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Features in bathrooms such as tile, sinks, faucets, shower fixtures, lighting, hardware and decorative accents.

Bathroom Accent Wall

bathroom accent wall - cement tile mosaic in a border - hotel de gantes via atticmag

No element gives a bath more individuality or style than well designed tile.

The concept of an accent wall is familiar in a bedroom, living room or dining room. There, no one hesitates to use contrasting paint, wallpaper, stenciling or even an arrangement of pictures to create a focal point. A bathroom accent wall is a different story because it would likely be tile. That requires a special design and makes it a more costly than a wall of big box subways. It also requires an aesthetic plan to justify the additional outlay.

Tile design is a little known specialty often ignored both by professionals and DIY practitioners.… Continue Reading


Exotic Sink Faucets

exotic sink faucets - embellished Turkish faucets in an Iznik tile basin - elhieroglyph via atticmag

Elaborate, unusual faucets are like pieces of art — or jewelry for your sink.

My idea of Turkish delight has nothing to do with candy, unless it’s eye candy — like the incredibly exotic sink faucet in a basin lined with stylized tulip Iznik tiles. Embellished, handcrafted, and clearly made of brass, the faucets are Turkish. I’ve been saving the photo because it’s so unusual (at least here in the US) as well as beautiful. This is likely a travel photo. But during the late 19th century, Middle Eastern themes and motifs appeared all across the decorative arts — from oil paintings to  accessories — as Europeans traveled  through that part of the world and many were used in Victorian homes.… Continue Reading


Freestanding Bathtub Style

freestanding bathtubs- Duchess free-standing claw-foot acrylic bathtub- via atticmag

Sculptural freestanding bathtubs add a Wow! factor to any house.

Years ago, when I wanted an amazing focal point for my bathroom, I fell in love with a traditional slipper tub on claw-foot legs. That was one of the few freestanding bathtubs on the market at the time. Long and deep, it delivered an unforgettable spa-like experience every time I sat back for a long soak while looking up at the stars through the skylight we added in the ceiling. 100% bathtub bliss!  Today, my choice might be the same. But freestanding bathtubs come in so many styles, shapes and materials there is no absolute answer to the “which is best” question – only options, plus a few basics to keep in mind.… Continue Reading


Shower System Intelligence

shower system intelligence - bathroom with Graff ski shower - Graff via Atticmag

Expanding our powder room to include a shower is at the top of my home-project list.

I’ve been brushing up on my shower research and was happy to discover that shower systems are getting more adventurous. Still, the two long standing types of controls — pressure balance valve and thermostatic mixing valve — continue to be used. So once I decide which system to shop for  it’s easier to choose among the dazzling number of shower system choices available today. The shower is a very expensive purchase and in-the-wall plumbing sets it in cement, so to speak. Right now, I’m considering systems from Graff, a top-rated brand, founded in 1922 in Wisconsin.… Continue Reading


Bathroom Table Vanities

bathroom table vanities - powder room with antique table vanity - sandraespinetblog via atticmag

Character, texture and a unique shape are reasons to repurpose an old table in the bathroom.

As vessel sinks have grown in popularity for bathrooms the notion of an enclosed vanity or cabinet has given way. A vintage or antique table has far more character and style. A table also takes up less visual space than a cabinet, which helps a bathroom look larger than it may be. I call these “collected” bathroom table vanities. A shopper with a good eye often can snag a bargain table but the hefty beauty with scalloped legs and a heavily embellished apron [top] isn’t likely to fall in that category.… Continue Reading


Handsome Hang Ups

custom towel racks - ladder shaped country towel rack in an Italian villa - rosesandrust via atticmag

Custom  towel racks combine the decorative and practical in the bathroom

It’s great when accessories do double duty especially in a bathroom where space can be tight. A house in Italy features a charming custom towel rack, the shape of a ladder, which has a special sweetness due to the heart motif and bamboo bars. This is a piece a talented carpenter could easily copy and it would look good painted, too.

A more  industrial approach to custom towel racks in a cottage bathroom is from Mark and Sally Bailey’s book “Simple Home.” That consists of exposed copper plumbing pipes, bracketed to the wall, and used as a place to hang towels.… Continue Reading