire for a tub clashed with the lack of space due to the building’s past. So a concealed bathtub was discreetly hidden under a hinged wooden slat floor which swings away when the owner wants to enjoy a soak in the tub.… Continue Reading