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stone wall bath with concrete tub and open shower – Ryann Ford via Atticmag

Stone Wall Bathrooms

Bathrooms with natural stone walls require little adornment – here, the material is the message. Someone fortunate enough to have, or build, a home where natural stone is a structural component in bathrooms understands the appeal of living with a surface that’s tactile and textured, has integral color, and is as old as the Grand […]

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Blue bathroom in an updated French manor house - inspiracionline via Atticmag

French Manor House Bath

In ancient French bath in a manor house retains its antique atmosphere. How charming and quintessentially French is this unfitted bath in an updated manor house in Champagne? Of course, it could be Sweden or Belgium too. Styled to look cozy, the room has a settee, a chair and a privacy screen in front of […]

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Ikea gold mirror tile concept bath - decorhappy via Atticmag

Gilded Bathrooms: Gorgeous or Gaudy?

I can’t resist giving my opinion of these ‘jewelry’ baths. What’s yours? This second decade of the 21st Century has become something of a gilded age, at least where bathrooms are concerned. Gilded walls – so very Klimt  – are gaining acceptance, particularly in powder rooms where a little goes a long way. Until now, […]

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rustic tub alcove with corrugated tin splash guard

Rustic Tin Bath

An enchanting tub alcove with an unexpected twist. Once you see an interesting material used indoors, you start seeing it everywhere.  Such is the case this week for me and corrugated tin.  I couldn’t quite make sense of the potted plant and how the wall seemed to be hovering over the floor until I researched.  […]

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Ann Sacks black glass mosaic bath - lepsiebyvanie via Atticmag

Specialty Black Baths

It’s important to see small details for personal grooming so a black bath has its pros and cons. But one thing is for sure: black provides the elegance and drama whether the materials used are as humble as local stones or as sophisticated as a handmade glass mosaic. I’m not partial to a relief wall […]

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