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Powder rooms and small guest baths often have the most unusual bathroom sinks and faucets, decorative mirrors, sconces and other accessories including wallpaper.

Repurposed Ornamental Iron Mirrors

iron mirrors - repurposed ornamental iron window grilles into bathroom mirror by Eleanor Cummings Interior Design - house beautiful via atticmag

Wrought iron mirrors made from exterior window grilles are repurposed for interiors.

I’ve been intrigued by this powder room mirror since it was featured a few years ago in House Beautiful.  The concept is simple — a cut-to-size mirror is installed on the wall and an antique exterior wrought iron window grille is placed over it. The visual effect is somewhat as if you are peering into a window but in effect these become wrought iron mirrors. This version [top] was made with an antique Italian window bar that extends out from the wall (even better).  Interior designer Eleanor Cummings paired the mirror with an old stone sink to create a powder room with an old rustic Mediterranean villa feel.… Continue Reading


More Powder Rooms Papered

powder room with blue and white toile wallpaper

Wallpapers send a clear message about style.

Powder rooms are often designed as a statement rooms or to impress guests. And because their space is usually jewel-box size, many home owners take some chances on strong color, or pattern, which makes wallpapers a perfect solution.

When I see a large-scale abstract pattern dominate the walls, it’s clear that we’re in a contemporary house. Kelly Wearstler’s citrine and ivory Imperial Trellis paper, for Schumacher [top], blasts out in small spaces with a 6-3/4” horizontal and 14” vertical pattern repeat.  That’s huge. Every with the more traditional leaning Memoirs Stately sink (Kohler) it adds an aura of Hollywood Regency glamor that Wearstler extols.… Continue Reading


Console Charm

1940s white console sink with modern wallpaper plus period lighting and floor

When space is an issue in small baths – particularly powder rooms — consoles are sinks of choice.

The very good reason has to do with scale, or proportional size. Consoles rest on legs rather than a cabinet, which reduces visual bulk. Even when they are as large as this hunky, 30-inch Kohler Memoirs basin, most consoles look light because the legs are slender. The base of this one has nice handy features like bottom rack for folded bath towels and side bars for hanging hand towels. Also noteworthy is the map-of-the-world décor – literally! Someone created ingenious wallpaper for $150, by using the 8-panel, coated write-on map from Skymall. … Continue Reading


Powder Rooms Papered

powder room wallpaper - palm tree pattern powder room wallpaper0

One of these fresh patterns is actually a 1930s icon. Guess which one.

Powder rooms and small baths are great places to use wallpapers based on motifs taken from nature. In these spaces, which are often small, repetition and fanciful imagery adds a kind of quirky charm that can be easily embellished with an extravagant mirror. The result is what I call a personality powder room.

Animals, fish and trees are represented in these spaces which shows how enduring nature themes are and how their depiction changes over time. Two are contemporary patterns and a third is actually an iconic paper that dates back to the 1930s and was made famous in another colorway by a New York City restaurant.… Continue Reading


Powder Room Curves

powder room with curved vanity by Barbara Westbrook

Powder rooms offer opportunities to take chances with unusual or luxurious elements.

Eclectic sometimes eccentric but interesting, which is how I view these two very different powder rooms, each have a prominent curved feature. Anyone who has discussed a radius-curve cabinet with an architect or wood worker quickly learns that they are an expensive feature which requires considerable expertise to build.

So it’s no surprise that the venerable French decorator Henri Garelli would move in that direction for a house in Provence. Marble and neo-classic motifs such as the elegantly fluted sink pedestal, were combined with the typical ochre lime-washed walls.… Continue Reading


Powder Room Personalities

bohemian powder room with brown walls and spider base sink

Whether you call them zany, individual or original, guest baths send unique messages.

Think about it: your powder room is the one place where a guest will be alone long enough to take a close look around. So, what’s the décor in there really about?

Last fall, I explored conventional Powder Room Think based on a three-part formula we see again and again – a piece of furniture converted to a vanity, a mirror that supports the furniture style, and some surface decoration in the form of tile, stone or texture. If that 1,2,3 approach is the yin of powder rooms, the yang is one with a distinctive – dare we say unforgettable?… Continue Reading